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Pera247 provides fast cash loans in the Philippines on different goals: some medical expenses, to pay some debt, bill, etc. Pera247 is the lender which want and will help to get quickly and easy money.



Pera247 is the digital lender in the Philippines. Service is powered by AsiaKredit company which provides fast secured short-term loans to the millions of Filipinos.

  • vision – educate people for responsible financial management by providing loans online for unbanked customers in the Philippines and, in general, whole Southeast Asia.
  • mission – Pera247 gives constant finance access to unbanked citizens
  • commitment – delivering finance service with the best ethical approach

How to Apply for the Loan

You can easily apply a Pera247 loan online in 3 steps:

  1. Download Pera247 mobile application and open it
  2. Fill in all personal data service asks and submit ID with a photo (here you need also to reply several questions)
  3. Allow Pera247 to access your smart phone, cause their scoring system is built on it; it will help to build eligibility to the loan

That’s all, after wait 5-30 minutes to get notification about the status of your application.

Pera247 How to Apply for the Loan Online in the Philippines

Don’t forget you should use valid phone number and create a reliable password which you could remember when you will be downloading the Pera247 mobile application. It is important, cause borrower will need to realize SMS verification.

Pera247 how to verify your phone

Then you should:

  • choose loan amount and terms
  • fill in personal information like name, surname, birth date, etc
  • upload photo and valid ID
  • go through email verification
  • answer some additional questions
  • write the appropriate time Pera247 manager could call you
  • add employment information (better to send Certificate of Employment)
  • write loan purposes
  • enter utility bill for the last month (it is optional)
  • submit Payslip / COE (not older than 1 month)
  • add an additional phone contact (optional, but it will increase your chances to get approved for the loan)
  • check all information in order one was accurate
  • give access to Pera247 mobile application to the smartphone

So everything will take not more than 10 minutes.


  • Fast and easy service, so you need just several steps on your smart phone and borrower will get money at once one be approved
  • No paperwork and face-to-face meetings, only a convenient process for all users of Pera247
  • All terms are transparent and no hidden charges, application explains in details all moments
  • Pera247 educates its borrowers to be responsible, learn more about financial planning and how to manage it on pro level

So, just take the personal loan in the Philippines with Pera247 and solve all your finance questions, but remember, it is only for the short period of time, cause money must be re-payed during the loan period.

Requirements for Borrowers

Pera247 requirements
  • borrower should have stable income or one has to be employed
  • Android version 4.1. and higher
  • your email address should be active not less then 6 months
  • only Filipino citizen
  • should be ready to reply email or call from Pera247 team
  • have at least 2 documents from the next: Philippine ID or Driver’s License, TII (Tax Identification ID)
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Digital Postal Code
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Police Clearance
  • UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID)
  • Voter’s ID

Pera247 Mobile Application

Pera247 is the mobile application which allow to get immediate loans online up to Php 15000, just download the App. (Android version 4.1+)

Pera247 Mobile Application

The application process takes 5-10 minutes, not more. But to get money it can takes 1-5 days, which depend the information you submit.

When Loan is Approved

When your loan will be approved, you will receive the notification about it with your Pera247 app. After you need to choose how you want to get money, for example:

  1. BDO / MLhuillier Branches via Paynamics
  2. SM Bills Payment via Paynamics
  3. Just transfer to the bank account

And after it, read and agree with Pera247 Consumer Loan Agreement

pera247 loan online

Pera247 Repayment

Paynamics via Partner Channels

  • Select payment
  • Create payment with preferred channel
  • Enter the amount which you want to pay and get reference code
  • Go to the nearest repayment channel branch and give to cashier: Biller Name: Paynamics or PayExpress; Reference Code; Total amount to pay.

The payment will be updated in Pera247 app after it, if borrower repay full sum of loan, status of the loan in the app will be closed.

Bayad Center Branches

  • Go to the BCB
  • Fill in the transaction form with the next information: Biller: Pera247; Account #: your phone number.
  • Then you can realize payment

7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosk

  • Choose payments
  • Create payment, choosing 7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosk
  • Enter the sum you need to repay
  • Go to the nearest 7-Eleven branch and realize payment

NB: Amount in Centavos will not be accepted.

Repayment Tips

  • just repay in time or earlier to avoid some penalties
  • keep the copy of your payment receipt until the loan in Pera247 application will be closed
  • always confirm your payment with the Pera247 application, uploading the screens of one >>> (Send My Proof of Payment); the system needs up to 1 day to update your status, but usually it is quicker.
pera247 get cash loans

Why Important to Pay in Time

Finance responsibility is very important for today for everyone. Without it no one will want to work with you. This also is very related for borrowers, who get loans, but not always give them back in time and this can lead to the next:

  • credit score will be decreased
  • additional penalties and fees will wait for borrower
  • negative legal actions also can be presented
  • lot of negative calls with aim borrower give money back and pay all commissions
  • getting to the black list by credit bureaus

That’s why it is very important to pay in time, cause in other way it can lead borrower to the bigger finance problems then he/she had before!


  • Working hours: 10:00am – 19:00pm (Monday-Friday)
  • Email: dpo[@]

Pera247 Reviews

If you have chance already use Pera247 service, please leave your comments lower.


Pera247 is a reliable digital lender for the Filipinos which really can help to solve finance situation in 1 day, but don’t forget that it is only timely, so you need to repay all loan with the commission in time. If borrower will not be responsible here, more problems can get in result.  


  • reliable service
  • everything is secured
  • Pera247 has competitive ters in the Philippines comparing with other lenders


  • only for Android phones
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