Petition For Abusive Online Lending Apps in the Philippines

Petition for abusive online lending apps is very important for Filipinos. Many people are tied from the malicious online lending programs in the Philippines that promoting online loans, salary loans, payday loans, instalment loans, etc.

In 2024, a growing outcry against exploitative Online Lending Applications (OLAs) in the Philippines demands immediate action. These loan apps, claiming to offer financial help, have turned into instruments of harm, causing distress, humiliation, and even pushing victims to contemplate drastic measures. So, they often provide not positive, but negative impact on the society.

Petition For Abusive Online Lending Apps in the Philippines

Earlier, in the Philippines, a government proposal has been made to initiate a legislative inquiry into the alleged abusive practices of certain online lending companies.

The offer highlights instances of extreme debt collection methods, such as:

  1. Lending a funeral hearse to a debtor’s home with a threatening message;
  2. Involving profanity, threats;
  3. Misuse of personal information;
  4. Too high interest rates;
  5. Other methods.

Reports from law enforcement indicate the involvement of foreign-based entities, particularly Chinese fintech lenders, in unauthorized lending activities.

Despite existing regulations, illegal practices persist, impacting vulnerable Filipinos who rely on short-term loans for daily needs. That´s why it is very important to investigate and the enactment of measures to address these abusive practices, so they never repeat again. Petition is one of the tools to realize it.

Check Now The Petition For Abusive Online Lending Apps

Here: you can find out all about it and vote in order loan market in the Philippines was improved.

Why this petition for abusive online lending apps is vital:

  1. The cessation of all OLAs, especially those on the Google Play Store, is urgently needed. Engaging with them brings no benefits but exacerbates financial troubles.
  2. The harmful impact: many lives have suffered due to OLAs, with victims experiencing severe distress and contemplating dire actions. Justice is sought, particularly for those driven to depression and suicidal thoughts by the humiliation and threats imposed by these apps. It is not normal, the loan market should be improved;
  3. The unfortunate consequences: job loss, reputational damage, and shattered lives—OLA agents resort to sending malicious messages to employers, leading to irreversible consequences. Victims are grappling with trauma, depression, and social media slander, disrupting relationships and pushing some to the brink. That´s why is very important to be responsible and if you have decided to apply for a payday loan, please use only legit online loans lenders.

This is a strong request for fairness, seeking to shield people from the terrible effects of dishonest Online Lending Apps (OLAs). It’s the moment to stop these harmful apps and bring back the lives they’ve disturbed.

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