Pitacash Review 2024

Interest Rate

11,9% per month

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 30.000

4.5 / 5

Pitacash app - one more alternative way to get quick cash loan online in the Philppines. Try the 1st loan with 0% interest rate and find all service opportunities. Best Review 2023

  • Loan amount from PHP 1000 - PHP 30000
  • 1st loan PHP 1000 with 0% interest rate
  • Loan period 91 days - 120 days
  • APR 143%
  • Citizenship only for Filipinos
  • Age from 21 - 70 years
  • Employment Employed or business owners
  • SEC Registration No CS201902369
  • Certificate of Authority No 1200
  • Transparent terms
  • All the process is online
  • Flexible loan terms
  • No advance deduction
  • No collateral is need
  • All data is secured
  • Company is legit and trusted by SEC Philippines
  • Fast approval process, up to 30 minutes
  • High interest rate
  • Low amount of the 1st loan
  • Penalties and decresing of credit score, if customer will not repay in time

Pitacash Philippines (Finance Technologies Inc.) – a loan company that provides quick cash loans for urgent needs. You can apply for the Pitacash service with the help of the mobile application. Service is a digital app that helps to provide salary loans up to PHP 25000. The 1st loan is PHP 1000 with a 0% interest rate.

Pitacash online loan

Pitacash Apply Loan in the Philippines

  1. You can go to the website or at once to Google Play and download the Pitacash app;
  2. Go through the registration process and add your personal information with the selfie photo;
  3. Choose the loan sum and period (for loyal customers always better terms);
  4. Apply for the loan;
  5. Wait for the approval; (it can be up to 3 hours)
  6. Agree with the terms and get your money;
  7. Repay the loan in time to avoid penalties. (do it before the due date as soon as possible)

Application will take only up to 10 -15 minutes and receive money in 30 minutes. So, if you really need money online apply now.

PitaCash - Online loans for EveryJuan

Pitacash mobile application

pitacacsh app
  • Service has fast payouts and you can get money from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm without holidays!
  • Use the Pitacash app only when you really need it, and be responsible;
  • No hidden fees, and all terms are transparent, so, please read all terms before applying for the loan to understand all moments;
  • Pita Cash is focused on efficient service and customers pay it time, so a special notification system will help borrowers to track time correctly and pay loans on time.

How Can You Get Money

pitacash loan

You can get money with Pitacash using next channels:

  • GCash
  • PayMaya
  • Bank Transfer

Pay attention the loan disbursement is in real time, but the verification process is from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. So, be aware about it. It is not always convenient, but usually it should be ok.

How to Repay Loan

pitacash app download

Pitacash clients have lot of ways to repay loan in time. You can do it with the next channels:

  • GCash (Dragon Loans), also you can do it with the counter through the Dragon Loans;
  • 7/11 Dragon Loans (Cliqq Machine);
  • Cebuana Pawnshop;
  • With online banking;
  • Metrobank Online;
  • Bayad Center;
  • Palawan Express/Pawnshop;
  • LBC f. M.Lhuillier;
  • Landbank Online Payment;
  • Chinabank Online;
  • PNB Internet Banking;
  • BDO Retail Internet Banking, etc.

For more information you can download Pitacash mobile application and check all details about the repayment process.

Pitacash Contacts

If you need help, you can always write to the Pitacash Support Team with the contacts lower. Pitacash Team will help to solve all issues you have. The situations can be different:

  1. You didn’t get the loan status of your application and you wait for it for more than 1 hour;
  2. You have used the wrong bank account;
  3. Fraudulent activity;
  4. Your repayment wasn’t recorded, etc.
Android applicationhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=phl.pitacash.android
Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pitacash

Of cause, best of all to use Pitacash app chat box to get the most quick help in solving your issues with the loan service. Further you can write into the Facebook chat or with email. Also, don’t forget, you can directly call and find out all the information you need.

Pitacash Reviews

If you had opportunity to apply loan with Pitacash Philippines, please write your feedback in the comments lower. Your experience will be interesting to other people.

pitacash philippines

FAQ About Pitacash

Here you can find the most common questions and answers about Pita cash loan service in the Philippines. If you don’t see the information you are looking for, please write your questions in the comments lower. We’ll try to help you.

⭐ Is Pitacash Legit?

Yes, Pitacash loan service is legit and registered by SEC in the Philippines. It is registered by Finance Technologies Inc. [ SEC Registration #CS201902369 | Certificate of Authority #1200 ] Pita cash is compliant with a law. You can check all information here or on the SEC website.

⭐ What To Do, if Your Application Was Rejected?

Well, you can check all data you have filled in Pitacash service, possible there are some mistakes. Fix it and try again. If it doesn’t help, you can choose other loan service;

How To Increase An Approval Rate:
1) All fields should be fill in correctly;
2) Contact reference could be called by Pita cash support team;
3) IDs are not expired;
4) All information is valid.
For regular customers service will check the credit score in order to increase the loan amount. The loan amount users can increasing using Pita cash loyalty programs in the app and repaying loans in time.

If loan application was rejected without any errors, you can re-apply in 21 days, so in this case better to use other loan company service.

⭐ Who Can Apply The Pitacash Loan Online?

The requirements are next:
✅ Filipinos who live in the Philippines;
✅ Income is obvious;
✅ Age from 21+ years;
✅ Employed or self-employed people;
✅ You need to add personal and work information;
✅ Major Government ID;
✅ You must have bank account or digital wallet from GCash, Paymaya, etc.
✅ Currently, only for Android users.

Among IDs you can use the following: Passport, UMID, Postal, SSS, Driver’s License, TIN, Philhealth, Professional Regulations Commission.
For business owners: business permit, DTI permit, Barangay permit.
For employed Filipinos: Company ID or Certificate of Employment.

All IDs should be active, not expired one.

⭐ How To Count The Loan Repayment?

Loan amount: PHP 5000;
Loan period: 91 days;
Interest rate: APR 38%;
Interest payment: PHP 1900;
Total repayment amount: PHP 6900.

⭐ What Are The Fees, Charges, Terms?

Pita cash loan services reflected all these information in the next documents:
1) Loan Agreement – please, read it before applying the online loan;
2) Loan Disclosure Statement – also, read it, in order you were aware of all terms; (check compliance to the R.A. 3765, Truth in Lending Act).

⭐ How To Extend the Loan Period?

If you want to extend the Pitacash loan period you need to repay interest rate amount for the used period. Renewing will help borrowers to avoid penalties and fines which can increase the total payment. To reloan you need to repay previous loan.

⭐ What To Do, if You Were Failed To Repay Loan?

Well, better to hurry up and repay it before or extend the loan period. If you payed and want to be sure everything is ok, you can check with the help of Pitacash Philippines app if one was recorded. Just open the app, choose loan history, recent transactions and click to see details. If you see some mistake write to the service support team.

⭐ Cashmoney Branches & Pitacash

Besides, Cashmoney Branches are also belongs to Finance Technologies Inc. If you applied the loan before in one, you will see your credit history in the Pitacash mobile application.

⭐ What Will Happen If You Will Not Repay Loan In Time?

1) The credit score of the borrower will be dropped and user will not be able to use bank services and services of most finance companies which provide loans;
2) Collection department will demand to repay from you and your reference person;
3) If collection doesn’t help, Small Claim Specialist will take legal actions in order Pitacash could receive money bank from the borrower.

Finance Technologies Inc. (Pitacash Philippines)

pitacash loan

Name: Pitacash Philippines

Description: Pitacash is the loan app owned by Finance Technologies Inc. One provides useful cash loans online which are accessible for most Philippines from 21 years old. Company wants to become the most trusted loan services for Filipinos in the niche of emergency loans and not only.

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Summary About Pitacash PH

Pitacash Philippines is enough interesting service, especially for the new users. One has competitive terms, good UX app, nice repayment options. So, if you need quick loan in Manila and Philippines, have no opportunity to use credit cards, try Pitacash to check one’s opportunities in practice for solving your financial issues.

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