About AdvanceLoans.ph and what you should know about one.

AdvanceLoans – it is the loan comparison website, which only shows what lenders and loan opportunities are presented in the Philippines, only review information.

About Loans in the Philippines

How Does It Work

Choose the Service You’d Like

Robocash, Cashalo, Cashwagon, Online Loans Pilipinas, etc. There are enough lenders in the Philippines market, variety is great. So, read reviews, compare information, choose the best terms. Also, choose options which are important for you most of all. It can be brand, % of the interest, loan period, region, etc.

Match With Your Lender

In general, you can fill in an application form on loan companies’ websites in 5-10 minutes. No need to wait for the loan hours. Go somewhere, everything is online. So, when you choose the lender, go to one website and there you will get all instructions about terms, process, etc.

Sign Up the Loan and Get Cash Online

When you get to the lender’s website, there usually you will see loan calculator, so choose the sum of loan and loan period, then apply it. After will be registration in several stages: personal information, employer information, card verification, terms agreement, call from managers and after, if everything ok, customer can get the loan online in the Philippines.

Be aware: the 1st loans are usually up to 10000 Php. Also, don’t use fast loans online, if you are not sure you will be able to repay money back in 30 days!!!

About Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, there are some common questions which are the most popular among borrowers.

  • AdvanceLoans.phprovides information about different lenders in the Philippines, so customers could compare it and choose the best solution for an online loan.
  • Discover service you’d like; go to the website and choose the loan sum and duration with the help of loan calculator; register online; validate your card; confirm and agree with the terms; get your loan in 1-2 days.
  • Main requirements: the customer should be the resident of the Republic of Philippines; age: 22+ years; valid ID document and bank account; access to the Internet, phone number and ability to repay the money back in time.
  • Advanceloans.ph doesn’t provide loans, so it is free of charge.
  • Lenders usually work 24/7, but to take money from the bank account you need sometimes more time, than 15 minutes. A customer can receive the loan from 15 minutes to 1 day period.
  • Each lender has own terms, so about it, you can find ou on the exact website of the exact lender you decided to choose.
  • Usually, short-term loans are up to P20000, but the 1st loans no higher then P10000
  • If a customer has a bad credit score, he/she still have chances to get the loan one need.
  • In order customer could receive the loan, lender could get a lot of personal information about customer and indetification.
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