Billease Philippines

Interest Rate

3,49% per month

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 40.000

4.5 / 5

Enough popular service among Filipinos. Buy now and pay later is very easy in use, just try BillEase and you will see it. This review is about one service and how you can use it and for what it need.

  • One of the lowest interest rate
  • Flexible credit line for online shopping
  • No need in credit cards or bank account
  • No need in personal loan with repayment 3-12 months
  • BillEase provide with exclusive features and bonuses
  • Billease has own mobile apps for Android & iOS
  • Interest rate
  • You can't get money on your bank account

Billease (by First Digital Finance Corporation) – Buy Now, Pay Later. Service was launched in 2017, and since that time company is growing constantly. Currently, the team is 100+ members. Bill Ease is good in retail credit services in the Philippines. The company helps Filipinos to access financial services and solve one issue.

Billease Philippines

BillEase makes shopping for Filipinos affordable with installment plans. Find what you want at one of our store partners and choose to pay with Bill Ease. With repayments in time, you will unlock new features and opportunities inside the service. You can split any purchase in the beginning up to 3 months, but later up to 12 months.

With some partners, the service has a promo for 0% APR, but only with selected partners, so monitor the news. With the app, you’ll be able to keep all transactions 24/7.

Billease Philippines Loan Online

Billease loan

Go To The BillEase Website

There you need to choose the desired loan amount and period. For new customers, it is only up to 3 months, for repeated – up to 1 year. You can apply for a loan with the website or with a mobile application: Android or iOS, for this you need to download them.

Registration Process

BillEase signup

Registration is quick and only for Filipinos. For it, you need a valid email and phone. Don’t forget to check your email. After you need to add personal information and documents: valid major ID, proof of income, and billing.

Get Your Credit Limit

If everything ok, you get your credit limit in Bill Ease and can use it to buy goods in Lazada or any other service partner.

Repay Installment Loan on Time

Don’t forget to repay your loan. It is very important. You can do it via direct bank or e-wallet transfer, 7-Eleven, or with over 22k OTC payment channels.

BillEase Stores

BillEase has many store partners in different categories:

Billease Stores
  • Gadgets & Electronics: Datablitz, Henry’s Camera;
  • Groceries & Essentials: Cartspree, Gurkka, Monarc;
  • Health & Beauty: Babymama, Lucent, Raising Little, Ellebaby, Maria Health, Mario and Maria;
  • Home & Appliances: Simply Modular, Linen & Homes;
  • Marketplace: Lazada,, The Nest Genie, Zilingo Trade, Alleyway;
  • Travel: Tripmoba, Travel Online;
  • Others: Gemline, HeyGorgeous, Lounge Edit, Powered.

How To Contact Billease Support Team

If you need additional service contacts, please follow the next one:

BillEase Android app
Phones(02) 5310 1303
Working days9 am – 6 pm

If you have some questions or bugs, or you can’t repay the loan in time, please write or call the Bill Ease support team. They will help you to solve the issue.

BillEase Reviews

If you had already the opportunity to use the Billease service, please write your feedback in the comments lower. It will be very useful for other people.

Billease is legit

If to talk about reviews more, you can check testimonials in Google Play, for example:

Here we see that score of the BillEase app is very high: 4,6 from 5,0 – it is really great. Most people are satisfied and happy to use it. Of cause, there are those who were disappointed for some reason.

BillEase reviews

FAQ About Loan Service

Is BillEase Legit?

Yes, the service is officially registered in SEC, so no worries here;

How to Start With Bill Ease?

Well, for this you need just do several steps:
1) Go to the website and apply there or download the app and continue;
2) Fill in the application form and register for the service;
3) Add your personal information and documents service asks;
4) Wait for the confirmation from the BillEase;
5) Don’t forget to request a Lazada e-wallet and add your credentials correctly;
6) Use your Lazada wallet to buy what you need.

Can You Pay Bill Ease Using GCash?

Sure you can do repayment with GCash, go to pay bills, and follow instructions;

How Much Can You Apply With the BillEase?

Up to PHP 30000 for your needs in the TOP store in the Philippines. Not bad, right for the installment loan?

BillEase Installments

BillEase website

Name: BillEase - Buy Now Pay Later

Description: BillEase - is the financial service with installment loans for the Filipinos. No need in credit card, bank account, collateral. Up to PHP 30000 and higher. Top store partners, very convenient. You can use as apps, as website. If you need an installment loan, BillEase can help you, but be sure, if you need loan at all. It is up to you!

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Summary About BillEase Philippines

The main point next, use loans only when you really need it and know how and when you will repay money in time. If you can’t do it, please, better even don’t register in loan services at all.

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