9F Lending Philippines Incorporated

Interest Rate

2,00% - 5,00% per month

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 20.000


9F Lending Philippines Incorporated - company active since 2015 and has 2 products: Amihan and QuickPeso. With one apps you can apply loan and get money online asap.

  • Registration No. S201904471
  • Certificate of Authority 2916

9F Lending Philippines Incorporated – is a lending company that represents 2 brands:

  1. Pesoclick renamed Amihan
  2. Quickpeso

All information you can check additionally on a “List of registered online lending platforms”.


Apply For 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated Loan Online

It is difficult to find more information about 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated:

1. We found some information on AppBrain:

9F Lending Philippines Incorporated Info

From this, we see that Amihan – Fast Online Peso Loan is active since 2019 and more than 1+ Filipino installed this app!

2. Website of the service is not active, only Amihan has some online presence, suppose the lending company did focus on this product.

Alternative Lenders in the Philippines

Also, you can try some alternative lenders in the Philippines, for example:

Loan up to PHP 25.000

Digido Philippines - 0% interest rate for the 1st time loan up to PHP 25.000, if borrower pay back in due time. Apply loan online with Digido and solve your urgent financial issue right now. If you need cash loan in a 15 minutes, Digido is the right solution.

4.5 / 5
Apply now! Apply now! Review
Loan up to PHP 20.000

CashXpress Philippines (CXPH) - apply loan online and get you money on bank account in 10 - 15 minutes.

4.7 / 5
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Up To PHP 25.000

Loanonline Philippines doesn´t provide loans. Service only recommends the best options for it to Filipinos.

4.1 / 5
Apply now! Apply now! Review
Up To PHP 50.000

Finbro Philippines is a reliable micro finance company that can solve urgent financial issues in 15 minutes for people all over the country. Apply for the 1st loan up to PHP 15.000

4.6 / 5
Apply now! Apply now! Review
Loan up to PHP 25.000

OLP or Online Loan Pilipinas - apply your online loan 24/7. Your loan can be for any purpose, just read terms before, and, if everything ok, get your money with the help of microloan company.

4.8 / 5
Apply now! Apply now! Review

The Main Requirements for the Borrowers

Lenders don´t have much requirements, but this is the reason why they have higher interest rates comparing with banks.

Age18+, but better 20+
Documents1 major ID
CollateralNo need
AdditionalActive phone number, email, bank card

What You Need to Do Before Applying for the Online Loan

In general, better not to use any loan services at all, but if you have a situation when you really need your money asap, then such services can help you for some time, cause you’ll need to repay the loan in time, and sometimes it is not easy.

So, what do you need to do before applying for a loan in 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated brands or some other lending service:

  1. Be sure, that you really need it, cause always better to solve financial issues with yourself;
  2. Be aware of the terms, and read everything about it, especially, read about fines, and penalties in the case when the borrower was late to repay the loan;
  3. If you have a credit card, it better is one;
  4. Check, if you’ll be able to repay the loan in time and how you will do it;
  5. Prepare Plan B, cause sometimes Plan A doesn’t work;
  6. Be sure, the lenders are registered by SEC;
  7. if you hesitate – don’t apply for the loan;
  8. Take the amount of money you need, not more;
  9. Find additional revenue stream in order you were able to repay the loan quicker and then apply;
  10. Be responsible

FAQ About 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated

Well, if you have some additional questions about the lending company, please write them in the comments lower, will try to answer your question asap or find information about it and answer again.

✔️ What To Do If You Can’t Get Loan From 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated Company?

In this case, you need to try some other loan company like Digido, Cashxpress, Tala, Cashalo, Finbro, Moneycat, etc. Just check the terms and choose what you need.

✔️ How To Apply for Loan Online in the Philippines?

The process is enough standard.

If it is a website:
1) you choose the sum and loan period;
2) go through a registration process;
3) add your personal information;
4) apply for a loan;
5) if everything ok, you read and agree on the terms, if one is ok for you;
6) you get money on your e-wallet/bank account / in cash;
7) repay the loan in time.

If it is the mobile application:
The process is almost the same, but in the beginning, you need to download and open the app on your phone; agree with the terms and go through the funnel which is described as higher; very important you understand that it is not a scam lender, cause we’re a lot of cases when scum companies got the access to your data and start sending you ad newsletters, etc.

Sometimes payday and installment loan companies give rejections to borrowers, cause of many reasons: not correct data, very poor credit score, etc.

9F Lending Philippines Incorporated


Name: 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated

Description: 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated - enough famous finance company in the Philippines. It has several brands and one provide for Filipinos quick unsecured loans online.

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Summary About 9F Lending Philippines Inc.

You can try to use this 9F Lending Philippines Incorporated and apply for a loan online with one of its brands, but it is strange that information about the company and brands is not updated often. Also, not much information online and terms could be much more transparent. Check, please information by yourself and further it is up to you where to apply the loan you need.


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