Juanhand Lending App

Interest Rate

12% per month

Loan Amount

Loan up to PHP 12.000

4.3 / 5

JuanHand is online loan app for Filipinos. Maxium loan amount is up to PHP 50.000. You can apply loan in 5 minutes. Interest rate 12% per month with additional fees from 10% - 20%

  • 1st loan up to PHP 5000
  • Repeated loan up to PHP 12000
  • Loan term 91 - 180 days
  • Interest rate 12% per month
  • Max APR 20%
  • Documents 1 Major ID
  • Eployment no matter
  • Citizenship Only Filipino
  • Credit score no matter
  • SEC registration CS201825672
  • Certificate of Authority 2844

Juanhand is an up-to-date solution in the area of financial facilities in the Philippines to let everyone use their great financial services enjoying their fantastic application. Only Filipino citizens can use this app for financial help. Juanhand is considered an absolutely safe and extremely protected financial technology item that guarantees full confidentiality of customer’s data. 

Juanhand app

The Company was founded in the Philippines in June 2019 – that is known as WeFund Lending Corporation. This company is a subsidiary of one of the most popular companies in the sphere of lending in China, namely Paipaidai. The FinTech organizations like this one were founded 13 years ago in China and took place in the famous list of the New York Stock Exchange. Juanhand is a very promising and successful product in the Philippines having been launched for the first time in this country.

This company and its outstanding app can solve many financial troubles at once and works indeed very fast. It is believed, there has been no product like this before in the Philippines. Juanhand provides a helping hand to people’s financial needs when it is urgent or required without delays. The situation of COVID-19, and not only this makes people search for additional sources of income to give their families everything important they need at the moment, or simply to get the necessary thing right now when salary will be in a week or two. 

This is actually a major mission of the service and its app – to create the most convenient solution which will help many Filipinos to get superior financial services. They strive to be one of the leading Fintech service representatives in the country using their special app that is affordable for everyone and everywhere in the Philippines. 

download Juanhand app

How to Loan in Juanhand

Is It Easy to Get a Juanhand Fast Loan in 5 Steps Only:

  1. Download the Juanhand app;
  2. Use your personal mobile number if you want to register in the Juanhand app;
  3. Insert all the required information (it is important to present only full and relevant data);
  4. Choose the loan amount as well as the term to begin the process of the loan application;
  5. Read all terms – it is very important, and, if everything ok, agree with it;
  6. Wait some time for approval;
  7. In 5 minutes ⏰ the money will come to your card or account;
  8. Then, don’t forget to repay the loan in time, in order you could avoid penalties.

If you were rejected, you can try again, but re-check, please all your personal information, possible there you can ind some mistake or you can use alternative lending services.

Juanhand Advantages for Clients

  • If you apply now, it becomes possible to receive up to PHP 12.000, repeated loan up to PHP 50000;
  • you can get your loan in 5 minutes ⏰ after verification online;
  • 5 user-friendly steps ✅ and you get the necessary sum of money.

Concerning the borrowers’ age, if you are 20 years old up to 60 you can try Juan’s hand lending service. You will receive the required loan the same day without any undesirable delays.

Juanhand app lending money

Juanhand Calculation Example

Period of loanSum of loanFeeInterest AmountFinal Repayment
10 days10000 PHP12%12 000 PHP22 000 PHP
20 days10000 PHP12%24 000 PHP34 000 PHP
30 days10000 PHP12%36 000 PHP46 000 PHP
Juanhand Philippines Loan

Several Juanhand Loan Requirements to Remember

  • If you want to borrow, you must be a resident of the Philippines;
  • The Juanhand loan app is eligible for those who are at least 20 years old and up to 60;
  • The availability of a steady income;
  • It is important to have at least 1 government-issued ID, for instance, here is the list of possible eligible IDs:
    • SSS ID
    • PRC ID
    • TIN ID
    • Postal ID
    • GSIS ID
    • Driver’s License
    • UMID
    • Philhealth ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • Loyalty card that is known as Pag-big ID.
Juanhand download

Multiple Juanhand Repayment Options

Everyone is looking for a simple and the most convenient channel of repayment, and it’s indeed essential for clients, as no one wants to belong over this process.

Look further through the list of the Juanhand payout methods:

  • You can payout Juanhand loan online with the help of great financial solutions such as virtual wallets Gcash and Coins.ph that is highly popular today among millions of Filipinos;
  • One more channel for this purpose is to pay back via banks, for example CBC, Unionbank, Maybank, SCB, AUB, Metrobank, Paymaya, UCPB, EastWest Bank, RCBC, and many others.

How to repay Juanhand in 7 Eleven

Repayment - 7 Eleven

How to repay Juanhand with GCash

Try some of them to find the most convenient channel of loan payout for yourself.

Juanhand Contacts

If you have additional questions you would like to discuss face-to-face, visit the office personally. Here is the contact information:

  • Address: Trade and Financial Tower, 32nd St. Cor. 7th Ave., BGC Taguig, Philippines 1630.

Juanhand Company Official Information

The name of the CompanyWEFUND LENDING CORP. The Business is operated under several official names, namely, JUANHAND, CASHMORE, WEFUND, AND KIDLAT PESO
The Number of Company RegistrationCS201825672
Certificate of Authority#2844
Online platform baseSEC website (fully protected and legal in the country)
Interest Rates9-12% depending on the sum and term.
Cash loan term91 days (shortest, regarding renewal time); 180 days (longest, including renewal time)

JuanHand Reviews

If you had already used the Juan Hand app, please write about your experience lower in the comments. It will be interesting for other Filipinos.

Juanhand loan app
Juanhand loan app

FAQ about Juan Hand

So, if you don’t know how to use the Juanhand loan service, just install the app and follow the instructions. Of cause, you could have some additional questions about the Juan app, and lower we tried to add answers to the most popular ones.

What is Juanhand in the Philippines?

Juanhand is specially created to offer fast lending services as well as add personalized solutions in the area of finances for every Filipino who has simply a smartphone and a great desire to receive an instant loan despite his or her credit history.

How to use the Juanhand service and apply for a loan?

Everything you need is to download the Juanhand app. The next step is to sign up with the help of your mobile number. Make your profile comprehend indicating all the necessary information about yourself as required. Be attentive to it as this data will be used in the process of verification and loan repayment. 

What to do if your loan application is denied?

In this case, just resubmit the application one more time in accordance with the advice.

Where can I pick up the cash money with Juanhand?

When you see that your loan is approved, the money comes to your e-wallet, after that, you can withdraw it the specified way. 

How to provide repayment for Juanhand’s loan?

Choose the repayment method that is the best for you (G-Cash, 7-Eleven, RD-Pawnshop, and others). Apply a special repayment code and active ID to complete the paying back. 

How to track my loan application status?

Follow the indicated instructions to see the status of your loan application:
1) Before checking the status, please log in.
2) It is possible to use also the Juan hand CSR hotlines to be aware of the necessary info about the loan application.

✔️ When my loan has been paid back is it possible to request a higher limit?

If you follow all the rules of repayment and the service sees that is everything ok with your previous loan, then on the basis of this info, you will be able to apply for the next loan of a higher amount. 

⚡ Is Juanhand legit?

Yes, JuanHand is legit, cause the service is registered by SEC Philippines. Also, the Juanhand brand belongs to the Wefund Lending Group.

SEC Registration #CS201825672;
Certificate of Authority #2844

✅ How Much Interest in Juanhand

You can find full information about it by downloading the app and reading all terms. In general interest rate of Juan Hand is next: 12% per month

APR: 20%;
Transaction fee: PHP 0
Sign fee & service fee: 10% – 20%

⭐ How to Cancel Loan in Juanhand

Well, you can do it before you get money in your account. In another case, you must repay loans and commissions. You can’t cancel the Juan loan when you get money, it doesn’t work this way. So, please read the terms and think at least twice before applying for a salary loan.

⭐ How Much Money Can You Get with Juanhand Loan App?

Min sum of money – PHP 2000;
Max sum of money for the 1st loan – PHP 12000;
Max sum of money for the repeated loan – PHP 50000;
Min cash loan term – 91 days;
Max cash loan term – 180 days;
Interest rate – up to 12% a day.

WeFund Lending Corporation


Name: Juanhand Philippines

Description: Juanhand - it is microloan service which helps Filipinos to get quick loan online in urgent need. Try Juanhand Android & iOS application only when you really need it. You can get loan up to PHP 12000 for the loan period 90+ days.

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Summary About JuanHand

JuanHand – is great loan app. You can use loan service in a very convenient way. Try loan app and you will see it. Just be aware about the terms. The main point is here that you understand one before applying. Fast Juan loan better use only when you have really urgent need.


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