FastRupee Sri Lanka

Interest Rate

from 0,01% per day

Loan Amount

up to 7000 LKR

4.8 / 5
  • 1st loan amount 7000 LKR
  • 1st loan interest rate 0,01% per day
  • Further loan amount up to 50000 LKR
  • Interest rate 30% per month
  • APR 365%
  • Terms 3 - 6 months
  • Age 20 - 60 years
  • Citizenship only for Sri Lanka people
  • The fastest loan service in Sri Lanka
  • Has almost 0,01% commission for the 1st loan
  • High interest rates and penalties

FastRupee Sri Lanka – it is a new loan service which provides quick loans online in Sri Lanka. Service is focused on online consumer financing for those people who are unbanked. FastRupee loan is for those who need money asap for real immediate needs.

FastRupee Sri Lanka
1st loanup to 10000 LKR
Secondary loanup to 50000 LKR
Loan period30 days
Interest rate1%/day

Apply For a Loan With FastRupee Sri Lanka

Total Time: 10 minutes

Go to the official website

To apply loan you need visit:

Apply the Loan

Choose the sum and period of loan, further complete the FastRupee application form. It will take 3-5 minutes from your side;

Wait for Approval

By SMS notification Fast Rupee will give you status of your application; If everything ok, you will get money.

Get Money

When you will receive your money, than you can use them as you wish for solving your finance issues.


Well, to finish all the process, you need to repay loan in time, so you could avoid late fee and other problems; just do it in time, please be responsible. Borrower can repay online loan in Sri Lanka anytime he/she wants.

FastRupee Terms & Requirements

Age20 – 80 years
LocationSri Lanka
OccupationNot obvious, but income must
Major IDMust

No collateral need! Service wants people get money as fast as people. But remember to re-read terms for several times, it will help you understand all points and be sure you understand everything correctly.

Also, very important that person could provide lender with the next account information: complete name, mobile number, email address and bank account or credit card number.

How To Repay With Fast Rupee

How To Repay With FastRupee Sri Lanka
  • NDB Bank – for this you need fill in bank deposit slip with the next infomation: account holders name “FastRupee (PVT) LTD”, account number – 101000964868, loan agreement number (8 digits), NIC and the amount you want to pay; when you will complete the payment, please keep your payment receipt; also, when you will repay the loan, you will get SMS notification, if not, please write to the support team;
  • Pay&Go Kiosks – more than 600 kiosks, just select the Fast Rupee, enter loan agreement number, and repay loan;
  • Sampath Bank – the same as with NDB Bank, just Account Number 007910004888
  • Online Bank Transfers

Note: each time when the borrower will repay loan in Sri Lanka one needs to send clear picture of payment receipt via Viber or WhatsApp on 0765099997


Emailhelp[@] | info[@]

If you write on email, Fast Rupee usually replies during 1-2 days;

FastRupee Reviews

If you have already experience with FastRupee Sri Lanka, please write your comment and tell us more about loan service, ok?


πŸ’³ What Are The Alternative Companies to Fast Rupee Sri Lanka?

πŸ’³ Why Online Loans Can Be Dangerous?

1st of all you need understand that lenders are interested to earn, they ready to give you money with low requirements, but for this they have enough high interest rates, additional fees, late fees, etc; before applying you must to be sure to read all terms and understand if you were ready to repay loan for FastRupee Sri Lanka; if everything ok – you can apply loan, if something wrong, please avoid online loans and solve your finance issues by yourself without loans!!!

πŸ’³ What To Do If Your Application Was Rejected?

You can check again all information, perhaps some information was written incorrectly, and when you fix it and apply again (better in an hour) everything should be ok; if not, than maybe your credit score is very-very poor, so better to try other loan service.

πŸ’³ How Much Does The Loan Cost?

Check this information with credit calculator on the Fast Rupee website; depending the loan amount and tenure it will show you the amount you will need to repay in time.

FastRupee Loan Online in Sri Lanka

Fastrupee loan online

Name: FastRupee Loan Online

Description: FastRupee Sri Lanka - it is lender who provides people with loans online. Only for urgent needs. Be aware to use it when you don't really need it.

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If you want to know more about FastRupee:


Very simple process, no proofs of billing need; also pay slips are not obvious. Fast approval and disbursement processes; For those borrowers who apply for the repeated loan service have additional benefits in terms; All costs are transparent, just use FastRupee online calculator; very flexible repayment terms.


High interest rate, if you don’t repay in time late fee is waiting for borrowers with other not good consequences.

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