How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills In The Philippines

How to repay your loan – this review is about the options were Filipino can repay loan or bills online and offline. It could save your time and budget. If you haven’t enough money, you can apply Digido up to PHP 25.000. 85% of applicants Digido approves, so your chances are high, but remember, it is only when you have URGENT NEED!

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  1. If you don’t how to repay your loan or pay bills in the Philippines – don’t worry, there are enough options to do it quickly and in convenient way;
  2. Several payment options can help you repay loan or pay bills on time;
  3. Don’t enough money, you can apply payday or installment loan or order credit card.
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills In The Philippines

How To Repay Your Loan or Bills Philippines On Time

Repaying loans or paying bills usually is a real hassle. You need to stay in some queues, go somewhere, sometimes you haven’t enough money, you have a lot of bills or several loans, etc. The best solution for all it is to plan your monthly budget and do all payments in time. This is like the rule, personal law, cause it will help you save your time and money.

The Popular Ways To Pay Bills In The Philippines:

Making remissions becomes a common element of everybody’s life. After making any online orders, to pay any communal bills, or to make the loan repayment, we always seek the place of financing bills quickly and reliably. It often takes a lot of time to find out the proper way to make the financing. Therefore, let’s understand the regular ways to charge.

Central Aspects Of Bill Remunerations:

Regardless of the payment’s type, it would be best if you considered the following aspects while making them:

  • high security of your data;
  • increased security of the personal funds;
  • the convenience of the payment algorithm.

Therefore, the ways to pay are divided into web-based and non-electronic. Each has its positive and negative properties, which should be considered. 

Methods Of Non-Web Payments Of The Bills:

Practically every fee or charge can be paid in a specific facility. You need to provide cash or a banking card and find the financial establishment. They are the following:

  • Charge establishments (centers or offices).
  • ATM.
  • Banks. 
  • Specific offices of a company, which you need to pay the bill. 

Let’s find out the main facilities of each type and understand their peculiarities.

Bills Payment Centres

These centers have physical locations and they are partners of all possible Fintech companies in the Philippines, so you were able to make payments you need. Practically every city has a specific financial center with various operating hours and bills, which can be paid. The most popular are commissioned establishments, which work 5 or more days a week and have an electronic queue for applying.

The most popular centers are:


How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with 7-Eleven in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with 7-Eleven in the Philippines
  • 7-Eleven – one of the most popular payment centers in the Philippines. One works 24/7 all over the country. You need just to go there with your billing statement or bank account details and tell cashier what you want exactly to pay or repay. You give cashier money and he/she gives you a receipt.

Also, the 7-Eleven company has the product Cliqq App – this app can help you to pay for everything you need even if you don’t have a bank card. It is a very convenient way for many Filipinos. We hope, now you know how to repay your loan with 7-11.

Robinsons Supermarket

How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with Robinsonsmarket in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with Robinsonsmarket in the Philippines
  • Robinsons – this like a huge mall with lot of branches in the Philippines. CustomerService area can help you to repay loan or pay bills on time. Just go there and do it before due date.

They are situated in specific stores in each big city of the country. The business center operates from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and can help with the following types of charges:

  • Fees from healthcare system and country’s authority;
  • Healthcare;
  • Net and telecommunications;
  • Energy;
  • How to repay your loan with Robinsons Department. 

The billing statement, the identifying documents are required for making a payment. Fill in the verification form and pay the necessary bill.

Bayad Centers

How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with Bayad Center in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with Bayad Center in the Philippines
  • Bayad Centers – one company has many kiosks in business centers where you can pay your bills. Almost all of them are inside malls. Also, you can find them in some pawnshops.
Branches Bayad Centers near me

The Bayad Center app is also a good option to pay for everything online without losing your time. With one app you can also buy tickets, goods, repay loans, etc. Over 1000+ types of bills. It is the largest chain of centers in the Philippines, which has more than 10,000 establishments. It works from Monday to Friday with operating hours of 8 a.m – 5 p.m. But several centers are usually open even on the weekends. Usually, making payments in Bayad centers requires cash (only a few take cards). A small charge of 5-10 PHP is also available for such expenses. The payments, which can be paid in Bayad centers are the following:

  • Water;
  • Landline;
  • Phone;
  • Energy;
  • Television;
  • Governmental taxes;
  • How to repay your loan with Bayad Centers.

To be applied for the listed bills, you need to take the ID, bill, or an affirmation of report. You also should know the details and the number of accounts. Show and tell all the details to any cashier in the center and pay what you need.

Cebuana Lhuillier Centers

How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with Cebuana Lhuillier in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with Cebuana Lhuillier in the Philippines
  • Cebuana Lhuillier – this is popular pawnshop with many branches in the Philippines. You can apply loan with collateral, if you have some jewellery. Go their and pay according to your needs.

These centers work from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. for the whole week (7 days) and accept the following types of payments:

  • How to repay your loan with Cebuana Lhuillier;
  • Utility payments;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Internet.

To provide expenses, when you find the necessary center, fill in the required transaction document, show the bill’s documents, and submit the application. Then your bill will be operated.


How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with SM Supermalls in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with SM Supermalls in the Philippines
  • SM Payment Center – it is similiar to Robinsons – big malls all over the Philippines. It has working hours of 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and accepts expenses provided by cash or cards (it depends on the payment type). The following bills can be financed there:
  1. Governmental and healthcare charges;
  2. Net and television;
  3. How to repay your loan;
  4. Telecommunications.

When you find the center, wait for the electronic queue. Then ask the cashier about the verification form. Fill this form, provide the necessary documentation and make changes, which you need. 


Important to know: if you overdue the period of payment, some of the centers can not accept your payment, so better pay in time or use other alternative methods.

LBC Centers

Do you know how to repay your loan with LBC Centers?

Different centers have 2 variants of operating hours:

  • from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The bills, paid in the LBC centers are the following:

  • Loan repayments;
  • Governmental and healthcare fees;
  • Net and telecom;
  • Phone;
  • Communal. 

You need to find a suitable center, fill in the arrangement form, pay with a debit card and verify the transaction.

How To Repay Your Loan & Bills With ATMs

ATMs also can help you to pay your bills or repay loans in enough convenient way. For this you need ATM or bank (deposit/credit) card:

  1. Choose your biller;
  2. Type the amount of your bills;
  3. Add the reference number;
  4. Pay it;
  5. Take receipt.

To provide regular refinancings with an ATM, a card of any banking facility, or a mobile e-wallet with the installed NFC function, is required. The ATMs can be found in business or shopping facilities. You can pay by cash or create an account to make automatic writing off money from your card.

E-Payment Services

E-wallets or other services with the help of which you can pay bills, repay loans buy something in stores, etc. Each of the wallets has its positive and negative properties of bill payments, but all of them may become suitable to all the country’s citizens. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make an account in the system. Therefore, it may be easy to choose the most suitable.

How to repay your loan with e-wallets:


GCash website
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with GCash in the Philippines
  • GCash – one of the TOP Fintech companies in the Philippines. It allows to pay bills or repay loans cashless in several clicks. Also, copany has a lot of services which use millions Filipinos all over the country;


How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with PayMaya in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with PayMaya in the Philippines
  • PayMaya – this app allows you to pay suppose any bill in the Philippines. If you need to repay loan, no problem. Lot of everything, so PayMaya is very convenient and usefull service;

How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with in the Philippines
  • – it is more like crypto trading platform, but there are options which allow you to pay your bills;


How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with ECPay in the Philippines
How To Repay Your Loan & Pay Your Bills with ECPay in the Philippines
  • ECPay – pay your bills online 24/7. Everything online, you don’t need to go somewhere, that’s why it is very convenient. Fees also are not high.

It is also one of the largest chains in the country and has more than 8,000 facilities in the country. It operates 24/7, and you can pay the following there:

  • Telecom and net;
  • How to repay your loan;
  • Water and energy.
  • Cable television and Internet.

You should show the billing statement to the clerk and pay by cash. The last step is filling the verification form. 

How To Repay Your Loan With Banks

With the help of bank apps or credit/debit cards, it is possible to pay your bills or repay the loan in time. It is easy to use and terms, fees depends on the bank, app, card, etc. The main requirement here is you have to have your bank account and go to the branch or pay a bill / repay loan online.

The banks work similarly to the financial centers and ask you for the necessary payment and identifying documentation and fill in the verification form. However, several banks process the charges only from their clients or partners’ customers.

Web Banking:

There are several banks, which help with web payments with specific applications. Especially in cases when you don´t know how to repay your loan.

They are the following:

  • BPI: it allows us to pay indemnity, charities, travel, and healthcare services. More than 50 types of charges and can be financed with it.
  • BDO: it has a specific website and mobile application to make bill payments. Everything required is to create a bank account and choose the necessary charge.
  • Security bank: each type of bill can be paid with the mobile application or the website. It is considered one of the most comfortable.
  • OCTO: it has specific ways of payment with the help of mobile e-wallets. You need to create an account and connect it with the wallet to provide fast and convenient payments. 
  • PNB: it helps with paying more than 100 types of bills and also has its website and mobile app. 

Before choosing a bank, learn about all the terms and rules. It may include data about the fees and conditions of paying bills. 

Utility Offices

It is a common way to pay, but it is also unnecessary. As a rule, the utility companies provide web services (web and mobile applications), making coming to the office worthless. 

How To Pay Online Bills or Repay Loans in the Philippines?

Paying with the use of mobile devices helps to save time and looks convenient among the other methods. The web wallets or applications of the financial systems are used to charge practically all the types of necessary bills, such as governmental fees, communal bills, utilities, etc. The main advantages of such a type of payment are the following:

  • Comfort – you don’t need to find the nearest center or a bank, regularly fill in the necessary documents, or tell your personal data. Even at home you can choose the option of payment and do it.
  • Quickness – each payment provided with the mobile devices is quick. The time spent on waiting in live or electronic queues is minimized to several minutes of charge with the mobile phone. 
  • Safeness – this aspect is dependent on your awareness and the data  you provide to the payment system. As a rule, the modern algorithms of online defense help to keep your information safe. Moreover, you may not fall under the COVID-19 danger if you use mobile payments.

Here you can find the list of the most regular methods to charge and make financing nowadays. 

Tips About Online Payments

The security of your data depends on several factors. They also play a crucial role in the safety of your cash. These factors are the following:

  • Check the website or an application for having a license or a certificate. Otherwise, you can be robbed of money.
  • Create a strong password with more than 8 symbols (letters of different languages, numbers and other symbols).
  • Don’t make payments if you have a poor connection or use public wi-fi.
  • Pay earlier to get rid of possible penalties because of late charges.

All of this may help you to make payments ideally without any inconveniences.

FAQ About Payment Options

If you have any additional questions, please write them into the comments lower. Also, if you still don´t know how to repay your loan in the Philippines or pay bills, write your questions, we´ll try to help you.

⭐ If You Don’t Know How To Repay Your Loan Philippines?

You can do it with next options:
1) Banks
2) E-Payment Services
3) ATMs
4) Payment Centers.

⭐ What To Do, If You Have Not Enough Money Online?

You can apply for online loan with the help of lenders or order a credit card, for example, tonik bank one.

Summary About Bill Payments in the Philippines

All in all, there are a lot of methods to make regular bill payments and repay loans in the Philippines. The main requirements are to choose the most comfortable and suitable algorithm and learn about the main steps of payment. If you pay online, think about the safety of your data and learn all the conditions before becoming a client of any financial company.

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