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Raquel Pawnshop in the Philippines is enough popular company. You can solve your financial issues with the help of a secured loan.

In the past, many people went to pawnshops to pawn their valuables for quick money. Often it was because they were unable to qualify due to bad credit. Today there are pawnshops and online companies for fast bail money.

You urgently need a small amount, but there is no one to borrow from. You can’t get a credit card in a couple of hours, and the high-interest rates of microfinance organizations are frightening. You can quickly earn money at a pawn shop if you have valuable property. There are a lot of excellent Pawnshops in the Philippines, so it is only necessary to choose the right one.

Pawnshops Philippines
Pawnshops Philippines

Pawnshops Philippines 2023

Pawnshops have long been working with those who want to get some funds. Using their services is convenient and not too risky. Money is issued immediately. Having an identity card is enough. There are no calls from collectors, lawsuits, and courts. The maximum loss is the pledge itself. The pawn shops Philippines will sell it if the debt is not repaid on time. Before you go to a pawnshop, make sure it’s legal. Check it in the registry.

If the organization is not in it, it does not have the right to issue loans, and it is better not to apply to it.

The advantage of a secured loan is that it is available to everyone at any time. Unlike a bank loan, you are not responsible for your personal assets. Thus, you do not go into debt, you are only responsible for your deposit.  Thus, credit is provided through collateral (for example, valuables that are in your household — this is often a watch, jewelry or modern technology). You will receive your money immediately after the peer review.

If you need loan without collateral

List of the Best Pawnshops In The Philippines

Today, over a thousand organizations in the Philippines provide these services. But not all pawn shops offer favorable conditions. Choose the best option among the list of registered pawn shops in the Philippines based on several criteria. The purpose of circulation is to buy cheaper, sell more expensive, or mortgage at minimum interest. Good user reviews indicate the reliability of the pawnshop and minimize the risk of being deceived.

Cebuana Lhuillier

It is the best pawnshop for all categories of citizens and the largest pawnshop in the Philippines. People of all income levels seek services here because it is beneficial for owners of luxury branded items, owners of simple accessories, and professionals involved in the wholesale of stones and jewelry. Customers are attracted by the maximum prices for precious metals, slightly overpriced jewelry that can be resold, and branded jewelry.

Palawan Pawnshop

The Palawan is one of the top 10 pawn shops in the Philippines. It boasts the best-secured lending service. According to Palawan Pawnshop, the company is constantly expanding its range of services for its customers. In addition to traditional collateral against gold, other precious metals, and stones, you can take a loan against power tools or any household appliances.

Villarica Pawnshop

All collateral materials are kept in the best safes and are not accessible to unauthorized people. Insurance against hazards at the company’s expense is a significant benefit. Pawnshop Villarica is well known for its traditional professional approach to gold, silver, and precious stone value. The buyer might get things at meager costs in jewelry stores located in pawnshops. This institution provides a monthly loan rate of 4% to 6% and takes gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry, watches, cell phones, laptops, and computers as collateral.

M Lhuillier

Owners of expensive watches and jewelry prefer to lend them to the pawn shop M Lhuillier. The organization’s specialists evaluate things at a high level and offer customers the most favorable conditions. The employees have a lot of experience. Accepted products are stored in secure safes. It is possible to insure against risks at the expense of a pawnshop.

Tambunting Pawnshop

Tambunting Pawnshop extends its services every year. The company now offers loans in return for power equipment, home appliances, and standard gold security. Visitors well received the new forms of premises with several checkout windows. Watches, gold, bicycles, TVs, video cameras, cell phones, computers, netbooks, and tablets are all accepted as collateral at Pawnshop Tambunting, which charges a monthly loan rate of 4%. Knowing how much pawn shops charge is vital to getting the best deal.

Raquel Pawnshop

Raquel Pawnshop is a place where you can pledge or arrange the sale of jewelry, gold items, expensive Swiss watches, and antiques on favorable terms. According to experts, they evaluate products in their laboratory and workshop free of charge. Today, money in loans for jewelry or luxury watches can be an excellent alternative to obtaining bank loans.

RD Pawnshop

Consumer loans secured by stone jewelry, precious metals, and silverware are the specialty of RD Pawnshop. Even risk insurance is provided at the pawn shop’s expense. All collateral property is kept in secure safes that unauthorized people cannot access and under particular storage conditions.


The primary guideline in the work of N-CA$H in the list of pawnshops in the Philippines is mutually beneficial to work with the client. The main priority in the result is the stability and security of the client’s interests. The pawnshop provides cash loans secured by silverware and jewelry and evaluates precious jewelry. When deciding on the loan amount, the company always considers the long-term relationship with the client. The most favorable conditions for obtaining a loan are provided.

Jerome’s Pawnshop

This pawnshop will be of particular interest to owners of antiques who want to part with their unnecessary value and quickly get good money for it. The company specialists will make a qualitative assessment of the goods, and most importantly, completely free of charge. If the client is satisfied with the final amount, he will be able to receive money without deducting interest and commissions instantly. Pawnshop Jerome charges a monthly loan rate of 3% to 10% and takes gold, diamond, and silver jewelry, watches, smartphones, notebooks, and desktops as collateral. If you wonder where I can pawn my laptop in the Philippines, you can do it here.

CVM Pawnshop

CVM Pawnshop offers favorable conditions for loans secured by jewelry made of precious metals and stones. An important feature is the ability for the client to choose a suitable tariff that best suits his needs. Loans are provided for up to 30 days. Also, the pawnshop constantly holds promotions, reducing interest under certain conditions. This institution offers a monthly interest rate of 3% to 13% and a service fee of 1% of the principal amount of the loan.

Dalton Pawnshop and Jewelry

Money transfer, money exchange, loading, and pawn services are all available at Dalton Pawnshop and Jewelry. The client may expect the highest rating if the item is in outstanding condition. Mindanao has a branch of the facility as well. For the first week, it gives a 1% interest deposit on jewelry. To receive money profitably, you must satisfy the following requirements: a valid ID and provide a security deposit (gadgets, jewelry, or household appliances). You can make a four-month deposit. Interest rates range from 2% to 5% each month. All of the things have been returned in their original condition.


PawnHero is the Philippines’ first online pawnshop. This online pawnshop allows you to acquire jewelry, electronics, and luxury bags without paying a maintenance charge. The key benefits are quick loan processing and requiring only one passport. It will take 10-15 minutes to withdraw cash from the office. Money may be obtained via investing in gold and platinum jewelry, home goods, and technology. Most customer evaluations are good, with visitors praising the fair price, convenient parking, and big rewards. The monthly loan rate varies between 2.99 percent and 10%.

B. Aguirre Pawnshop

M.B. Aguirre is a multi-branched company. They welcome customers from Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna. They provide currency exchange services in addition to collateral. Not only may you hand over items on bail here, but you can also swap money. To receive a decent bargain, it is necessary to produce identification and make a security deposit. Interest rates range from 3% to 4% each month. The organization’s experts conduct thorough assessments and provide consumers with the best options. Employees have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Gemmary Pawnshop and Jewelry

Gemmary is another excellent choice for customers who want to get paid for their jewelry, watches, computers, and cell phones. A monthly interest rate of up to 7% is possible, but a deposit of PHP 50,000 or more can be as low as 2.5 percent each month. Because this organization has branches all around the country, it will be simple to discover and use its services. You may also utilize this location to use a pawnshop and transfer money to an account. It is necessary to produce your passport and make a security deposit, as in many other pawnshops. It’s also worth noting that there’s a service charge involved. It equals 1% of the principal amount.

Agencia Zee

Agency Agencia Zee is a well-known company serving people in Bacolod for many years. For its collateral services, you can use your tech, gadgets, and anything of value as collateral. Among the main advantages:

  • favorable loan terms;
  • experienced employees;
  • all necessary certificates;
  • low-interest rates.

The company has all the necessary certificates. Customers note a decent level of service, low-interest rates.

Capital Pawnshop

Capital Pawnshop has several Metro Manila branches that offer customer services. It is one of the oldest pawn shops in the Philippines. The monthly interest rate is from 3% to 8%. The company’s main advantages include favorable loan terms and the ability to choose a tariff. Among the advantages:

  • extensive work experience;
  • convenient location;
  • secure storage;
  • original items at low prices.

You can hand over unnecessary value for a reasonable amount and get money without a commission. The evaluation is free.

JARO Pawnshop

JARO Pawnshop is one of the country’s newest pawnshops, having just opened its doors. It provides a diverse set of services. For example, you can employ a pawn shop’s services and transfer money here. Jewelry, cellphones, computers, and watches are among the items that may be lent.

One percent of the loan’s principal amount is charged as a service fee. It will appeal to individuals who are used to getting good deals on equipment and gold. You can drop off an unwanted item for sale here. Employees of the firm will conduct a professional evaluation and disburse funds as soon as possible.

Ros-Ver Pag-Asa Pawnshop

Pawn shop Ros-Ver Pag-Asa is a popular player in the Mindanao market. It offers secured loans with monthly interest rates up to 6% and has many branches that are readily available to customers. Enjoy 24/7 customer support. The shop is open seven days a week. Branches are widely distributed throughout the city and are within walking distance. Obvious pluses:

  • worthy service;
  • good location of branches; free evaluation;
  • fast clearance.

He specializes in issuing loans secured by valuable equipment. To complete the transaction, you only need a passport.

PTS Gadget Pawnshop

PTS Gadget Pawnshop accepts both electrical and mechanical items, including watches. It has a large number of locations around Metro Manila. Interest rates range from 4% to 10% per month. The money is sent to the client right away. Sellers will assist you in navigating the wide selection and selecting the appropriate item. Customers can choose from various tariffs that provide clear and accessible information about product purchases. Employees are appreciated for being responsive and pleasant, for providing complete information on the security ticket, for the possibility of extending the loan duration, and for having a low overpayment rate.

W Raymundo Pawnshop Company Incorporated

A small percentage, the possibility of early repayment, and the speed of obtaining a loan (in just 15 minutes) make this service in demand. The client base is constantly growing, and among quick loans, there is hardly anyone who has not heard of a pawnshop. Examination and assessment by experts are carried out free of charge. The company always goes to meet its customers. So, the company is ready to provide this service if you need a re-mortgage. The company always offers large loans for precious products on individual and very favorable terms.

Blue Diamond Pawnshop

It is an excellent pawnshop that is known to many Filipinos. Its advantages over other pawnshops are as follows: the essential feature of a pawnshop is the absence of double interest during the entire grace period, unlike other pawnshops. The company works every day without days off and lunch breaks, as it understands that money may be needed at any time. The pawnshop performs operations for issuing loans in just 10 minutes with an identity document. Not only jewelry is accepted as collateral, but also fur products, Swiss watches, any equipment in good condition, be it mobile phones, TVs, laptops, digital cameras, etc., as well as silver products.

How to Find Pawn Shops nearby

Private pawnshops are located in small towns with a stable demand for such establishments. It is convenient: you need money, you come to a pawnshop, a specialist evaluates your item and, if you are satisfied with the cost, gives you the money. In the event of a ransom, you return to this pawn shop and take your item, having paid the ransom. To find a suitable pawn shop nearby, you can use the particular map application and find a nearby pawn shop. You can also ask relatives or friends for advice.

What is a pawnshop?

Numerous people wonder how pawn shops work in the Philippines. The system is based on making a profit from interest on the use of a short-term loan, but with a prerequisite — the provision of an object that can be of value as collateral.

Payment of interest for using the loan is calculated daily, unlike banks, which is much more convenient because if you are going to repay the loan within a few days, you will not have to pay interest for the entire period or pay the penalty for early repayment. At the same time, the rate is slightly higher than the bank rate. It is because the company issues, as a rule, a small loan for a short period. The scheme works like this:

  • You bring the valuable property to the pawnshop. The best pawn shops in the Philippines evaluate its value for free and give you money within this amount.
  • You receive a collateral ticket, which consists of two parts: individual loan conditions, and information about the collateral.

To get the mortgaged property back, you must repay the loan amount and pay interest each day you use it.

What Are The Requirements

Except for real estate, any valuable property can be pawned at a pawn shop — from a gold ring to a car. But you will have to leave the car at a pawnshop. You cannot get a loan secured by a title. Pawn Shops will not accept apartments and other real estate on bail. It would be best if you had with you:

  • Identification document.
  • Pledge.

The experts take a pledge ticket and a contract with the money.

Types of pawnshops

Pawnshops are classified into numerous categories based on the amount of allowed capital. Pawn Shops A and B are worth 100,000 pesos, 1 million pesos, 50 million pesos, and C and D are worth 50 million pesos:

  • A – A Lombard company with no more than ten locations.
  • B – More than ten branches.
  • C – Pawnshops conducting money transfer operations must register with the Bangko Sentral Philippines. These are companies with a vast network of locations and are easy to locate.

For individuals concerned with collateral, there is an online pawnshop.

Structure of pawnshops in the Philippines

Pawnshops are supervised and regulated by the Philippine Central Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission. As a result, these institutions must fulfill all of the criteria. The BSP is in charge of the structure based on the SEC’s regulations. In addition, all institutions are categorized into four categories. The pawnshop is a structure made up of founders, 70 percent of whom must be Filipinos. Pawnshops are thought to provide non-banking services, yet they execute some banking functions. The loan period is the crucial distinction between a pawnshop and a bank loan.

Why do people not apply to banks for loans?

In the Philippines, banks are often available mainly only to residents of large cities. Not many banks open their branches in villages. Moreover, many financial institutions impose strict restrictions and requirements on their clients. Consequently, not everyone can fulfill them.

As a result, pawn shops have become the only place that helps people get quick money by issuing microloans secured by jewelry. In some cases, they take gadgets and household appliances as collateral. Pawnbrokers in rural areas in the Philippines can provide various services, such as money transfers, bill payments, online shopping, disaster relief, and insurance payments.

With the help of such institutions, anyone can easily find money in an urgent situation. It doesn’t take long to get a loan like this. Often, such institutions can only accept jewelry as collateral, but the list of things has expanded over time.

Personal loan vs. pawn shop loan

Consumer loans are a type of installment loan used for a specific purpose. It allows the Philippines to receive funds without putting up any collateral. However, there are some requirements to obtain it. The client, for example, must present acceptable proof of income. Furthermore, lenders frequently examine a client’s credit history. The following are some of the most significant advantages of such loans:

  • Individuals can borrow a certain sum of money that can be returned over time.
  • Interest rates and monthly payments are set in stone and will not alter as long as the loan is repaid.
  • Private loans do not need you to put up any assets as collateral.

The disadvantages of such a loan can be considered a long period of consideration of the application and a large commission, which can be up to 6% of the loan amount.

Pawnshop Loan VS Credit Card

There is a significant benefit for individuals who use credit cards. They can get a loan at any moment by acquiring a cash advance or paying with a credit card immediately. The procedure of acquiring a card, on the other hand, is fairly difficult. It is critical to give the bank a comprehensive set of documents as well as a significant amount of proven income.

The key benefit of a credit card is that the customer is aware of the maximum loan amount available and may withdraw only the amount required within that limit. This can assist the customer in establishing a positive credit history, allowing them to obtain the best interest rates and access various forms of loans.

Pawnshop Loan VS Salary Loan

Another option is to take out a salary advance. It means that the employee requests that a portion of the next wage be paid in advance. This strategy is only appropriate for employees who have access to such services through their company.

The following are some of the most significant advantages:

  • A modest loan is an excellent choice that may be approved fast.
  • A person has rapid access to funds and is able to resolve his financial problems.
  • It’s convenient, and there’s no need to be concerned about your credit history.

The disadvantage is that financial costs for advance payments might be rather significant. Furthermore, the payback time is frequently restricted, leading to a person taking out another loan to make up for a prior cash loan.

Pawnshop Loan VS Peer-To-Peer Loan

Many people like this form of loan since it originates from private investors rather than an official financial institution, and it connects lenders with potential borrowers. Compared to other forms of loans, this one has a number of advantages:

  • When compared to banking organizations, it offers a more economical form of credit or finance.
  • Applications can be accepted in a matter of minutes.
  • Typically, such a loan has a low-interest rate. This is something that not many pawn businesses can claim.

Peer-to-peer loans, on the other hand, have disadvantages. Because peer-to-peer lending is not regulated by a third party, there is no insurance or government protection. Furthermore, in order to acquire the needed finance, the borrower must give a strong presentation. To support financing requests, clients must also supply up-to-date financial information.

FAQ About Pawnshops in the Philippines

To clarify some of the questions that may have arisen in getting acquainted with the most popular pawn shops, you can look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

⭐️ Which Pawnshop Has the Highest Appraisal?

Cebuana Lhuillier is one of the country’s best financial pawn services providers. Here you can get instant money on favorable terms since the institution offers a 35% higher estimated rate than other pawn shops, hence higher profits.

⭐️ Can You Pawn a Watch in the Philippines?

Every Filipino can pawn a watch or valuable item and get money. An institution such as a pawnshop can provide quick financial assistance during a financial crisis. You can pawn the watch, and it’s essential to find a suitable pawn shop that offers this service.

⭐️ What Are the Interest Rates at a Pawnshop?

These fees at Philippine pawnshops can range from 2% to 10% per month. The service fee may amount to 1% of the principal amount of the loan in different institutions. You can rent almost any valuable thing: jewelry (they make up about 90% of the turnover of pawnshops), equipment, clothing, etc. There are also car pawn shops that provide loans secured by cars.

⭐️ How Do I Pawn Jewelry in Cebuana?

To pawn your jewelry at the pawn shop, it is essential to visit any branch and present the item as collateral. Next, it is necessary to let you know if you agree with the estimated cost and net proceeds. In the end, you must sign a pledge ticket and receive money. You can use any item. For instance, you can even figure out how to pawn a laptop at a pawn shop.

⭐️ Why So Many Pawn Shops In The Philippines?

There are several pawnshops in the Philippines for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they function similarly to a small bank. Because many small towns and villages in the Philippines’ regions lack a bank, residents rely on pawnshops to make ends meet. Second, consumers utilize pawnshops as a source of modest loans to satisfy their immediate requirements. Pawn Shops issue and repay these tiny loans daily.

⭐️ What are The Best 10 Pawn Shops in Manila, Metro Manila?

The best pawnshops in Manila are:
1. Tambunting pawnshop;
2. Celine Buying Jewelry by: Brilliant Cut;
3. 24/7 pawnshop;
4. Villarica Pawnshop;
5. W Raymundo Pawnshop Company Incorporated.
6. Aguirre Pawnshop;
7. Best Choice Pawnshop;
8. Blue Diamond Pawnshop;
9. Pawnhero;
10. RD Pawnshop.
These are the pawnshops that many people trust and have provided quality services to Filipinos for many years.

Final Thoughts About Pawnshops Philippines

A pawnshop is a commercial organization whose main activity is to issue short-term loans secured by the property. Unlike a bank, money can be received quickly without unnecessary documents and complicated registration, but less profitable.

The whole process begins from the moment when taking in your hands the thing you want to leave as a pledge and your passport. You go to a financial institution. Arriving at the institution, give the item to the dealer for evaluation. It should be borne in mind that different collaterals have their characteristics (demand, wear, value by weight, etc.), which the appraiser considers before declaring the final deal to you. Thus, pawnshops in the Philippines are an excellent opportunity to quickly get money for some of your things.

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