How To Get UMID ID Card Philippines?

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UMID stands for Unified Multipurpose ID. It is a single identification card for:

  1. All members of the Social Security System (SSS),
  2. Public Service Insurance System (GSIS),
  3. Housing Mutual Fund (HDMF or Pag-IBIG Fund),
  4. Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

Every Filipino’s lifelong membership is verified by this card, which also makes dealings with various government organizations easier. UMID ID Card Philippines contains the cardholder’s biometric information on a contactless smart chip (face image, signature, and fingerprints). Additionally, the card incorporates security mechanisms that stop it from being played or used fraudulently.

UMID ID Card – What Is It & How You Can Get It

Previously, it was necessary to provide a pair of identifiers to perform government transactions at specific points. Nevertheless, those days are gone now. Now every Filipino can apply for a UMID card. Such innovation from the government is a real breakthrough in the implementation of various operations and procedures. It combines all the details of multiple government IDs – from SSS to PhilHealth – into one ID card, making it multifunctional.

UMID ID Card Philippines
UMID ID Card Philippines

The national ID program serves as a centralized platform for identification for Filipinos. It is a type of identification used in several public and private sector transactions. It can be utilized as primary identification, such as when opening a bank account.

The SSS and GSIS branches are overwhelmed with customers who want to get this card as soon as possible. It was so well received that now everyone wants to have it. Following the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, services have been reopened, and Filipinos can now continue to accept their cards.

Where Is a UMID ID PH Used?

An identity card is a document that unambiguously confirms a person’s identity and fundamental data. Such a document is issued in the form established by the state for each person permanently or temporarily residing in its territory. The relevant state bodies or their subdivisions carry out the issuance of such documents.

This card provides a single, multipurpose identity. Because it may be used to conduct business with governmental organizations like the Social Security System (SSS), Public Service Insurance System (GSIS), PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund, it is sometimes referred to as the four in one.

It may also be used for regular activities like signing up for a mobile phone line, getting specific discounts at shops and businesses (particularly for the elderly), and entering particular websites on the Internet because it is a government-issued identity card. Schools frequently use it to identify pupils during tests as well as online. The identity number will be a permanent, individual citizen identification number.

One of the strongest IDs in the Philippines, this card is also recognized as a genuine ID in most transactions. However, applying for a UMID card is considerably more straightforward and uncomplicated, especially for new college graduates starting their first job instead of acquiring a passport.

Who May Apply For a UMID Card

Understanding if a person satisfies all the standards and whether he is even eligible for this card is crucial before applying for a card.

It is accessible under the following circumstances:

  • The client has at least one published contribution and is an SSS member;
  • The person’s UMID card has been lost;
  • In conjunction with a name change and a personal data correction, the customer must update the card.

Please take notice of the following if someone applied for an SS number on or after December 10, 2020:

  • The UMID application form does not have to be filled out by a specific client;
  • The SSS admission system requires an appointment to capture biometric data;
  • You must bring a printed SS number application and a receipt bearing the transaction number to your work.

The Main Requirements For a UMID Card 

The simplicity of the list of documents required to apply for this card makes it attractive. This paperwork is already in place for many Philippians. All you have to do is gather them.

Among the most vital records needed for registration are:

  • correctly filled out the UMID application form;
  • a replica of one of the primary acceptable identities listed below:
  • a driving permit;
  • passport;
  • PRC ID;
  • Sailor’s book.

What Are The UMID ID Requirements for SSS Members?

It was revealed that this card would be available to every SSS member in October 2021.

Several prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • An SSS member with at least one published contribution is required. The client is no longer required to fill out and submit the UMID application form if they are one of the members who filed for an SS number on or after December 10, 2020. All he needs to do is schedule an appointment through SSS for collecting biometric data, and then bring in a printed application for an SS number and a receipt with the transaction number on the day of the appointment;
  • The client must be an SSS member who has either misplaced their UMID cards or wants to update their cards because one or more of their details have changed or been corrected. The nearest SSS office will need a replacement cost of PHP 200 from the applicant, who is essentially requesting to replace an already-issued UMID card.

The My.SSS appointment system is the most convenient way to apply. However, the manual method of filing applications is also relevant. It is beneficial for those who do not have an account.

What Are The UMID ID Requirements for GSIS Members?

To utilize some of the benefits, getting a UMID-compatible e-card from any GSIS office is necessary. All current members and any recent GSIS retirees or survivors are included in this category.

Retirees’ official GSIS identification card is the eCart Plus or UMID card. It enables you to conduct business with GSIS and gain the advantages of a savings account.

The UMID card will allow the following processes in particular:

  • You can choose between receiving income from your pension and a pension loan;
  • It makes it simple to deposit cash into an ATM-accessible personal savings account that doesn’t need balance maintenance;
  • Any Union Bank or Land Bank branch nationwide will include a cash desk where customers may generate money.

If sufficient funds are on the eCard/UMID card, this card can also be used to make transactions like a debit card.


With the help of answers to some questions, you can easily understand the intricacies of the design of the card, how it functions, and other nuances that may arise in familiarizing yourself with this phenomenon’s features.

Are the UMID and SSS ID the Same?

Even though the State Security Service issued both of these identity cards, it is essential to keep in mind that they are distinct from one another. an identification number that SSS has been providing to members since 2011. The card is a UMID. Before the introduction of UMID, the agency issued a blue card known as the SSS ID. SSS no longer gives blue SSS ID cards as a result.

Does the UMID ID Card Have an Expiration Date?

Not to worry, the UMID card is perpetual. This card is endless. But when it comes to preserving it, it pays to be cautious. One must apply for a new card if they misplace or damage their current one.

What Are The Main Tips, Every Applicant Should Know?

Whatever style a person opts for, it’s crucial to keep the following in mind:
> Before going to the SSS office, you must finish the UMID application. The time you need to spend at the branch will decrease if you complete this step before applying for a card;
> The submitted information should be double-checked. If the client presents false information, there can be delays and issues. It is crucial to double-check that all the notification is accurate and consistent before submitting the application form and criteria;
> Dressing smartly is crucial. Consider considering the encounter with the card manager the same as for passport issuance. You must thus dress correctly. As tank tops and sleeveless shirts are prohibited in the photo booth, avoid wearing them. Similarly, you must take away any items and accessories that can affect how you seem in the picture.
> Last but not least, it’s critical to adhere to the health and safety regulations at the usage site. It is essential to keep in mind that the epidemic is still ongoing. As a result, it’s crucial to constantly wear a mask and face shield and bring hand sanitizer with you.

How To Schedule The Appointment?

If you want to make an appointment with UMID but don’t have a My.SSS account, you can do so by going to the SSS branch. It is essential to keep in mind that the SSS branch must be able to register the UMID.

It’s also critical to realize that you can’t simply visit the selected branch anytime you like. Appointments are essential since the SSS uses a branch number coding scheme. The consumer is only permitted to do business at SSS branches on the day corresponding to the 10th number of the SS or Employer Identification Number (ER).

How To Submit Your Requirements to the SSS Branch?

It would be best if you went to the designated SSS branch on the scheduled appointment day. There are documentation requirements that can be found. Additionally, the client’s main ID original may be requested. Therefore, don’t forget to bring it. The SSS officer will examine all documents and check all records before concluding.

How To Pay for the UMID Fee?

If someone is applying for a new card to replace a lost or damaged one or update their information, there are a few things to remember. For instance, there is only one need for this group of people: You must pay a replacement price of 200 Philippine pesos.

The client can settle the account at the nearest SSS-approved collection partner. You must submit a receipt for your payment to the SSS employee handling your application. However, everything is free for those who draw up a card for the first time.

How Can OFWs Apply for UMID ID Card Philippines?

A UMID card cannot be obtained outside of the nation by OFWs. However, they can pick it up at the SSS office in the host nation or upon their return from overseas. A family member may also be asked to schedule an appointment and provide residence confirmation.

The steps below must be followed to apply for an ID card:
> It would be best if you first got the prerequisites ready. The first step is to gather the required paperwork before the customer begins processing. A valid ID and the client’s birth certificate are required;
> Next, getting in touch with the nearby SSS branch is crucial. It’s critical to be there early to have enough time to do everything and avoid being late. Nobody wants to spend hours in line to get their application processed. The client will save a ton of time if he arrives sooner;
> The application form must be finished in the following step. When you visit the branch, you must complete an application. Typically, an expert aids in this. Depending on the service the user wishes to utilize, he will offer an application form;
> The next step is to determine your number. You need to find out from an expert where the client might obtain his phone number. In that case, waiting until the relevant counter calls are preferable. In CCC departments, TVs with screens that show the next client’s number have been installed. Check the screen frequently and wait until your number begins to flash.

You must complete the process by going to the designated counter. A counter or counters that handle UMID are present at SSS branches and have a variety of designations. To minimize inconvenience, it’s worth making sure you’re in line at the right counter.

How To Proceed With The Biometrics Capture Booth

It is worthwhile to visit the booth to collect biometric data after finishing the first few stages. At this point, the client’s picture, digital signature, and fingerprints will be taken. It is worth several times as much to provide personal information before leaving the booth so that any problems may be fixed appropriately.

What Do You Need To Know About UMID ID Card Pick-Up Schedule

Online and offline meeting scheduling options are available. You can utilize the My.SSS portal if you want to enter information online. If clients want to complete this offline, they must visit the SSS branch, where they may register their UMID.

What To Do, If You Don’t Have Primary Documents?

Clients frequently lack necessary forms of identification like a driver’s license, passport, PRC ID, or sailor’s card. In such a situation, any two more papers from the list below may be provided. One of these two records must have a photo:

> Postal ID;
> ID from a business or school;
> card TINs;
> private firms offer membership cards;
> card of OWWA;
> elderly population map;
> voter ID, an affidavit, or a registration certificate.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a UMID ID Philippines Card?

It’s essential to keep in mind that first-time cardholders can register their cards for free. Suppose the customer issues a new card in any other case. In that case, he must pay 200 Filipino in the bank during the relevant meeting.

What To DO, If you need to replace your Card and data?

To do this, you must visit the indicated branch and present a previously issued SSS or UMID card.

How Can You Find Out About The Status Of the Application?

You can use mail or the My.SSS site to learn the status of the SSS UMID application. Send the following details to sss to do this:+

> whole name;
> SS code;
> a snapshot or scanned copy of each of the following;
> ID or a primary ID;
> two legitimate IDs with your signature or photo on both;
> a picture or selfie was taken with the IDs or other papers you submitted.

If Someone Offers You the UMID ID Card, Is It Legal?

Scammers are intermediaries who promise to create a UMID card in return for a transaction charge. It is best to avoid these folks since you cannot trust them. The only people with the right to issue cards are those authorities.
These individuals provide illegal cards that cannot be used to complete formal transactions. Customers may have their benefit or loan application denied using this card. Moreover, you can be charged with a crime.

What Do You Need To Do, In Order, You Could Activate a UMID ID card?

Visit the GSIS Wireless Activated Processing System (G-W@PS) kiosk to activate your card. City halls, municipal buildings, government offices, GSIS offices, Robinsons Shopping Centers, and city halls are where you may find them. Make it simple. The SSS card needs to be inserted into the electronic card reader. Next, choose any of the previously registered fingers by tapping the screen. The client’s preferred finger must then be placed on the fingerprint scanner. A confirmation message will be given to the user if the fingerprint matches the one stored in the database. Within 72 hours, the system will activate the card.

What To Do, If You Lost or Damaged Your UMID ID Card?

You must visit any SSS branch and submit the Unified Multipurpose ID (UMID) Card Application Form to request a replacement card. On the SSS website, the form is accessible. A link in the Documents for usage section will take you to a page where you may download each paper.

Can Someone Apply on My Behalf?

The card application must be made in person. A specific customer who produces a card for himself will be the only one with access to the registration procedure. It is not permitted to utilize delegates or proxies. Any SSS or GSIS office must receive the application in person from the customer, which may be problematic for Filipinos with hectic schedules. To guarantee that the consumer only receives one card, the government must confirm the identification. Therefore, this makes sense. They must be present to take a client’s fingerprints, digital signature, and photo. There is no alternative to appearing in person to register your ID.

Even If the Citizen Has an Outdated SSS ID, Can He Still Apply for a UMID?

In reality, all citizens are eligible to apply for a new UMID card to replace their old SSS ID. He would be forced to turn in his old SSS ID and pay a charge of Php 200 to get a new one when he goes to the SSS branch. Don’t forget to carry one or two backup IDs or papers that can be used if the customer doesn’t have a primary one.

Obtaining UMID ID Pag IBIG?

Pag IBIG members and SSS and GSIS members must undergo the exact application process to obtain this identification certificate. However, Pag IBIG members must provide membership data forms as identification. There is a simple data form to download from the Pag IBIG website.

How Much Time Does it Take to Get a Card?

Cards typically arrive 30 days after being issued. GSIS/SSS frequently delivers documents via Philpost within two weeks. Work on a government ID card or wage certificate application at least four weeks before the deadline to guarantee it will reach your address on time. Outside of Manila, delivery times may be longer owing to health and safety regulations.

Final Thoughts About UMID ID Card in the Philippines

Having an identity card is important for every citizen. This is a great way to enjoy different benefits and offers from the country, banks, and other institutions. An ID card is a self-sufficient document that vouchsafes a person and confirms the enormity of Filipino, which may look like a plastic card with a chip on which the holder’s biometric data are collected. That’s why nobody except the owner of the ID card can’t use it. The Central Bank is a significant advantage for issuing ID cards.

A UMID card offers a variety of advantages. Filipinos no longer need to carry many government-issued ID cards around with them. Additionally, customers may easily access their government benefits from several organizations using only one card. 

After the customer is informed of all the registration data, you may schedule an appointment and obtain a card. Completing all required paperwork and reviewing all the information you give to prevent mistakes and misunderstandings may speed up the entire application process.

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