Binixo Philippines

Interest Rate

depends the loan service you choose

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 25.000

4 / 5

Binixo Philippines - is an online broker that doesn´t provide online loans, one only recommends the lender you could be interested in. Binixo PH is not responsible for your decisions, the broker only provides about lenders in the Philippines, so when you choose one, please read all terms and responsibilities on the lender´s website/app.

  • Loan amount up to PHP 25.0000
  • Interest rate according to the exact lender
  • Citizenship only Filipino
  • Age 18+ years
  • You can find some new information about lenders
  • Also, it can just help you quicker find the right company
  • It is free broker, no charging
  • It doesn't provide loans, only information about loan originators in the Philippines
  • Brokers usually are interested to earn more
  • You can get additional SMS / Emails newsletters that can make you nervous or not

Binixo Philippines – if you don´t know where you can apply online for payday or installment loans in the Philippines, Binixo service can help you. It is free of charge. With one, you can find out which lenders are active and ready to provide Filipinos with quick loans.

Binixo Philippines
Binixo Philippines

Binixo Philippines Online Broker

How to receive money from the loan broker? The answer is – one doesn´t provide loans, only recommendations. So, if you want to get a loan, one can help only and this user should do the next steps:

  1. Go to the Binixo website:;
  2. Choose the loan amount;
  3. Fill in the application form;
  4. Get the information about some lenders with the help of which you can get a quick salary loan in the Philippines;
  5. Go to the lender´s website/app and apply for the loan there.

Very important: before applying the online loan, please think several times if you really need it, read all terms, requirements, because possibly there is a way you could not apply the loan and solve your finance situation by yourself or with the help of your friends / relatives.

Contacts You Could Need

If you have some questions to the Binixo support team you can write or call them:

CompanyInfinsacom Kft.

Binixo Reviews

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FAQ About Binixo PH

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⭐ Is Binixo Legit?

Well, yes. Binixo is not a lender, it is a broker, so one has a legal entity and doesn´t need any additional license, certifications from SEC, etc; Broker only provides information and recommendations, but for the decisions responsible only the borrowers;

⭐ What You Should Know More About The Broker?

Binixo online broker is free in using for customers, but one is focused not only on helping people to find the best loan services but to earn money too by getting borrowers to the exact lenders;

What does it mean?
Well, the broker only shows the information, all further responsibility for applying for the loan, and repaying one is on the borrower´s side.

Binixo in the Philippines

binixo broker

Name: Binixo PH

Description: Binixo Philippines - just an international online free broker which helps to choose the loan service you need, in order for customer could apply for the online loans as quick as possible

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