Digido Philippines

Interest Rate

0% interest rate

Loan Amount

Loan up to PHP 25.000

4.5 / 5

Digido Philippines - 0% interest rate for the 1st time loan up to PHP 25.000, if borrower pay back in due time. Apply loan online with Digido and solve your urgent financial issue right now. If you need cash loan in a 15 minutes, Digido is the right solution.

  • Loan Amount Up to PHP 25000
  • Interest rate for the repeated loan 11,9% / months or not exceed 1,5% / day
  • APR 143%
  • Interest rate for the 1st loan 0%
  • The 1st loan Up to PHP 10000
  • Loan period 3 - 6 months
  • Age 21 - 70 years
  • Citizenship only for Filipinos
  • Employment Employed individuals & selected professionals
  • Guarantors representation or deposits no need
  • Documentation 1 major ID
  • SEC registration # 202003056
  • Certificate of Authority # 1272
  • All process is online and enough fast, cause money wil be paid to your account asap
  • Loan will be provided automatically 24/7, serives is automated
  • 1st loan with 0% interest rate, just repay in time
  • All data is secured, Digi Do protects information about one's customers
  • You don't need any collateral and guarantor
  • Terms are transparent, no hidden fees and this is great
  • High interest rate for the repeated loans
  • If borrower will not pay in time, one will get penalties

Digido Philippines – this review is about one lending company which provides really fast loans for Filipinos. Here you can check terms, requirements, contacts, testimonials, etc. Why people need quick loans and when one can apply it and when better not.Why it is important to read all terms, before applying the credit with the lender. Some most frequented questions are also discussed lower about the loan service. Of cause, here you will find out how to apply and get the emergency loan and solve your financial issue, even if it is timely. So, Digido review shows you simple steps, abaout how you could receive a microloan with the help of website or Digido app.

Digido Philippines – apply for credit online in 15 minutes. Fast convenient credit service for Filipinos. The microloan will be provided automatically and you can apply any time you need 24/7.

Digido Philippines Loan
Digido Loan 0%

How to count everything:

Your credit is PHP 20000Repayment period 6 months
Monthly payment of PHP 5000The total cost per month will be PHP 2383 per month (APR = 143%)

So, when you apply for a credit, please read all terms and requirements, cause microloan it is serious thing and it can help you in the beginning, but later, if you’ll not repay in time, makes everything worse. Be sure what you are doing! Know when and how you’ll repay it, so you were able avoid late fee, fines, etc. Be responsible, and if you have opportunity don’t apply and solve everything with yourself, just do it!

Digido Apply Loan Online

If you don’t know how to get credit in the Philippines, please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the website: https://digido.ph;
  2. Choose the sum of money you need and click “apply now”;
  3. Go through the registration process and create your account;
  4. Add your personal information;
  5. Add your employment details;
  6. Choose the options for how you want to get money;
  7. Send the application;
  8. If everything is ok, agree with the terms – very important moment, you can cancel your application only until the moment of signing the contract, if you signed one, you need only to repay the money asap; if you were rejected try again, just check all your information or choose other loan company;
  9. Get your money – when the borrower confirms the contract, the lender sends them at once; how quickly you will receive money depends on your bank, but surely the best time is from 8:00 to 16:00; for example, if you apply for credit at night, you’ll be able to receive money in the morning, if your application was on the weekend, your money will be on your balance on Monday morning;
  10. Don’t forget to repay the credit in time, in order to avoid late fees and penalties.

Digido Loan Requirements

Age21+ years
DocumentsMajor ID
Who can apply for a microloanonly Filipino
Employmentyes, you need to have income
Bad credit scoreyes and no, you need to try
Phone, Email, Cardmust be valid

How To Repay Digido Philippines Microloan

How To Repay Digido Philippines Loan

If you need to repay the credit, you can do it with the next options:

  • 7-Eleven (payment center)
  • Cebuana or Bayad center (payment centers)
  • Union Bank (offline branches)
  • Union Bank (online payment)
  • With other banks (via invoice)
  • Online payment (GCash, Coins.ph, or Dragonpay)
  • RFC offline branches

So, as you see, borrowers can pay for the credit in different ways. Just choose one which is the most convenient and repay the microloan on time, before the due date. If you have any issues, or problems and don’t know how to solve them, contact, please asap Digi Do support team: at 0288768484 (from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday).

What To Do, If You Can’t Pay The Credit On Time?

If you have no idea how to repay the credit on time, not have enough money, you can extend it with the lender. This is very important if you want to keep your credit score perfect.

What are the conditions:

  1. You can extend the credit if it is your 1st credit / repeated one before & after the payment date;
  2. You can prolong your credit for 7,14, 21, or 30 days;
  3. The price of prolongation depends on the credit amount – to get more information about it to need to go to your personal account;

If the microloan is PHP 5.000 and the interest rate is 0%. The 7-day extension will cost you – 5000*2,5%*7 = PHP 875

Digido Mobile Application

Digido loan app can be interesting, cause it is always with you and you can track all your information in one place. You can download the app any time you want.

Digido Philippines
Digido Philippines App Download Now

The lending company launched an Android mobile application and soon will prepare apps for iOS and HUAWEI phones. The lender wants to be comfortable for all Filipino users. Apps usually are very convenient, cause all information about your credit, when you need to repay it, and all other options are with you 24/7. This is really cool. Apply for online credit with the lender in 5 minutes. You can use the money for any purpose, but better only for urgent needs. Use the lender´s app on weekends or holidays, no problems with it. Get money asap when as you really need it. As for the Digido apk, it is in process, so hope to see you soon.

Digido Contacts

CompanyDigido Finance Corp.

Digi do PH Address: UNIT 2/C, Murphy Center, 187 Bonny Serrano Road, Socorro, QUEZON CITY 2ND DISTRICT, NCR, Philippines, 1109

Digido Reviews

If you had already the opportunity to use the lender´s microloan in the Philippines, please provide your positive or negative feedback in the comments lower. It will be interesting to other Filipinos who are interested in lending services.

Questions About Digido PH

Here you can find the most common questions about the lender. If you don’t see the one which reply your question, you can check FAQ on the credit service website or write your questions in the comments lower.

⭐ Is Digido Philippines Legal?

is digido philippines legal

Yes, Digido Philippines is legal. You can check this information here: https://www.sec.gov.ph/lending-companies-and-financing-companies-2/list-of-financing-companies/;
The brand is powered by DIGIDO FINANCE CORP.
One has SEC Registration #202003056;
Certificate of Authority #1272;
So, it is a legal company but anyway you should read all terms before applying for credit with Digi do or any other lender in the Philippines.

⭐ Several Useful Tips from the Digi Do!

1) Apply the credit for those amounts you will be able to repay in time according to your monthly earnings or better less, so you were sure in repaying one;
2) Return your debts in time! Any delay will negatively affect your credit score. Also, the amount of debt will be increased! Just to understand the contract is kept in the lender´s database for 5 years (besides, if you want to get a paper contract, you can write to the support service and you’ll get one in 2 weeks);
3) Choose the credit terms which are ok for you.

⭐ What Are The Operating Hours of Credit Service?

The Digi Do works 24/7 on any working, non-working, or holiday days. Apply for credit now and solve your urgent need asap. Lender´s service is automated and the human factor is excluded;

⭐ Is It True That Robocash Credit Service Is Digido?

Yes, the lending company was rebranded in the Philippines and is now called Digido. You can try to go the robocash.ph and you will get to the page: https://digido.ph/?from=robocash
So, all Robocash clients can use one service easily. New credit service is better with terms, interest rates, and more accessible.
Don’t worry about your Robocash account, all data was transferred to the new financial brand. Everything is safe and your logins and passwords are the same. Of cause, if you have any issues, you can write to support@digido.ph and the support team will try to help. If everything is ok, please enjoy the credit service.

⭐ So, What Is Digido Interest Rate?

Again, if you apply for credit with one service for the 1st time, the interest rate will be 0%, but here service has a very important requirement for the borrower, one must repay the money in time before the due date. If not, the borrower will have an interest rate near 11,9% per month with fines and penalties or being not responsible to the lender;

If you are applying for a microloan not the 1st time, the interest rate will be 11,9% per month or not exceed 1,5% per day.

⭐ What To Do, If Digi Do Lending Service Denied Your Application?

In this case, you can try to re-check the information and try again. If the service denied your application again, well, then better try another lender like CashXpress, Moneycat, Pitacash, Cashalo, Unacash, Tala, etc.

⭐ What Do You Need To Know About Digido 1st Credit?

It is valid only for new clients;
The min. credit amount is PHP 1.000 – PHP 10.000;
The credit terms = 7 days >>> Will it be ok for you to apply for a microloan for only 7 days?
If the borrower doesn’t pay the debt on time, the interest rate will be full for the not-paid period, so the discount is only for 7 days!

⭐ Promo From Lender: Happy Days For Customers

Several times per month lender sends special offers to the customers. It is a monetary reward for different sums of money. Usually from PHP 100.

Digido Finance Corp.

digido ph

Name: Digido Philippines

Description: Digido PH - (previous Robocash), is one lending service that will help you to get money online very fast in the Philippines for your financial needs. The microloan can be up to PHP 25000, the 1st loan is up to PHP 10000 with a 0,01% interest rate. The lender has competitive terms, so you could get money when you need it, but you still need to remember that you must be responsible and repay your debt in time!

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Summary about Digido PH

Digido Philippines (before Robocash) – is enough popular lending service for Filipinos and the trust in one continues growing, cause this company provides emergency loans for people when they need extra money for some exact situation in their life. Of cause, everyone understands, we hope, that it is easy to apply for the credit, cause of enough high-interest rates and some commissions Digido Philippines has, but on another hand, you can apply online and it is paperless. Sure, if you have access to credit cards and can make money with the bank, their terms are better, but if not and you have a salary gap, etc, in this case, the lender can help and support you. The main point is to repay the credit in time and read the terms before applying, so no surprises were for the borrower.


  • Digido interest rate for the first credit is great;
  • If you have no possibility to make money with a credit card, and you have an urgent need, the lender is ok, but if you have a card – use it better, cause banks have better terms than loan services who provide salary and installment loans;


  • Digido interest rate for the repeated loan is high
  • Don’t forget 0% interest rate for the 1st credit is until you repay the debt in time, but if the borrower will enter into payment delay, interest rates will become much higher;
User Review 4.74 (38 votes)


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