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Loans online in Sri Lanka is a very hot topic today in the country, as more and more people are searching for the most reasonable options to solve their financial matters. Moreover, everyone wants to get cash very quickly and with good and affordable terms.

We explore and analyze various personal loans in Sri Lanka regularly to help our users to take up the right option. Before starting to discuss the best cash loans online Sri Lanka it is very important to understand the way payday loans work in general. 

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Discover How Payday Loans Work

Is your budget ok this month or does it leave much to be desired? In case your actual finances will not support you to your next payday, Loan online Sri Lanka for a short period could help meet the lack unless absolutely necessary. 

Everyone can apply online for these types of loans and get the required sum of money online to the active bank account.  The process of application traditionally takes several minutes, as soon as you are approved – your funds will come to you. Typically, it takes about 15 minutes. Short-term loans can be costly, so think about your choice diligently and careful before fulfilment. 

What Precisely is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is a near-term kind of credit which can provide you cash fast, even though you have a bad credit history or a fluctuating income. Commonly, these loans had to be refunded in the total amount on the credit user’s next payday. Taking into account their rocket speed of applying and approval as well as loose requirements, short-term loans in the main have a heavy APR in comparison with other personal loans online Sri Lanka or just credit cards. 

On a final note, we do not recommend this type of loan if you are not confident in your capabilities and the necessity of this money. But if you need money urgently, and the case is really very important for you, moreover you know exactly that you will cope with this financial burden – APPLY without any hesitation and receive quick cash for your individual purpose. 

Level Different Short-Term Cash Options in Sri Lanka

Can the chosen solution give you the following?

If you are looking for an easy loan online Sri Lanka, please pay your attention to several important things that determine the level of your option and will help you to understand how quickly you will receive the money you need.

  • Easy application online 
  • Prompt approval
  • Quick funding
  • More various options to repay

Loan Online Sri Lanka: What can I use it for?

Well, let’s imagine you decided to take this type of loan with minimum requirements in terms of borrowing, the great tempo of the application consideration for online loan Sri Lanka Sinhala and almost next to none percentage of turndowns.

Notwithstanding, payday loans can serve a considerable range of purposes, they are commonly used in cases of unforeseen expenses.

The most widespread situations are:

  • Car repairing 
  • Health expenses (treatment, drugs)
  • Forgotten bills
  • Presents for sudden events

If you think that fixing some sustainable issues requires payday loan use, it is not actually the case, the same is about day-to-day expenses and high-ticket items. That’s why we should apply for online loan Sri Lanka finance when the case is very urgent.

The Most Popular and Reliable Offers for Loans Online Sri Lanka

The sphere of lending online continues to grow and develop worldwide providing people with improved and better conditions for getting money quickly and beneficially. Today we decided to select the best ones for those who care about their time and financial state:

Cashwagon Sri Lanka

Loans Online Sri Lanka Cashwagon

Everything necessary about the loan

  • Age grade – 22-60 years old
  • Employed at the moment, has a regular income or bank account availability

Loan Specification:

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
Rs5000Rs400003 months6 months15,8-18,1%per month

You do not need to wait long for your money, a maximum time is a day, but commonly the application process and processing take 20-30 minutes. Take your first loan today up to

 Rs15 000 without any rates! This special Free offer works only for the new applicants. 

CashX Sri Lanka

CashX Sri Lanka Loans Online

Everything necessary about the loan:

  • Age grade – 21-50 years old
  • Employed at the moment, has a regular income or bank account availability

Loan Specification:

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
Rs5000Rs4000010 days30 days1,86%per day

Disbursement time  – 1 Hour

Cashray Sri Lanka

Cashray Loans Online in Sri Lanka

Everything necessary about the loan:

  • Age grade – 19-55 years old
  • Actively employed, with a fixed income
  • To be the resident of Sri Lanka
Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
Rs5000Rs3500030 days30 days %per day

Disbursement – 30 minutes. No hassle and red tape, simply several steps of the application process and you get the money you need.

Lotus Loan Sri Lanka

Lotus Loan Online Loans Sri Lanka

Everything necessary about the loan

  • Age grade – 19-55 years old
  • Actively employed, with a steady income
  • To be the resident of Sri Lanka
Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
Rs15000Rs40000122 days122 days12 %per year

Disbursement takes 30 minutes. Use your bank card to get the money or your own bank account.

Instant Loans Online Sri Lanka: Pros and cons of online payday loans

  • User-friendly and comfort online application. It is not necessary to go to the lender and discuss with him or her in person your urgency to take a cash advance loan as quickly as possible. The years of red tape are over. All the paperwork needs to be submitted online and you do not need a pile of docs for an application. The signature is electronically as well.
  • Fast duration of the general processing. Typically, all applications go on 5-7 minutes and after that, you should wait approximately 5-10 minutes more for the approval. Based on the way you want to receive your money, sometimes you can get it throughout a day. 
  • Get an account deposit. A great number of payday lenders in Sri Lanka set both online and offline (in the office) approaches for their applicants. You have the choice, for example, to apply for a quick loan online Sri Lanka and then get your funds into the current checking account, on a prepaid debit card, and one more way that is simply a cash in the office of the lender. 
  • You do not need any collateral. The loans for a short period of time are always unsecured, for this reason, you do not have to care about collecting any funds to secure the credit. 
  • Heavy expenses. Cash advances are famous for their rising APRs – about 280% and even more. Everything depends on the sum of money the applicant borrows including repayment terms. Please, be usually attentive when it comes to the costs linked with the loan you are going to apply for. 
fast cash loans online sri lanka

Emergency Loan Online Sri Lanka: How Do I apply?

Emergency loans online in Sri Lanka have different application processes and norms. The borrower commonly can apply for credit and receive a prompt response. In order to be approved, it is essential to conform to the standards of the lender, to be eligible, and be ready to submit several documents online.  

Quick online loans in Sri Lanka and eligibility criteria

  • To be 18 years old or more and to be a resident of Sri Lanka. 
  • Have a minimum income (Rs 35 000 per month) commonly required
  • Available regular income and solid benefits if any
  • You get some money from your deposit in the bank every month
  • Your benefits bring you less than 50% of your income due to special benefits
  • You do not belong to the group of the self-employed (while sometimes it can be an irregularity)
  • In the case of having a bad credit history, you can assert that your actual financial standing is reliable and sound.

There’s no use in applying for a loan if you for some reasons do not as a minimum satisfy the requirements of the lender – age, inhabitancy, availability of an operating bank account and to be a job holder.

For an application it’s essential to provide the following docs:

  • National Identity card
  • Personal information to contact, as for example, phone number and address
  • Proof of the income 
  • Back account detailed information
  • Details concerning the employment 

Small Loan Online Sri Lanka: How Much to Pay Back

A payday loan of this type can provide you with the funds you need very fast and without any unnecessary turmoil. Look below to see the details.

Payday Loans Sri Lanka are commonly charged at Rs2500 for every Rs10000 you take, that’s to say the applicant takes Rs 10000 and gives back Rs12500, or he or she takes Rs20000 and charges back Rs25000. That’s how it works. Apply for loan online Sri Lanka and get your money extremely quickly for the purposes you need.

The list of mistakes to avoid when applying for online loans in Sri Lanka:

  • Drawing upon a credit you can’t permit yourself. In case you hesitate to cover the loan you want to take by the specified date, you should think one more time as probably you can address this financial trouble another way. Take into account that it can cost you a lot more in terms of inconsiderable fees or those for late payment. 
  • Submission of wrong facts about yourself in the application. Presenting inaccurate data on your online cash loan application in Sri Lanka or elsewhere will definitely bring you to the rejection way. 
  • Fast running through the contract. All moneylenders are obligated to give a contract their potential borrowers which will clearly specify the general costs of the loan. Please, be very careful and read it attentively, so that you are aware of everything included there and avoid future misunderstanding moments or problems. When you know what exactly you have to pay and when you are more confident in your actions.
  • Refinancing another credit/loan. Some countries forbid their residents to refinance another loan, but still, in the rest, it is a normal thing that allows the borrower to widen the payment deadline. When you decide to do it, be careful and very confident in your capabilities as it will be necessary to pay back the first loan or loans and this one used for refinancing. 
Loans online in Sri Lanka

Loans Online Sri Lanka: How do I repay my payday loan?

The most convenient way is to repay online using the related category on the website of the lending company. Bank transfer will help you with it, you should indicate only your Loan Number in a special section of your online form.  

What will happen in case of failing to pay back the loan?

It is not a secret that online cash loans in Sri Lanka are very popular today as they give the people quick money for their needs and help to avoid any financial inconveniences. At the same time, it is also possible to find many people who fail to pay the money back duly and create very challenging conditions for themselves. 

It appears indistinct concerning how the lender can or can not act to receive the money-back from the borrower. The borrower who default will likely wait for a call from a collection office. 
According to various stories debt collectors occasionally assume extreme measures to obtain their money; the applied methods look not very good in relation to a borrower. So, it is usually better to apply payday loan for unexpected urgent situations only and repay it on the due date.

When you feel you are going to fail, it is recommended to talk with your manager and decide what variants are possible.

Loans Online Sri Lanka: The Features of Payday Loans.

How are payday loans different from other types of credit?

It is obvious that online loans with monthly payments in Sri Lanka are different from other types of credit, and these features make them in-demand despite the high rates they offer. Let’s determine these differences to see more clearly.

  • The term of the loan is shorter. Payday Loans in Sri Lanka are created to be a quick option and address your financial problems in a sketchy way. It’s almost impossible to find a credit which spreads on the expiry of a month. 
  • Rates and fees are a bit heavy. Before applying, learn all the terms, as these short-term loans in Sri Lanka usually come with much higher rates in comparison with other types of lending. All that because they have a short-term nature and are very user-friendly to help everyone and extremely quickly. 
  • Bad credit history acceptance. The lenders of payday loans do not spend much time on the credit check fulfilment. Still, every borrower has to submit proof about his capability to pay back the loan. Regular income or bank account availability will work for you. 

The loan amount is smaller. The sum of money you can borrow depends on your individual state, nevertheless, you can usually take from Rs 4000 to Rs 15,000.

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