Cashalo provides mobile Android & iOS applications which can give its customers fast online loans and it will be easy for everyone from age 18. It is really secure and you can take a loan anytime you need 24/7.

Cashalo is a mobile lending platform organized by JG Summit and the Oriente tech firm. They bring new financial opportunities to millions of Filipinos.

Cashalo calculate loan online

Cashalo helps Filipinos to control their finances better and get needed salary loans on-demand. The customers can use this money for any purposes they want, the main thing is to be responsible to give back this money timely.

Loan amount:up to PHP 15000
Time to get a loan:up to 24 hours
Interest rate:6,95% / month
Repayment period:60 – 270 days
Effective APR%:59,88%


In 2017 above 75% of the Philippine adult population remained unbanked, without access to financial companies. Also, over 90% was not covered with the credit bureau. These and many other reasons lead to launch Cashalo in October 2018, so fast pay-day loans become affordable for the whole adult population of the Philippines. Cashalo brand belongs to the Oriente Express Venture.

Cashalo Loans in the Philippines

For now, if to check SimilarWeb, Cashalo website is visited by over 485k users per month. So, the service has tremendous popularity among the Filipinos. Of course, the competitors (Robocash, Cashwagon, etc) are not sleeping and continue to develop together with the others. Nevertheless, Cashalo grows rapidly. In addition, check, please, Google Trends, comparing words: “Cashalo” and “Online loans” and you will see, that the popularity of this service is increasing.

How does it work

  1. You need to download the Android or iOS Apps
  2. Register in the App with the help of your mobile number
  3. Then you need to provide your identity verification in 3 steps
  4. After that choose the loan amount you are interested in with a duration period and repayment schedule, which will be eligible for you personally
  5. If the answer is positive, money from Cashalo will be up to 30 minutes on your bank account

When Cashalo Android or iOS mobile application will be downloaded and installed, App will ask to scan your government ID and other important information, so service could verify your identity. The loan can’t be issued for sure without it. So, in order to get one of the fastest loans in the Philippines, you will need to do it, it is a MUST. All information is secured, so it will not be shared without customers’ permission.

Cashalo mobile application will ask the next permissions as well:

  • Location access – it needs to verify borrower’s address
  • Contacts access – to nominate one
  • Camera access – cause Cashalo needs to scan your IDs and face

Main Advantages

  • edSeamless online experience – you don’t need any paperwork, everything is in the App.
  • 30 minutes and the loan will be on your bank account
  • Real-time credit-scoring
  • No hidden fees, all terms are transparent
  • Low-interest rates – 3,95%
  • Easy to control all your loan details, as you have the whole information in the Cashalo mobile application
  • Disbursement time: less than 24 hours but depends on the user
  • Users privacy is secured with encryption and global standards. Everyone can find more about it in Cashalo Privacy Policy
  • Choice of repayment schedule

Cashalo Philippines Terms

  • Loan amount: 5000 PHP
  • Loan duration: from 15 to 6 months with repayment base
  • Total amount payable: 5510 PHP
  • Interest rate: 0,1983%
  • Effective interest rate: 6,1139%
  • Total interest: 310 PHP
  • Processing fee: 200 PHP
  • Penalty fee: –
  • Daily interest rate after due date: –
  • The decision on your loan application takes usually several minutes. The borrower will find out about it from SMS and Email notifications.
Cashalo monthly interest

Cashalo interest depends on the following:

  1. Larger sum, more borrower will need to repay
  2. Daily interest is constant: 0,1387%/day
  3. Total interest is dynamic and depends on the loan duration: from 1,98% – 5,93%

Cashalo Requirements

  • Valid government-issued ID
  • Proof of billing/address
  • Work information (work ID, recent payslip)
  • Nominated bank account details

Repayment Process

Cashalo repayment

There are several ways of how to repay your loan with Cashalo:

  • Robinsons Department Stores – fill the payment slip and use 15 digit loan ID, then just go to a cashier for payment
  • Dragonpay
  • Online Banking (Robinsons Bank)
  • 7-Eleven outlet: Bills payment/Cashalo/loan ID/confirm the details/go to a cashier
  • ECPAY outlets: fill the payment slip/Cashalo should be as the biller name/go to a cashier

How to pay Cashalo Loan

So, don’t forget about payments and it is recommended to pay before the due date for you to have an additional time for the payment to proceed. If somehow the borrower paid the wrong sum, write about it to the support department hello[@] and send all the details with the proof of payment and loan ID.

Note: there are some transactions fees:

  • RDS (Robinsons Department Store) = 12 Php
  • ECPAY = 15 Php


Cashalo has several products with its own opportunities and terms:

Cashalo products
  • Cashaloan – you can take the quick online loan very easy up to 5000 Php in 30 minutes. Consumers can get the loan just with valid ID.
  • CASHAQUICK – if you need extra cash, just apply to Cashalo. It works offline to the online product. Customers can take a digital credit line for some shopping needs (household items, food, electronics, etc). It is possible across the retail network with over 250 partners, such as Memoxpress, Robinsons Department Stores, Oppo, etc.
Cashalo CashaQuick

You can take up to 1500 Php for a loan period of 14 days and interest rates are:

  • Daily interest: 0,3316%
  • Total Interest: 4,64%

To take a cash loan you need: to choose CashaQuick in the App /to choose a loan amount, period, etc / add personal information and get the cash approved in 30 minutes.

Cashalo iinstallment loans online via mobile application Android or iOS in the Philippines (CASHACART)
  • CASHACART – you can take instalment loans in Cashalo Apps easily and quickly with 0% interest and only for 10 minutes approval
  • To do this, you need to follow the next steps:
  1. Visit Cashalo partner store
  2. Go to the App / Cashacart / Apply
  3. Enter bill amount you need
  4. Review and check all terms
  5. Accept terms
  6. Provide SMS verification
  7. Wait for the approval approximately 10 minutes
  8. Simply go to the cashier when it is approved
  9. Repay your loan during one’s period

Cashalo TAYO – is a referral program with the help of which you can earn 300 Php per every new user. For this you need

Cashalo Mobile Application


Cashalo android application
Cashalo android application


Cashalo ios application
Cashalo ios application


  • Any assistance: hello[@]
  • Hiring: jobs[@]
  • Hotline: (02)4706888, working time from 9 AM to 8 PM/to 6 PM on weekends.

Is Cashalo Legal?

If you want to know Cashalo has or hasn’t the appropriate permission to provide loans for Filipinos. SEC is responsible for it. SEC it is Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines.

If you don’t find one in the list, please contact their support in order one provided all the needed documents for you.

Cashalo Testimonials

Cashalo ratings and reviews

If you already have had any experience or use Cashalo Apps, please share your feedback below cause it is very important for all customers.

Cashalo Philippines
Cashalo reviews

Name: Cashalo

Description: Cashalo - one of the best lenders in the Philippines. It provides fast loans online with the help of android or ios app. Loans up to PHP 15000.

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So, as we see, Cashalo Apps are very cool finance tools to improve finance life, when people need money right now for really urgent needs. Also, it is good for shopping, cause installment loans from Cashalo with 0% interest are the really fast way to buy something


  • Very fast and secured
  • Competitive and transparent terms
  • Payday and installment loans
  • Interest in installment loans is 0%


  • High interest, especially when payday loan duration is over 15 days
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