LoanPlus Sri Lanka

Interest Rate

0,01% for the 1st loan

Loan Amount

up to Rs. 80000

4.4 / 5

LoanPlus Sri Lanka - it is online lending company that provides unsecured loans up to 80.000 LKR, but for the 1st time the sum is up to 40.000 LKR. You can use it in only in urgent need, when you really need money. It is short-term loans, salary loan, etc.

  • Loan amount from 5.000 - 80.000 LKR
  • 1st loan up to 40.000 LKR
  • Commission for the 1st loan 0.01% per day
  • Loan term up to 30 days
  • Citizenship Sri Lanka
  • Age 20 - 60 years
  • Documents your NIC
  • Collateral no need
  • Guarantor no need
  • Employment should be
  • Income must be no less than 15.000 LKR per month
  • Company registration # PV00215063
  • All process is online and terms are transparent

LoanPlus Sri Lanka – your online loan solution in just 10 minutes! Whether you have a less-than-perfect credit score or are without official employment, LoanPlus offers a dependable solution to your urgent financial needs. As a direct lender, LoanPlus operates 24/7, even on weekends and holidays, allowing you to apply for a loan at your convenience. Simply visit the website, receive a quick loan decision, and have your funds deposited directly into your bank account.

LoanPlus Sri Lanka Loan Online

Loan Plus Sri Lanka strives to be the foremost provider of online financial services in Sri Lanka, committed to understand the customers’ financial needs.

LoanPlus Sri Lanka – How To Apply For A Loan

Determine if you really need the loan – very often people can solve their financial issues without credit companies. If you really need loan and you understnd it, also determine if you are available to repay one before the due date, in order to avoid penalties. If yes, than you can continue, if not, please don´t apply for a loan in any loan company.

So, in order you could apply for a online loan in Sri Lanks with a Loan Plus, please follow the next steps:

  1. Your must understand your loan needs: start by defining the specific loan amount that meets your requirements. If you’re a first-time applicant, it’s easy to indicate your desired loan sum with loan calculator;
  2. Fill out the online form: all you need is your ID (NIC) and phone number. The user-friendly form is designed for speed and simplicity, allowing you to complete it in just a few minutes;
  3. Await application response: no long waiting periods here, usually up to 5 minutes. You’ll receive a prompt decision on your application, and if needed, LoanPlus will contact you for any additional information to finalize the process;
  4. Electronically sign the agreement: once you confirm your choice to proceed with the online loan, you’ll receive a verification code via SMS. The streamlined process ensures real-time loan transfers, ensuring a hassle-free experience from beginning to end;
  5. Repay loan in time: the last step, but so important is to repay your loan. Many people forget about it, but you must do it, and better to realize it in time, cause solving your financial needs with a lender in this way you can get more financial problems than you had before, if you will not pay money in time.
Loan Plus Sri Lanka

Loan Plus Contacts

If you need to contact the Loan Plus Support Team, please use the following contacts:

CompanyAIS IT Consulting Services (Private) Limited
Working time8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
AddressNo. 47 Alexandra Place, Colombo 07 (Sri Lanka)

LoanPlus Reviews

Have you had the opportunity to use LoanPlus Sri Lanka? We value your feedback! Please take a moment to share your experience with LoanPlus’s online credit solutions. Your insights can help others looking for quick and reliable financial assistance. Feel free to leave your review in the comments below

  • Loan Plus Sri Lanka is a new lender, so not much information is online;
  • We see compny has registration, so it is good sign;
  • It provides unsecured loans, if this is ok for you, you can apply for a one, but, please be aware to repay loan in time, in order you could avoid penalties;
  • One has commission for the 1st loan 0,01%, but, please before applying for the loan with LoanPlus, read carefully all terms;
  • Company is enough active in Facebook:, it is not out of dated, so it is also good sign;
Loanplus registration

FAQ About Loan Plus LK

If you have any questions, please write them in the comments lower.

Is Loan Plus Sri Lanka Legal Company?

Yes, it is. AIS IT Consulting Services (Private) Limited is a legally registered company in Sri Lanka, holding registration number PV00215063 issued by the Registrar General of Companies in Colombo. AIS IT Consulting Services operates an online platform that acts as a bridge between borrowers and lenders, streamlining the loan process. It’s important to note that AIS IT Consulting Services does not function as a lender or loan provider, so Loan Plus Sri Lanka works legally, but nevertheless to it you must read all terms before applying for a loan online in Sri Lanka;

How Can I Recieve Money with LoanPlus?

The approved loan amount will be transferred to the bank account you provided in your application. Once your loan is approved, you will receive the decision via SMS or email, or sometimes both. Additionally, the in-house verification team may call you before approval to verify the information provided during the application. Also, don´t forget to qualify, you need to be employed and aged between 20 and 60 years old.

AIS IT Consulting Services (Private) Limited

loanplus sri-lanka loan online

Name: LoanPlus LK

Description: LoanPlus Sri Lanka - get your quick online loan for 5-10 minutes.

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Summary about LoanPlus in Sri Lanka

If you ever find yourself in need of quick online credit solutions in Sri Lanka, there is an accessible method available on a LoanPlus website. You can easily input your application details and provide the necessary documents for credit evaluation. The LoanPlus Sri Lanka offers a range of loan options with flexible repayment terms. The application process is designed to be secure and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth and safe experience.

By using the lender´s website, you can secure favorable loan terms that could match your specific needs. The Loan Plus LK service provides fast access to funds when it’s most critical, without the hassle of excessive paperwork or long wait times.

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