MoneyCat Philippines

MoneyCat Philippines – the lending company which provides loans online up to PHP 20,000, but the 1st loan is no more PHP 3,000. MoneyCat PH is a conventional loan service, that allows borrowers to pay flexibly according to one needs.

MoneyCat Philippines
MoneyCat Philippines

Very important to be sure what sum of loan do you need. Be exact in your needs and always remember when and how you need to repay a loan.

MoneyCat Philippines

Money Cat is an international company and currently, it is available in the Philippines. Service will help with your financial matters, so you can apply for a loan online easily.

How to Apply for the Loan

Get up to PHP 20000 after online registration with MoneyCat Philippines. You can get your loan online, just provide your bank account, ID and phone number. After application money can be transferred to your bank account in 24 hours.

How to Apply for the Loan Moneycat Philippines

Well, there are 4 main steps:

  1. You need to enter the official website:, choose the sum of loan, period and do sign up by OTP verification
  2. The borrower will receive a call and after the call, one need to wait up to 30 minutes to get approval via SMS
  3. Take your money from the bank card and solve quickly your finance situation
  4. Don’t forget to repay a loan at once as you can with DragonPay or other systems
moneycat ph

Moneycat PH Terms

MoneyCat terms are competitive with other lenders in the Philippines. Service can give you short-term finance solution in a convenient way.

Loan amount PHP 1000 – 20000
Max. loan term6 months
Min. loan term3months
Interest rate11,9% / month
Maximum APR145%
Age 22 – 60 yeas

How to repay a loan

Important to say, that you can repay the loan with your card or with the help of AUB Bank Center. You need to go to the Deposit Slips area.

  • MoneyCat’s AUB Account: [082-01- 000183-5]
  • After you need complete your Deposit Slip and show one to the teller
  • Wait for your carbon copy
  • Don’t forget to take a photo of a Carbon copy of Deposit Slip
  • Send one to MoneyCat PH support
  • Sending add your contract #, it is obvious

If your payment terms falls on the end of the week, better to repay earlier. Late payment will increase the rate you have!

Besides, you can repay the loan with Moneycat PH in the next services:

  • DragonPay – Moneycat PH generates an ID which will be sent to you with the payment
  • 7-Eleven or other payment centres (LBC, Bayad Center, Robinsons Department Stores, ECPay, etc) in the Philippines which using lifetime ID
  • GCAsh, etc

For example, you go to the 7-Eleven in your area and find the Cliqq Machine. It looks like this:

Cliqq Machine in the Philippines to repay loan Moneycat PH

And do next:

  • Choose: “Bills payment”
  • Click “More billers”
  • Then choose “Loans”
  • And “Dragon Loans”
  • After you need to add all the necessary information like reference # – lifetime ID, contact number and the amount you need to repay.
  • Wait and click “Next”
  • Take the receipt and give it to the cashier for payment and one will issue it

Additional Questions & Answers

  • If you didn’t receive the money within 24 hours after applying for a loan – please, contact MoneyCat Support Team;
  • The same, if you can’t get your OTP password;
  • If you set the wrong bank account – account holder name and account number should be the same if not, money transaction will be rejected;
  • If you repay already your loan, but it is not posted – take a photo of your carbon copy and send to support[@] or to official MoneyCat FB page + add contract #; in 1-2 hours the status should be changed, if not, write again to the support team;
  • How to extend the loan period – borrower need to pay 7% from the current loan amount and charges
  • If your loan was declined, you can do next: 1) check all personal info, if one is correct; 2) apply again later, not earlier than 1 hour; 3) choose another loan service.

Moneycat PH Mobile Application

Were surfing the Internet and found Moneycat PH mobile application for Android users.

Moneycat PH mobile application

Currently, it has no high rating, but suppose one is continuing developing and OneClickMoney will upgrade it in better way.


  • Phone: 190 063 6727
  • Email: support[@]
  • Working hours: 9:00 – 18:00
MoneyCat Philippines Account

MoneyCat PH Reviews

If you had already experience to use MoneyCat Philippines service, please provide your feedback lower in comments. It will be very useful for other Filipinos.

Those feedbacks we saw, they were like this:

  • Someone had a salary gap and needed to pay for the rent and in this case, MoneyCat helped much; after, when one got a salary in 1 week, she repays the loan at once
  • Another case is about one Filipin guy, who got into the trouble cause f broken car and one needed very much money to solve this issue and MoneyCat PH helped
  • The main point to pay in time, but better don’t use loan service at all

  • 3-6 months
  • up to PHP 20000
  • Interest rate: 11,9%
  • Max APR: 145%

  • Only the Philippines citizens
  • Age: 22 - 60 years
  • Employed and selected professionals

  • The time period to get money from the service Moneycat Philippines takes from 1 to 24 hours.
More about MoneyCat Philippines:
MoneyCat Loans

Name: Moneycat Philippines

Description: Moneycat Philippines - international microloan company presented in the Philippines and providing online loan services for Filipinos who is 18+ years age. Get your loan up to

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So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of MoneyCat Philippines:


  • Simple in use – 3 easy steps
  • Enough fast – no more than 5 minutes to register
  • Convenient – you don’t need to go to a bank, stand in queue and lose time, just send all information online
  • Very attentive – MoneyCat will help you to track your loan period
  • Safe – all data is secured and confident


  • Interest rate enough high
  • Risky, if you are not sure to repay the money in time
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