Robocash – is an international lender which provides loans to different customers in 5-10 minutes online. Robocash Philippines branch is focused only on PH market. Also here borrowers can take fast pay-day loans up to 25000 PHP before salery will come.

Robocash Philippines

Robocash Loan

Robocash can help to get fast loans online 24/7 any day without brakes. The 1st loan to 10000 PHP, the 2nd and further loans will be higher but not more than 25000 PHP.

You can get money with the next 4 steps:

  1. You need to create your account and register the Robocash service – just add your contact information and confirm it
  2. Fill in your personal data and employment details – for these, you need ID, personal card and phone
  3. Read all the terms and agree to confirm all loan conditions – do it via SMS
  4. Get money to your card

Very important to be a responsible borrower, cause if payments are on schedule, you will have a better rating, more bonuses, higher loan line, etc. Moreover, care about the day of payment to avoid any delays, and your credit rating will be normal, there will be no penalties and higher fees!

Don’t take loan, if your month earnings are not enough to cover it on time!

Robocash get loan online


  • 21-70 years old
  • employed
  • residents of Philippines
  • credit history has no matter
  • only valid Government ID (but in addition you can attach supporting documents as COE, ITR, payslip, company ID, etc)
  • mobile number and credit or debit cards are valid


  • The service is automated, so you can receive the loan in 5-10 minutes on your bank card; the robot will analyze your application and approve it if everything ok
  • You can take from 1000 pesos – 25000 pesos (a lot depends on your monthly income)
  • The whole process is online, so you need a minimum of time for application online
  • Borrowers don’t need any guarantee deposits, representations or some additional documentation
  • Choose the sum you’d like
  • Robocash works 24/7, so a borrower can fill in the online application any time he/she wants
  • Over 90% of the requests are approved
  • Repayment is very easy both ways online/offline
  • All terms are transparent and personal information is secured
Robocash online application Philippines

How to repay the loan

The best way is to log in to the online account and choose the payment method you need. Besides, you have a possibility for the early loan repayment. It will help you to save your money).

Also, you can take the loan extension, but for this, you need to repay the overdue interest. It will help win some time to repay all loan.

If you want to become a regular client and have the best options to take a loan via Robocash, then you need for sure to keep one term and do repayments in time. For this you need:

  1. Enter your online account
  2. Choose the operation you need – all information will be in the dashboard
  3. Insert the information from your bank card – everything standard: card #, validity period, name and surname, CVV. All the information is secured, so don’t worry about it
  4. Just wait for payment confirmation, to be sure everything was done properly.

There are several types of loan repayment:

  • You can do it with the card of any bank, just check you have enough internet limits for payments per month
  • With bank transfer – all the necessary data you can take in your personal account, just log in and choose “bank account monthly”
  • Cash payment is also a possible option for borrowers

Robocash Mobile Application

Robocash mobile application (android)

You can also download Robocash android application and get Robocash loan when you need. Very easy and fast. The app is also fully automated and can analyse over 1000 clients and their data which are based on the borrower’s form.

Most Popular regions are NCR, CAR and Central Visayas

Robocash group highlighted several top regions which have the highest demand for online loans in the Philippines. They are NCR, Central Visayas and CAR. Most of loans requests are from these regions.

NCR online loans

  • People use online loans service in 5+ times more comparing with Filipinos from other regions

CAR or Cordillera Administrative Region

  • Here people take loans in 2+ times more than in other parts of PH
  • People from Baguio City have the highest interest in online loans

Central Visayas and Region XI

  • Very popular zones, which have high demand in loans is Cebu, then Region XI and Davao

In general, near 1,50 mln of Filipinos have used online lending services in 2019 and most of them were from the cities. Most of the borrowers live in Quezon, Manila and Makati. Internet penetration is over 71%, a lot of people are still unbanked.

Financing Tools Due To Higher Speed

robocash group
Robocash group the Philippines

Speed is the key advantage of Robocash Philippines and online loan services in general. You can compare the results of several countries: PH, IN, VN, ID.

  • Robocash report shows us, that a lot of customers are from rural regions
  • Very few people have a credit history
  • A serious advantage of online loans is reduced list of documents
  • The convenience of lending service is also a great advantage, for example, when you can apply loan 24/7
  • Gaps in personal budgets are the main reason for applying Fintech services
  • More than 25% of Filipinos use South Korean smartphones Samsung to borrow money
  • Near 20% of customers use Chinese smartphones Oppo

SEC Terminated Robocash’s License

SEC revoked the license of Robocash Finance Corp. for running branches without the approval of authorities. SEC dismissed the defence of company. SEC also impose the fine up to PHP 100000

To be continue…

Robocash Contacts

  • Phone: (02)876-84-84 (contact time 8:00 am – 8:00 pm)
  • Official website:
  • FB page:
  • Email: support[@]

Robocash Testimonials

If you have already had a chance to test Robocash, please share your thoughts below in the comments, ok? What do you think about the service? How did it work? Was it fast or too long? What do you think about the terms, etc? Also, to get more information you can continue on the main page of

Robocash Philippines
Robocash Philippines

Name: Robocash

Description: Robocash Finance Corp - the lending company in the Philippines which provides fast cash loans online up to PHP 25000 or even more.

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To know more about Robocash PH:


  • Everything online
  • Fast approval
  • Transparent terms


  • Enough high-interest rate
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