Online Loans Pilipinas

Interest Rate

from 0,01% per day

Loan Amount

Loan up to PHP 25.000

4.8 / 5

OLP or Online Loan Pilipinas - apply your online loan 24/7. Your loan can be for any purpose, just read terms before, and, if everything ok, get your money with the help of microloan company.

  • 1st loan up to PHP 7000
  • Interest rate 0,01% per day
  • 2nd loan up to PHP 20000
  • Interest rate 1,00% per day
  • Processing fee 10%
  • Documents (1 ID) TIN, Passport, PRC, UMID, SSS, Driver’s License
  • GCash acount yes, you should have it
  • Citizenship only Filipinos
  • Age 22 - 70 years
  • Employment for only employed
  • SEC Registration CS201726430
  • Certificate of Authority 1181
  • Online Loans Pilipinas works 24/7 and everything is online, so you don't need to go somewhere for the loan, money will get on your card
  • All process is transparent - you can see all cost as they are, just use an online calculator and check all terms
  • Very simple and fast - one of the easiest ways to take a loan
  • You can easily repay loan anytime you want
  • If something happen and borrower can't give money back in time, he/she can use prolongation period
  • Online Loans Pilipinas helps people to solve their online short-period situations
  • Interest rate
  • Short loan period
  • Fines and higher interest rate, if you will not repay loan in time
OLP Philippines apply loan online now
Online Loans Pilipinas

Online Loans Pilipinas Corporation brand belongs to Infinto Group which is presented in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It is a fast and easy way to get a loan online up to PHP 7000 if the 1st time. If you had already history in Online Loans Pilipinas, your loan can be up to PHP 20000. The loan duration is up to 30 days, but with fewer days, and less commission you will pay for the loan service.

With OLP you can get a fast peso loan online in the Philippines. For this, you need just 15 – 20 minutes of your time. You can apply for a loan with the website or mobile application.

Online Loans Pilipinas
OLP or Online Loans Pilipinas apply for a loan online

Apply For A Loan With Online Loans Pilipinas

The company is focused mainly on consumer financing in the Philippines. It is an instant solution for Filipino people. All processes can take up to 15 minutes and money can be in your bank account. Online Loans Pilipinas is a fintech platform that provides fast loan solutions to its customers. Enough simple application process gives the opportunity to get money really fast.

No complicated forms, or documents – you can apply for the loan with several clicks.

Steps to Apply For An Online Loan in the Philippines

online loans in the Philippines
Online loans in the Philippines with OLP

Go to the Online Loans Pilipinas

If you want to apply for a loan with Online Loan Pilipinas you can go to the official website: or download the mobile application;

For the website OLP has the next funnel:
1) You go to the website;
2) Choose the sum and loan period;
3) Apply for the loan and complete the registration;
4) Fill in the application (it will take up to 5 minutes). Here you will fill in personal information, all address details, of a cause, employment details, and disbursement
5) Wait for the approval call (after approval loan will be in your bank account within 24 hours)
6) Agree with the terms;
7) Repay you online.

For mobile applications OLP has the next funnel:
1) You download the app;
2) Registration;
3) Adding your personal information;
4) Sending the application;
5) Checking terms;
6) Get your money online;
7) Repay the online loan in time.

Register in Online Loan Pilipinas Website / App

You need just add your contact information and confirm it with OTP verification; before confirmation, check, please if everything is correct;

Fill In Personal Information – Be Sure Information Is Correct

Your personal information is the core, concerning it Online Loans Pilipinas will score your profile and give you status about the possibility to get money online; obviously fill in all information and check if everything is correct;

Check The Terms – It Is Important

If everything ok, your application will be successful, and further you need to read attentively all terms, and if you agree with one, confirm it by SMS;

Get Your Money Online Via OLP

After confirmation money will be transferred to your bank account, so you were able to use money according to your needs;

Repay Loan in Time & Avoid Penalties

– Partners: 7-Eleven Store, Dragon Loans, DragonPay, Bayad Center, Robinson’s, GCash etc;
– Always use your reference number;
– Always check if your payment was received;
– Be aware that banks can hold repayments up to 4 days, so wrote about it to the support of the service.

How to repay a loan from Online Loans Pilipinas with 7-Eleven

How to repay a loan from Online Loans Pilipinas with 7-Eleven

1) Use the Cliqq touchscreen machine;
2) Go to the Bills Payment>choose bills>then loans>DragonLoans (not Dragonpay);
3) Type your Reference Number and verify with SMS;
4) Get the receipt and pay it at the counter;
5) Get the payment receipt from the cashier;

Also, you can use Cliqq Mobile App:
1) Open the app;
2) Choose bills;
3) Pay bills;
4) Loans>Dragonloans
5) Fill in all important fields and confirm your desire with SMS;
6) Present the Barcode to the cashier and don’t forget to pay the amount due. Keep the receipt for your reference.

How to repay a loan from Online Loans Pilipinas with Bayad Center

How to repay a loan from Online Loans Pilipinas with Bayad Center
  1. In this case, tell the staff that you want to repay the loan and make bills payment to Dragonpay (not remittance);
  2. You will get a transaction form slip which you will need to fill;
  3. Re-check, cause Dragonpay must be the Biller in the slip;
  4. Also, enter your OLP reference account correctly – it is very important;
  5. Give your slip and cash to the cashier and don’t forget to save your receipt.

How to repay an OLP loan with an SM Department Store or SM Supermarket

  1. Go to one of the SM Bills Payment Centers which are located in SM Department Stores;
  2. Tell the staff about the bills payment to Dragonpay;
  3. You will get BDS Validation Slip;
  4. Fill this slip correctly with all info it asks;
  5. Give it to the cashier with cash and save your receipt obviously.

How to repay OLP loan with other Centers

You can repay loans in other centers the same way, just find the center you need:

How to Repay a Loan from Online Loans Pilipinas With Online Banking

How to Repay a Loan from Online Loans Pilipinas With Online Banking

You need to follow next instructions:

  1. Go to the Dragonpay;
  2. Fill in the next information (invoice #, your Online Loans Pilipinas account name, email, amount you want to repay and remarks “Online Loans Pilipinas”) and pay;
  3. Further, you need to choose your bank (Unionbank Internet Banking, Robinsons Bank Bills Payment, PSBANK online, RCBC Online Banking, Metrobankdirect, Landbank ATM Online, BPI Online/Mobile, BDO Interbanking, Maybank Online Banking, UCPB Connect, etc;
  4. Follow further instructions;
  5. If you have any issues with loan repayment, please write to the OLP Support Team help[@]

How to Repay OLP Loan Online with GCash

How to Repay OLP Loan Online with GCash
  1. You need to be registered in GCash; if you have already a GCash account, just log in;
  2. Choose “Pay Bills”;
  3. Choose “Loans”;
  4. Choose “Dragon Loans”;
  5. Fill in the following details, so you were able to do the payment (reference # = 8-digit in OLP; your contact number, the amount you need, click next);
  6. Confirm everything, just check before all information;
  7. You will receive information that your payment was completed, and done.

How to Repay OLP Loan Online with

If you want to repay a loan with the the instruction is very similar to those OLP uses in repayment with online banking:

  1. Go to the Dragonpay;
  2. Fill in all the important information: (reference number, phone, etc and confirm it with SMS);
  3. Write your Online Loans Pilipinas account number;
  4. Add your email address;
  5. Add the amount you need to pay;
  6. Remarks obviously OLP;
  7. Choose your bank;
  8. Follow the instructions;
  9. Done.

Online Loans Pilipinas Mobile Application

🤙0% interest online 🚀 fast peso loan app in the Philippines 💸 Download it now! Special offer with 0% interest rate, in reality it is like 0,01% per day without other fees. Your interest rate can be from 0,01% – 200% APR.

  • if you have delinquency each month in loan repayment, you will have a 1-time late payment fee of PHP 500;
  • The loan amount is from PHP 1000 – PHP 7000 to new customers; for valued customers up to PHP 25000;
  • Credit term from 90 – 180 days – for example, if you take a loan for PHP 7500 in 90 days and returned money in 3 equal installments = PHP 2500, so you don’t need to pay other debts, etc.
online loans pilipinas
Online Loans Pilipinas mobile application

Online Loans Pilipinas provides unsecured lending in the Philippines for your urgent needs. Don’t use it when you have no rush in money!

🚫 No collateral – it is fast unsecured lending for your urgent needs;
🚫 You don’t need to spend your time in-office visits or to go somewhere else;
🚫 No inconvenience, use 1 major id, without paperwork;
🚫 No other fees for the new borrowers. No need to pay anything besides a loan amount.

OLP Contacts

Online Loans Pilipinas contacts can be interesting for you if you have some issues applying for loan or when you need to repay the loan and you want to find out some additional information.

Email for collectionscollections[@]
Working timeMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Address: Unit 1402-06, 14th Flr Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Pasig City, Philippines.

Online Loans Pilipinas Reviews

Lower you can see the score Online Loans Pilipinas in Google Play. 4 of 5 stars is enough good among 22159 reviews from Filipinos.

Online Loans Pilipinas

If you had already used Online Loans Pilipinas, please write your comments lower. How it was? Did you like the service or not, etc?


⭐ Is Online Loans Pilipinas Legit?

Yes, company is officially registered in the Philippines:
– SEC Registration No: CS201726430
– Certificate of Authority #1181

⭐ What are the terms for the loan?

– The 1st loan up to 7000 Php
– Repeated loan up to 20000 Php
– Loan period: up to 30 days
– Interest rates is: 1,00% per day
– If payment was late, interest rates become 2,00 per day. Fee: 700 Php for the late repayment.
– Also, service has additional payment for the processing surcharge
– A borrower can get loan up to 1-2 days
Online Loans Pilipinas serves to it’s customers online via Internet.

⭐ What are the Requirements for the Borrowers?

– Age: 22-70 years
– The location should be Philippines (only nationwide, limited) – the valid address is obvious
– Only employed
– Steady income
Online Loans Pilipinas services National Capital Region, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan.

⭐ Is Your Information in Safe Using OLP?

Online Loans Pilipinas is registered officially in the Philippines with National Privacy Commission, so your data is strictly protected and won’t be used in any scam activities.

Online Loans Pilipinas Philippines

online loans pilipinas 2021

Name: Online Loans Pilipinas

Description: Online Loans Pilipinas - is lending company in the Philippines which provides fast peso online loans to the Filipinos for any goals. Just check the terms, and if you are sure you need this loan, you can apply for it online and get it asap.

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Summary About OLP

Online Loans Pilipinas is a great opportunity to get the loan you need. Low interest and competitive terms. Everything is fast and transparent. The main point, keep the repayment date in mind and repay the money in time. Just compare with Cashwagon, Robocash (Digido), Finbro, Cashxpress, Tala, or Cashalo and you will understand one advantage.

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