Robocash Sri Lanka

Interest Rate

1,50% per day (1st loan with 0% interest rate)

Loan Amount

Up to Rs 60.000

4.2 / 5

Robocash Sri Lanka provides Sri Lankan citizens with quick unsecured loans up to Rs. 60000. It can be good option for solving your urgent financial issues. Try it now, 1st loan with 0% interest rate.

  • Max. loan amount up to Rs. 60.000
  • 1st loan up to Rs. 20.000 (max 14 days period)
  • Loan period for payday loan up to 28 days
  • Loan period of installment loan up to 180 days
  • Interest rate (1st loan) 0%
  • Interest rate 1,50% per day (max APR 143%)
  • Age 20 - 55 years
  • Documents National ID
  • Citizenship Sri Lankan Residents
  • Employment Employed individuals and selected professionals
  • All process is online & automated, so y ou can apply loan 24/7
  • Reliable international lender
  • 1st loan with 0% interest rate
  • The sum of loan is higher then in other lenders
  • You can repay loan easily, cause Robocash Sri Lanka partnered with major partners for it
  • Robocash Sri Lanka is legal lending service
  • You can apply online loan for any goals
  • No need in collateral
  • No hidden fees, all terms are transparent
  • One of the lowest interest rate at the Sri Lanka market
  • Interest rate
  • Sometimes it is difficult to repay loan in time and this can lead to additional penalties, higher interest rate, decreasing credit score, etc

Robocash Sri Lanka – get your 1st instant online loan up to Rs. 25000 today. Service is very convenient, so you can easily apply for an online loan in 15 – 20 minutes or even quicker and get money in up to 48 hours. Robocash doesn’t require collateral or guarantors. Services provide unsecured loans in Sri Lanka for urgent needs.

Robocash Sri Lanka

With Robocash Sri Lank you will be able to get a quick loan online anywhere, just use the Internet. All process is paperless, and from requirements, you need just your National ID. Besides, the minimal loan amount is Rs. 5000.

Robocash Sri Lanka Loan Online

In Sri Lanka, the best choice to apply loan is to go to the bank and use one credit card, but banks are not located everywhere, they have queues and don’t work 24/7. Also, they have enough high requirements. Unsecured loans can be used everywhere, but they are riskier, cause of higher interest rates and penalties which can be activated if the borrower didn’t repay the loan in time.

Also, you can remember pawn shops, but they need collateral. Payday companies don’t ask for collateral and only loan you can apply from any place in Sri Lanka, just have an Internet connection. So, unsecured loans are more flexible the bank loans or loans from pawn shops. Of cause, they also have disadvantages, but in some cases, such loans can support you and help to solve your urgent financial situation.

How to apply for an online loan with Robocash in Sri Lanka:

  1. Go to the Robocash Sri Lanka website:;
  2. Choose the loan amount and register in the system with the OTP verification;
  3. Create your account by adding personal information about yourself;
  4. Your personal data must be correct, so after adding check it, please before applying;
  5. Choose how you want to get money and send the application;
  6. If everything is ok and Robocash gives you approval, read the terms and agree with it, then you will get your money in the nearest time depending on the method; if your application was rejected, you can try later in an hour or choose another loan services in Sri Lanka;
  7. Don’t forget to repay the loan in time, so your credit score wasn’t decreased and just to avoid penalties, additional fees, and other problems.
Robocash Sri Lanka registration
Robocash Sri Lanka registration

Terms Of Robocash In Sri Lanka

Loan amount payday loanup to Rs. 25000
Loan amount installment loanup to Rs. 60000
Robocash Sri Lanka Interest rate for the first loan0%
The interest rate for the repeated loan 1,50% per day

Requirements To Apply For a Robocash Loan

As you already understood, Robocash Sri Lanka has next requirements:

Age20+ years
Documents1 major ID, National ID
Mobile phone numberactive
CitizenshipSri Lankan
Stable incomeyes

Mobile App

Currently, Robocash Sri Lanka has nomobile application, so you have possibility to apply fast loan only with the website.In your personal account will be all needed information about your loan and when you need to repay one.

Robocash Sri Lanka Loan Online
Robocash Sri Lanka Loan Online

How To Repay Robocash Loan in Sri Lanka

  1. You need to enter your Robocash SriLanka personal account;
  2. Choose active loans;
  3. Repayment;
  4. Choose the method you need, for example, bank card;
  5. Type the sum you want to repay;
  6. Confirm payment and get confirmation from the Robocash service.

If you want to pay with cash, you need to print the order from the Robocash account and with this document, you can repay the loan in the bank for 5 days. To be sure, everything is ok, please send the proof with the email: Also, it will help to avoid delays. If you see something wrong, please write or call the support team asap.

Robocash LK Contacts

Robocash Sri Lanka is a lender which works with customers in online mode, with no human operator. Everything is automated, so you can apply for the loan on holidays or any other day. It is up to you, the main point it must be for urgent need! Also, sometimes some questions can appear, so you can write to the Robocash Srilanka team or call one when you will have an issue.

CompanyRapidlend (PVT) LTD.
Contact timefrom 9 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Address: Sri Lanka – No. 04 Geethanjalee Place, Level 5, Colombo 03

Robocash Sri Lanka Reviews

If you had already an opportunity to use the Robocash Sri Lanka loan, please write your feedback in the comments lower. It will be interesting for other people.

FAQ About Robocash LK

If you have additional questions, please look lower or write your’s in the comments lower.

⭐ Is Robocash Sri Lanka Legal?

Yes, the service is legal in Sri Lanka. Registration No. PV00235761

⭐ What Are The Alternative Loan Services?

You can try to apply for a loan with FastRupee, CashX, LoanMe, OnCredit, or Lotus Loan, all lenders are here.

⭐ Why You Must Be Responsible When You Are Applying To Payday or Installment Loan?

Responsible and disciplined borrowers it is the core of your success when you are using lending services. Without it, you don’t need to apply for such loans, cause one can lead you to a worthy financial situation. Read Terms! Think several times before applying for online loans in Sri Lanka! Understand when and how you will repay the loan and whether will it be in time. Be sure, that you are using this money for really urgent needs and you have no other options for solving your financial issue. Be smart!

Rapidlend (PVT) LTD. - Robocash LK

robocash sri lanka

Name: Robocash Sri Lanka

Description: Robocash Sri Lanka - apply payday or installment loan online in 15 minutes up to Rs. 20000 / Rs. 60000 (if repeated loan). Use loan money smart for any goals. Don't forget to repay Robocash loan before due date! Many advanteges and one of the lowest interest rate on the market among payday loan companies in Sri Lanka.

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Summary About Robocash LK

So, what in general do you know about Robocash Sri Lanka?

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