Kviku: The Best Lending Service in the Philippines 2020

Kviku service allows customers to apply for a loan online without direct communication with real operators. Special technology and system make the whole process of getting a loan completely automated and smooth. No matter what the day is on your calendar: let it be holliday day, working day, or the non-working one, everyone can take loans instantly at any time. It makes Kviku service convenient and helpful for people when they, indeed, are looking for some apparent financial assistance.

Kviku installment loans online

Kviku implements absolutely new, advanced software that can check and study a huge amount of data (something about 1800) of a customer, in reliance on the information specified in the online form. This great company is constantly growing and it works today not only in the Philippines but also in Spain, Russia, Poland, and Kazakhstan. Well, it’s a big innovative international organization which continues to improve its system spreading around the world in order to help people with money when it is necessary.

The company has been launched in 2013, since that time it has obtained more than 5 million exclusive applicants and provided upwards of 1 million loans with the general volume above  $70 million.

Kviku Major Products

Kviku loan company regularly improves its financial products to ensure the best possible service in the following area for the sake of clients’ support.  Here is the list of the key products they offer online today:

  • Point of sale;
  • Online credit card for users who apply for the first time;
  • Installment loans or cash loans in the Philippines for repeat clients.
Kviku products

How to Get a Cash Loan With Kviku

Before applying for a loan online with Kviku learn these three essential steps to know the way to your money:

  • Complete the application form online. You simply need to insert the short information about yourself in the available application form. It is very easy to do and will take only 2 minutes to fill it in. Take a snap of your face and docs. 
  • Wait some time until approved. Generally, it takes up to 15-20 minutes to receive the system answer via the SMS to read the decision on the client’s application.
  • Fast receiving of the necessary sum. You will get the money to your bank account within an hour. Comparing with the other services, this is the quickest solution today.

Why Kviku Is So Popular

  • You do not need to select a pile of documents. Your way of getting the loan can be much easier.
  • Being at home, workplace, or any other spot you still can apply for Kviku loan without visiting the branch.
  • Get money when you need it the same day directly into the bank account.
  • Forget about hidden charges and fees. You will know every payment step.
Kviku: The Best Lending Service in the Philippines 2020

Kviku: How to get a loan

You can apply and get a loan through Kviku online in the Philippines if:

  • You live in the Philippines as a registered citizen
  • Your age is 20-55 years old
  • You have a valid Government ID
  • The number of your mobile phone is active and available
  • You have undergone the registration on the Kviku site.

Knowing these easy nuances you can get a cash loan right now and have the required sum of money for your great purposes.

What Are the Kviku Requirements?

If you are going to apply for the first time, it is important to present online your current government ID, and also it will be good if you have an opportunity to show the following additional docs as salary slip, the center of excellence, income tax return, Company ID, or debt to income (in case of self-employment or business availability). When the customer applies to Kviku for the second or more time the system identifies him automatically.

Learn more about How to Get a Loan For Self-employed in the Philippines?

 Kviku Loan Terms – What are they?

  • When it comes to the Kviku newcomers, they may be approved for most of the 60 days.
  • While the returning users may be approved for a longer period, namely max of 180 days. 

You can try whenever you want and evaluate the service and its loan terms yourself.

How much money can I get through Kviku?

Every customer has his own purposes which require individual approach and attitude. Kviku cash loans are created to meet all our requirements and realize your purposes in a full scope. In such a way you can choose the sum of money you need yourself online and receive from Php 1,000 to Php 25,000.

Take your time, think about the necessity of the money, and choose the right figures relying on your common seance, real income, and financial potential.

It is not difficult at all to get the Kviku loan. Read attentively the application online to complete it correctly, indicate the amount of loan you want to receive, and choose the way you would like to get the money. Remember about the code (you will receive it via SMS) to insert it for the contract confirmation. The Kviku lending service will transfer the money to your card or account instantly.

Kviku Contacts

  • Email: support@kviku.ph – Kviku answer during the day on any of your questions in several minutes

Kviku website

Kviku contacts

Kviku Certificate

Kviku Certificate

Kviku Testimonials

The Kviku company has been working with short-term microloans and for its considerable time of existence has gathered many different Kviku reviews from its customers. Let’s see what people say about their service and how they estimate the whole process of how to get a quick cash loan in the Philippines through the following lending company.

If you have already had your own experience of applying for a loan with Kviku, please share it with our audience as well. Kviku testimonials can help many other potential borrowers to make the right choice or give up this idea.

💳 How to Apply Loan with Kviku Philippines?

Register on the website, fill in a short form, and get your money with Kviku the same day.

💰When can I apply for the Kviku loan?

You can submit an online application whenever you need any day of the week.

💵Is it challenging to get a loan with Kviku?

You wouldn’t believe this, but this procedure is really very easy. Just submit the application online with all the filled lines, indicate the loan amount you need, and choose the way you want to get this money. Wait for the SMS with the code and use it for confirmation. It’s done, your money is on the way to your card.

💰The Kviku system has approved my application. When will the money be on my card?

The necessary loan amount is sent in an instant after signing the online contract. A lot depends on the bank of the customer, the same about the speed. Usually, it happens the same day without any delays, but sometimes, the clients should wait for one more day. When it comes to Cebuana Cash Pick-up or G-cash, here the story is a little bit different, and the process of getting a cash loan with Kviku will take only several hours. 

💵Will I get a higher loan amount next time?

Kviku service can give you more opportunities with your next application. Exactly after you pay the last loan, this time you can select a bigger loan amount. This means, that every time your loan limit will increase, but it is important to be an obedient borrower.

💳Why did the system deny my application?

When you understand that you absolutely qualify all the loan requirements but, still, the system says “no”, it’s probably an error. Wait several minutes and fill in the form again. Do not forget to submit all the required information in the lines. The more information about the applicant you enter, the more chances that this time you will get the approval. 

💰How to repay the Kviku loan with my bank card?

You can find the special “pay” button just on the Kviku website page, click it to proceed. 
Indicate the general card details (the number of your card, date of expiry, name of the card owner, and a special code on the reverse side of the card).
Insert the confirmation code received through the SMS (that’s why it is important to enter your personal phone number). 

Kviku: The Best Lending Service in the Philippines 2020

Kviku Loan Service: Additional Useful Information

If you see that after getting the loan with Kviku you are able to repay it earlier, you can do it when you are ready without waiting for a certain date. Of course, it’s essential to follow the contract terms, that implies the repayment period within 60 days only. Take it into consideration and try to comply with these important time frames.

Moreover, sometimes clients ask us, if it is possible to repay the Kviku loan in cash. It’s really possible in case the client can deposit to the Kviku bank account. What is the actual process of such a method or paying back:

  • Go to your Profile clicking the “Pay” button, after that choose “Bank Transfer”;
  • Then you will see the details of the bank in a new picture. Everyone can pay at any local bank.

Keep in mind that the following type of transfer through the bank often takes up to 5 days. And you remember about the contract terms, so to avoid any kinds of misunderstandings, use your proof of payment with the indicated date to send online to support@kviku.ph. Such an approach will help you to keep from out-of-date payment.

Sometimes, people who sent the bank transfer say that the system considered their payment unmade. these are very rare cases, but if you find it happens with you, please, usually use online bank facilities or simply visit any nearby branch to prevent the delays like this one. Again, please, write the service online ( the email has been previously indicated above).

Kviku Philippines

Name: Kviku

Description: Kviku - the finance service in the Philippines which provides quick loans up to PHP 25000 to 180 days. Fill in the application, wait for the approvel, get money and return in time, depending the loan period you choose.

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Advantages of Kviku PH loan service:


  • Quick application process
  • Everything online


  • Interest rate
  • Penalties
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