IsuruCash Sri Lanka – apply now for an instant loan up to Rs. 15000 if it is the 1st time, and up to Rs. 50000 for repeated borrowers. Service works for borrowers’ personal needs. It is an online loan service which provides loans without guarantors. It is a quick solution for many people, fi you need money asap.

IsuruCash Sri Lanka

IsuruCash Sri Lanka

To apply loan you need:

  • Go to the website:
  • Choose the loan period and sum
  • and start your application process

You can do everything online, you don’t need to waste time and wait in queues. To start you need an Internet connection.

Isuru Cash Loans
  • Fill in the contact information
  • After fill in personal information – all information should be accurate, cause in another way your application can be rejected.
  • The money will get to your bank account in 24 hours, usually, it takes up to 4 hours

All detailed inforation will be in the contract online. Also, details will be sent with email after applying the loan with IsuruCash.


Only Sri Lanka residentNo bankrupt or blacklisted history
Age from 20 to 55 yearsRegular income is obvious
You need a fast and easy loanYou need loan service with no hidden fees
From documents, your NIC number will be enoughno collateral; bank account obvious

If to talk about loan goals, you can apply any, but usually, people take loans for:

  • a borrower needs to repay a loan or give some money back to someone
  • medical needs
  • they need money for food
  • some travel needs
  • also, it can be an educational need

How to Repay the Loan

Borrowers can do it with a bank account, pay online with internet banking or cheque payment methods.

  • if it is bank account method, please fill data correctly: NIC, loan reference number, everything should be in bank slip; also, bank payments updating according to the working hours of the bank
  • if it is internet banking: login one / select the 3d party transfer / add relevant payment sum / add loan reference number / proceed

If you will not repay the loan in time, service will activate penalties – all details will be in the contract online, so read one please very carefully.


  • Email: info[@]
  • Phone: +94 777 186 088 | 0 777 186 088
  • Official website:

IsuruCash Reviews

If you had already the opportunity to use IsuruCash service, please write your comments lower. Your feedback, reviews will be very interesting for other people.

IsuruCash Sri Lanka
isurucash srilanka

Name: IsuruCash

Description: IsuryCash - is an online lending service in the SriLanka which helps people to get a loan for the salary in 1 day. If you need ASAP money, one can solve timely your finance issues.

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  • no paperwork
  • enough easy to fill the loan form online
  • enough transparent terms – borrowers can see, read and understand all terms before applying
  • 15 minutes to get status
  • borrower can repay loan in 10 – 30 days, enough good period for the quick loans in Sri Lanka


  • enough high interest rate
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