Loan Apps Philippines

4.5 / 5
0% interest rate
4 / 5
Depending the Loan Company
4.7 / 5
up to 5,0
4.3 / 5
12% per month
4.8 / 5
from 0,01% per day
4.4 / 5
0% for the 1st loan
4.3 / 5
0,01% - 11,9% per month
4.8 / 5
0,01% - 11,9% per month
4.1 / 5
3% - 10% per month

Loan apps the Philippines you can download easily by choosing the lender you need. The number of mobile users in the Philippines is growing every month. Most loan mobile applications are on the Android system, but the amount of iOS ones increasing too. Also, with the increasing popularity of Huawei smartphones, we see new apps for their own market AppGallery.

Loan Apps Philippines - download app and apply the loan

Best Loan Apps Philippines

So, if you need a peso loan online, check, please the next list of lenders. Of cause, applying online loan isn’t the best financial solution, but if you haven’t a credit card and you need money asap salary loan can help in an urgent minute.

  1. Cashalo
  2. JuanHand
  3. Moneycat PH
  4. Robocash PH now Digido
  5. Tala Philippines

You can choose any app you’d like, but these one are the most popular and interesting with their terms for Filipinos.

Best Loan Apps Philippines

UnaCash App

Unacash app is the brand of Digido Finance Corp. With the help of this app, you can apply for an installment loan of up to PHP 30.000 for 6 months. This company also has Robocash brand which was rebranded to Digido Philippines and Unapay – buy now, pay later service.

Cashalo App

Cashalo suppose is one of the most famous loan companies in the Philippines. Really great service and terms. This app is really for Filipinos. The brand is constantly developing, so it is very competitive among other lenders.

Juanhand App

Loan apps in the Philippines can’t be without Juanhand. It is the brand of WeFund Lending Corporation – a Chinese company with great experience and opportunities in Asia Fintech. Juanhand is a fast online cash loan app in the Philippines. If you are in Manila or another city or town, no matter, the main point you have Internet and could download the app Try Juanhand loan app, it is really interesting and has enough good terms among lenders.

Robocash App (now Digido App)

Well, what to say, Robocash brand was changed to Digido Philippines and the brand has its own mobile application on Android. The 1st loan is with a 0% interest rate if the borrower will repay the loan in time according to the contract. Very good for the new customers, but if you have the possibility not to apply for a loan at all and solve the situation in a better way, just do it.

Moneycat App

Tala App

Cashwagon App

Atome App

Pera247 App

Online Loan Pilipinas App

GoodKredit App

GoodKredit App
GoodKredit App

BalikBayad App

BalikBayad App
BalikBayad App

HomeCredit Philippines App

HomeCredit Philippines App
HomeCredit Philippines App

How to Get a Loan via mobile apps

Usually, loan apps have high usability: intuitive interface, nice design, good terms. For sure such apps should be without annoying ads. Loan apps in the Philippines should have a positive rating in Google Play or App Store. Apps are quick and they shouldn’t work slowly on your smartphone. Of cause, it must be updated in a constant way by developers.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Decide If You Really Need a Loan

There are many situations when you need money from one side and don’t need from another one. If it is not an urgent need, don’t apply for an online loan with the app, and vice versa.

Sum and Terms of the Loan

If you decided to apply for a loan, you need to understand what amount of money you need now, and according to it choose the loan app; when you will choose the app, obviously read the terms and requirements before applying the one, so you were sure everything ok, and you ready to such terms.

Cashalo & Juanhand Apps

Cashalo app

These loan apps are one of the most popular in the Philippines. To download Cashalo or Juanhand apps it is enough to just enter the webpage of the service, click on “Download the app”, install the peso loan app and open it.

Registration Process

Juanhand app

When you have already opened the app. The next step you need to do is go through the registration process. For this you need to pass the application form and create your personal account in Cashalo / JuanHand or another app; the main requirements to it is providing your major ID, photo, and other personal information.

Apply for the Loan & Get Your Money

After the registration process, the customer needs to agree with the terms and apply for the loan; the scoring system of the lender will do one job, and, if everything ok you will get your money on the bank account, card, or on your e-wallet.

Repay Loan in Time

Many people forget that if you get the money you need to repay the loan in time. It is very important to do, so borrowers could avoid a late fee and other problems connected with credit score worseness, lenders can sue the debtor, etc.


  • Apps are free, you pay only for the interest rate and depending the loan company they can have additional fees.

These are recommended Loan Apps Philippines, they all have registration in SEC and have enough good competitive products with their own set of terms and requirements.

If to talk about some new Loan Apps Philippines they appear from time to time, but the most easier way to understand the level of loan app is to check the number of reviews one has in Google Play or App Store.

Banned Loan Apps Philippines

Many loan mobile applications were already banned by SEC. Some of them were scam projects, some not. For sure not all scam projects were closed, so be aware of it and choose only legal and popular services with history and trust among Filipinos. Choose your online Loan Apps Philippines and solve your financial problems quickly and with the terms you need.

FAQ About Best Loan Mobile Apps in the Philippines

TOP 10+ Loan Apps Philippines

loan apps philippines

Name: Best Apps in the Philippines

Description: Loan Apps Philippines - lenders launch own mobile apps in the Philippines and here we prepared for you review of the best ones. Terms, requirements, interest rates, reviews, contacts, etc.

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The main advantages and disadvantages of peso loan apps Philippines are:


  • fast installation process;
  • you can get money during 1 day or several hours, and sometimes even quicker;
  • all personal information is secured by lenders;
  • no paperwork and this is cool;
  • in most cases your location isn’t important, the main point you were from Philippines and in Philippines :)
  • many different options to repay loan.


  • high interest rates;
  • additional fees;
  • sometimes not transparent terms;
  • no all apps have SEC registration, so they are scam projects which are interested to gather your personal information and use it to earn;
  • if you will no pay in time it can create a lot of real problems for borrower, etc.

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