Tonik Bank

Interest Rate

5,42% - 7% per month

Loan Amount

Up to PHP 50.000

4.8 / 5

With Tonik you can apply a quick loan in 30 minutes and up to PHP 50.000. Everything is secured and no collateral needed. So, you can apply installment loan with Tonik bank very easy.

  • Loan amount from PHP 5.000 to PHP 50.000
  • Loan period 6,9,12,18,24 months
  • Documents 1 major valid ID
  • Citizenship only Filipino
  • Age 23+ years
  • Payroll card if you want to have lower commission
  • No collateral and credit history needed
  • Quick process - up to 30 minutes
  • Enough flexible payout dates
  • Everything is online - 100% digital
  • You can cash out 100% of the full loan
  • Enough high interest rate - 7%, but it can be lower, if borrower link salary payroll with ATM card
  • No pre-termination

Tonik bank review about 1st digital bank in the Philippines. Here you will find out about the bank and one services which can get Filipinos online with the tonik bank app and with getting tonik bank card.

Tonik bank provides innovative Fintech products to the Filipinos with the great terms. Bank started with savings /deposits and soon will increase one services. Currently, neobank can offer you debit card which you can apply online and use with the help of Android or iOS apps.

Tonik bank Philippines
Age18+ years
Residencein the Philippines
Email and Phoneonly valid
Not classified under the USA FATCAyes
DocumentsGovernment ID

Tonik bank gives opportunity to register anyone who are interested in one services.

For registration you need:

  1. Download and install Tonik mobile application;
  2. To go through the registration process and all required information;

Tonik Bank Philippines

Tonik Onboarding Video Instructions


Tonik neobank has many services and opportunities for Filipinos: loans, deposits, savings, etc. Here we’ll tel you in more details about each direction.

Tonik Loan

Company launched this direction only in September 2021. The terms for clients for sure are much more better then payday and installment loan services have in the Philippines (Cashxpress, Digido, Moneycat, etc). You can apply loan up to PHP 50000 with tonik bank interest rate – 5,42% – 7%. For this you need to download Android or iOS application and follow the instruction.

Tonik loan up to PHP 50000

Loan period can be up to 24 months (2 years). In real, you can apply loan quicker then 30 minutes. Quick loan from Tonik bank is really new product for the Filipinos which will improve all lending market of the country. Focus is on unbanked and middle-class Filippino whom bank offers affordable loans.To apply quick Tonik bank loan you don’t need much, just 1 valid ID and the latest payslip. All credit decisions bank makes fast with AI system. The funds borrower acn receive on Tonik card, withdraw through OTC partners or e-wallet account, etc.

Also, if to compare Tonik with traditional banks, the last one require applicant to have already some credit history, but 70%+ don’t have one. This is the main reason why Filipino have to borrow money from their relatives or go to the payday and installment loan provides which have high interest rates.

Such situation damages long-term financial stability of people in the Philippines and this is not so good. Of cause, unsecured loans can be interesting with 0% interest rates, but the point is to repay in time. Many people can’t do this but they apply such salary loans again and again. Tonik bank will help to make situation better with one loan product in the Philippines.

Tonik Bank Time Deposit

Great option to start invest money into your future. You can start from PHP 5000 and choose the period you need, or example 6 months. Everything depends your short- or long-term goals. Want to know more, you can try Tonik Bank Time Deposit calculator.

Annual interest rate6,00%
Access to the moneyanytime
Document Stamp TaxNo
tonik bank time deposit

For example, if you start deposit with PHP 10000, you will see next results:

Deposit periodInterest rateYou will earn
6 months6,00%PHP 302.47
9 months4,50%PHP 336.58
12 months4,75%PHP 475.00
18 months5,00%PHP 752.05
24 months5,25%PHP 1.050.00
*Before taxes
  • Deposits are insured by PDIC, the amount is up to PHP 500.000 per one client;
  • Early withdrawal even in 5 days will give you 1%

Tonik Bank App

Neobank is focused to build great relationships with clients, so scammers will be tired to repeat success of the bank. All data is secured, so users will have for sure great experience using Tonik bank app Android or iOS. Bank has enough good security system, so you can rely on bank.

tonik bank app

Requirements to the phone in order you could use Tonik bank app:

  • For IOS users system requirements iOS 10.0.0 or higher;
  • For Android users system requirements Android OS version 7.00 or higher;
  • Front-facing camera must;
  • RAM of your phone – 3 GB or more.


If you have some additional questions you can write / call to Tonik anytime you need:


Address: Philippines, Unit 605B, 6/F West Wing, The Offices at Estancia, 1605 Meralco Ave, Pasig City

Tonik Financial Pte Ltd – holding company is based in Singapore. All operations are conducted with the local subsidiary Tonik Digital Bank Inc. 40% of local subsidiary owned by local investors.

Tonik social networks:

Tonik Bank Reviews

If you had already opportunity to use Tonik bank service, please share your experience in the comments lower. It will be interesting for other Filipinos.

Tonik Bank Review
This is review from Apple Store, where you can download tonik app, there you can read more reviews about one.

Tonik neobank is very new, that’s why their app could have some bugs in some cases, but they fix everything very quickly, so suppose in 1 months or quicker no old issues will be left.

FAQ About Tonik

⭐ Is Tonik Bank Legit?

Yes, Tonik is the legal neobank in the Philippines with the license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

⭐ What About Tonik Bank Loan and Interest Rate?

Tonik can offer you loan in 30 minutes up to PHP 50000 from 5,42% – 7% per month interest rate. If you need alternatives, you can check payday companies: Digido, Cashxpress, Moneycat, Juanhand, Tala, but these companies have higher interest rates and penalties if borrower doesn’t pay in time;

⭐ Can I Use Tonik Bank Credit Card?

Currently, you can get debit card, but credit options are also available. To use it, you need to download Tonik app.

⭐ Why Tonik Bank Card is Secured?

1) It has lock card feature, so you can prevent unauthorized usage of your card just in several clicks with the help of Tonik app;
2) You can control and manage your limits – just select your desired daily spend;
3) Face ID – Tonik app is secured, so this option helps to avoid unwanted access;
4) There are systems which monitors fraud activity and control all data was secured;
5) Well, you can easily block your card and re-issue new one, if you want to update it and be sure your account is in safe;

⭐ What Are The Alternatives to Tonik Bank?

In Philippines Tonik is the 1st Neobank. Of cause, you can check some other neobanks.

Tonik Digital Bank Inc.

tonik bank Philippines

Name: Tonik Bank Philippines

Description: Tonik Digital Bank, Inc. is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Neobank provides different financial services of high level to the Filipinos. Tonik is the 1st neobank in the Philippines. Bank is not limited by physical branches.

[ More ]

Summary About Tonik Bank

Tonik Bank is the Digital Bank which is focused on Southeast Asia. It launches new services very actively. The core is Tonik mobile application. With one you can control all your financial operations. On 2021 over 70% of Philippines are unbanked and this is the great opportunity for the neobank to change situation and improve people life’s. Bank is launching retail financial products: deposits, loans, payments, cards, etc. Customer is on the 1st place for Tonik Bank – official the 1st neobank in the Philippines which has license and deposits are ensured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

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