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Today, you can increasingly find a service like the digital finances ecosystem in the banking market. Every bank tries to become closer to its client, and Maya Philippines is no exception. It produces a unique program for smartphones. Maya Bank will help the client find the account status, credit, etc., at any time.

Well-designed and user-friendly digital payments ecosystem like Maya Philippines is a sign of the success and reliability of a bank increasingly willing to attract customers. If banking is good and customers are satisfied with its work, you should look closely at this financial institution.

Maya Philippines Bank
Maya Philippines Bank

About Maya Philippines (Before PayMaya)

Maya is a unique system for electronic payments that includes networks and services for customers, retailers, the community, and the authorities. This platform gives more than 41 million nation residents access to finances through its consumer portals. Customers of Maya Philippines can therefore utilize the payment, money-adding, money-cashing, and money-transfer services across the country. Its enterprise segment serves the biggest group of everyday businesses, including the most significant stores, grocery, fuel, e-commerce companies, and government departments.

Just a couple of years ago, you would not have thought that soon you could manage your savings via the Internet. Still, this is common, and it’s no secret to anyone that it’s just very convenient and comfortable. To do this, you only need a personal computer or smartphone and access to the Internet. One significant advantage of Maya is the economy of time. Today it is imperative in the fast pace of urban life. You can simply and effortlessly log into Maya via your smartphone and use Internet banking from the comfort of your home.

It is clear and convenient to enter and view all the information about your bank account from anywhere. You are already sure you can quickly complete all the operations you need through banking. That is why Maya data is being modernized more often, and company specialists are trying to develop it.

How You Can Create Your Maya Account

Creating a Maya account is very simple:

  1. First, you need to enter the necessary personal information;
  2. Next, it is essential to agree to the terms;
  3. After that, you must wait for a confirmation SMS sent to the registered number;
  4. The next step is for the client to enter a verification code in their application;
  5. After that, it is essential to enter the invitation code for additional rewards.

Remember that you need to have a current and valid phone number since this will be the official number of the client account.

Maya Services

Maya is a service that offers a large number of unique benefits. This is the name that every Filipino knows. The wealth of services is why everyone loves and keeps returning to this platform.

How You Can Be Protected With Maya Bank

With the help of this platform’s services, every user may be safeguarded. Users select this portal because of its extensive coverage. Maya can serve any Filipino regardless of whether they require assistance with mobile gadgets, personal health benefits, or anything else.

Each customer who uses the company’s services will be able to receive the most significant advantage for a small monthly cost. 

Buyer Protect

You may purchase online without worry and at no additional expense while receiving insurance coverage of up to 8,000. Buyer Protect does not require an application. The consumer is eligible if they have an updated account and make an online purchase worth at least PHP 100 using this platform. Exclusions apply to coverage, including those for consumable or perishable products like food, drinks, or supplements, as well as for things bought for business purposes or previously owned.

Personal Protect

Everyone has times when they need money and outside financial assistance.

Such situations will be handled by the platform:

  • hospital detention daily;
  • complete and permanent impairment;
  • blocking in the intensive care unit (ICU);
  • both cremation and burial;
  • there is total and permanent impairment due to COVID-19, dengue fever, and unintentional traumas.

Every Filipino can make the following principal arrangements:

  • Basic insurance coverage costs ₱85 per month. The client is eligible for a primary diagnostic, hospitalization, and insurance for total and permanent impairment;
  • Pre-Protection Plan – ₱95. The advantages of being in an intensive care unit might be added to a customer’s insurance plan;
  • 105 per month for the Holistic Protection Plan. The user will receive a comprehensive package of services, including up to 20,000 Philippine pesos in financial aid for burial or cremation.

Mobile Protect

There is also a fantastic protection choice available for residents who experience issues with mobile devices. For instance, you may plan a speedy repair. Each client’s gadget can be fixed within a day. Furthermore, you may pick up and send the item anywhere in the country using the free shipping option. There is also a 3-month warranty following servicing for individuals concerned about their safety.

The following procedures must be taken to arrange for these services:

  • The client must select More from the Maya main screen;
  • You must select the Protect button under the Payments section;
  • Finding Mobile Protect and choosing the mobile protection plan a person wishes to set up for their smartphone is crucial next.

Ultimately, entering your personal and smartphone details is essential, proceeding to pay using your account.


Transfers of any type are also a pride for the services of this platform. Clients can use any transfer method to conveniently and quickly withdraw money on the Internet.

Bills Payment

You no longer need to wait in line to pay your bills. The Maya application is available. To accomplish this, go to the application’s home page and choose Accounts. The next step is to select a biller and enter the required data. The client must next specify the payment amount and confirm the transaction. You will get an SMS confirming the payment in a short while.

Send Money

Sending money to another Maya bank Philippines account is as easy as paying bills. To do this, you must log into your account and click Send money. After that, the client must enter the recipient’s mobile phone number. If it’s saved in your phone’s contact list, you just need to call the + sign to find the number. After entering the amount to send money, checking all the transaction details is essential. After sending, it is important to wait for confirmation by SMS.

Bank Transfer

With a clear guideline, sending money from the application to the bank is simple:

  1. To access your account, you must log in;
  2. After that, select Bank transfer from the main screen;
  3. The client must enter the amount and choose a partner bank from the list;
  4. The recipient’s information must be entered accurately;
  5. Verify all of the transfer money transaction’s information one more before sending.

After completing the process, you must wait for SMS confirmation.

Grow With Maya Philippines

To be able to grow, it is essential to have several options. The platform opens up many opportunities for those Filipinos who want to establish their financial opportunities without loss.

Your Savings With Maya PH

Every family’s budget should include savings. That has been handled by the platform. Customers may earn up to 6% annually, manage their money as efficiently as possible, and take advantage of the most effective interest rates to advance more quickly toward their goals. The customer may now work on their individual objectives as well. For instance, you can set up to five personal goals with a phenomenal interest rate of 6% to help you achieve your objectives more quickly.

Savings will become even more accessible thanks to simple and free account opening. Using just one legitimate ID, every Filipino may upgrade their Maya account and begin saving with the Maya app. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is in charge of regulating Maya Savings. PDIC insurance covers deposits up to £500,000 per depositor. Now, you may deposit money directly from your wallet into your savings account without paying any additional costs.

Start Easy To Use Crypto

It’s critical to pay attention to this opportunity to grow your cryptocurrency investments and opportunities:

  • The customer must launch the program and select Crypto;
  • You must then add at least one legitimate ID to your account;
  • The chosen coin may then be started being bought and sold after that.

To begin investing, you don’t need a lot of capital. A client may start investing in cryptocurrencies like SOL, QNT, ETH, and BTC for merely 1 peso. Additionally, there is no requirement for several applications for various cryptocurrency transactions. Specific software may be used for anything from cashing out to purchasing, selling, and cashing out revenue.

Moreover, you can use cryptocurrencies to pay bills, purchases, and more in your Maya app. Everyone can start their crypto story by funding their wallet with over 90,000 free channels from banks, Smart Padala, grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores, money transfer centers, etc.

Maya PH Load

Load is another unique feature that helps you get money in a short time. The company cared for its customers and created an easy way to earn money.

Mobile Load 

Buying a load for a phone is simple:

  • You need to click More on the main page of the application;
  • Next, the client must click on Shop;
  • Then you should go to Mobile (for Android) or Download (for iOS);
  • The client must select the desired value of the cargo or package.

In the end, it is essential to choose your mobile phone number, and you can also add a message, then click Continue and Buy.

Gaming Pins

You can quickly develop your gaming experience by taking advantage of the platform. To do this, open the Maya application and click Play. It is essential to select the Games section and select the game icon pack. Before buying, it is worth checking all the purchase details, then clicking Next.

Find Out More About Maya Verified Seller

Online vendors are verified suppliers. The platform attests to their dependability and credibility. Additionally, these businesses accept payments using the app. Because of the distinctive logo on their accounts indicating that they are Maya-certified vendors, customers can shop online confidently.

Pay With Maya Card

A virtual card is a fantastic way to increase your buying options.

With an updated account and a wallet balance of at least 100 pesos, everyone in the Philippines may obtain it for free. Now you may shop and pay with this card at your preferred online merchants that accept VISA or Mastercard. Use the actual card everywhere. VISA or Mastercard is taken to make contactless purchases both domestically and internationally.

You must sign in to your Maya wallet to use the card, so make sure you have enough money in your account or cash if required. After that, you can go to stores or other businesses.

Pay With Maya Online

The platform’s significant benefit when using Maya as payment is quick checkout. You can use this service whenever you like. For instance, you may rapidly pay with a connected card while making one-time purchases at online retailers.

You can also smoothly enable auto-renewing subscriptions and make recurring payments by connecting your Maya Wallet to your preferred applications and websites.

Simple is the function activation algorithm:

  • You must sign in to your Maya Wallet to check your balance and, if necessary, your cash supply;
  • Visit your preferred website or app next;
  • On the checkout page, choose Maya as your form of payment;
  • To log in, enter your Maya number and password;
  • Click Continue after entering the one-time password delivered to your registered Maya number.

You must verify the payment at the end.

Pay With Maya QR Code

Opening the app and scanning the QR code of the business is all it takes to make a payment with Maya. Paying in retail establishments is quick and straightforward using the QR app. Simply select Pay with QR at the bottom of the Maya app’s home screen to scan the code, input the payment amount, and submit the money. If the transaction is completed, the customer will get a confirmation message in the app and through SMS. The vendor will then simply need to receive a notification of confirmation from you.

Maya Credit

It’s simple to apply for a Maya loan. The experience here differs from what a consumer could anticipate from traditional banks. What you may expect from working with the platform is an updated account and consistent utilization throughout the last six months.

To apply for a loan, open the Maya application’s credit management panel and select Sign up for a Maya loan. Then, click Activate Now after verifying your eligibility and credit limit. That’s it. The consumer may now pay bills, purchase, or upgrade their phone using Maya credit.

How You Can Travel With Maya

Users who are sick of waiting in line at airports may utilize the app to improve their trips. Therefore, with the Maya app, any Filipino may purchase tickets in advance and pay for travel.

By using the program to pay for everything, you may also enjoy your trip:

  1. You must launch the app;
  2. Press the Travel button;
  3. Decide on a provider and route;
  4. Pick your starting point and ending point;
  5. Verify the price of the ticket and the payment;
  6. Attend to the QR code because it is only active for 24 hours.

Customers must ultimately scan the Beep QR code on operators with Beep QR reception.

How To Download The Maya PH App

A particular app now offers digital banking enabled by Maya Bank. With the PayMaya e-wallet and other services like cryptocurrency, micro-investments, and insurance, every Filipino who installs the program online may now purchase earrings and credit. It’s simple to accomplish; simply search for the program and download it from the Playmarket or Apple Store.

The software has useful functions that make managing money simpler and more beneficial. With an initial credit of up to 15,000 pesos for approved customers, Maya Credit is a virtual line of credit conveniently accessible within the app. On the other hand, a tool called Maya Crypto enables users to purchase, trade, and store cryptocurrencies for as little as P1. Additionally, clients may use the e-wallet function at more than 90,000 touchpoints around the nation to send and receive money instantaneously, purchase goods and other digital assets, pay bills, and get free cash.

Contacts & Additional Information About Maya

Maya makes up for the lack of physical branches with reliable customer service over the phone and via email. Almost every banking service you can think of is already available through simple online forms. When that’s not enough, it’s usually easy to get in touch with customer service representatives.

For those who have questions about the platform’s functioning, processing loans, or a particular function, there is always the opportunity to contact representatives of the financial company. To do this, there is a free internal number 1-800-1084-57788 and a hotline number (+632) 8845-7788. Moreover, an interested client can write an email to and clarify all the points.

Maya PH Reviews

On the Internet, you can find many reviews about this company. Like any company, Maya is subject to both positive and negative reviews. It all comes down to the fact that each user has a different user experience. However, most of the reviews are directed in a positive direction, which indicates that most customers are satisfied with how the company operates.

FAQ About Maya in the Philippines

Several answers to popular questions will help you understand better what this financial institution is, how legal it is, and why you should choose services from this economic ecosystem.

Is Maya PH legal?

Maya Bank Inc. (Maya Bank) provides digital banking for consumers and businesses through the Maya family of products, including the Maya Universal App, Maya Business, and Maya Center. Maya Bank Inc. is regulated by Bangko Central in the Philippines, so this company is legal and deserves a double customer base.

Why Should Customers Choose Maya PH Services?

Many Filipinos choose Maya PH for several main reasons:

  • Convenient online account management;
  • Suitable conditions and flexible payments tailored to the client;
  • Access 24/7;
  • A wide range of services: money transfers, prices, information support.

The security of the service and other protection systems only emphasize the promise of this platform.

What are the benefits?

By using Maya, many clients will discover several benefits:

  • You can easily control your account: check the balance and even monitor the flow of all funds in the account;
  • You can quickly pay for all utilities, taxes, fines, satellite TV, and much more. You may be offered to create your own templates, so you do not have to enter all the information about the details many times;
  • You can open a new account;
  • You can quickly transfer money from one account to another, pay off your existing loan, or deposit money into your e-wallet;
  • You can simply and quickly transfer money to an outsider to his account simply by knowing the number of the payment card.

There are very few drawbacks. It simply does not matter if there are such favorable conditions and positive qualities of service.

Resume About Maya Philippines

Maya Philippines has become quite popular due to its convenience and features. Maya Philippines is, at its core, a banking service that can be accessed through the Internet, a smartphone, or a customer service phone call. Maya Philippines offers more unique features that are unlikely to be found in any other financial institution in the country. Many clients trust it because this quality has been proven over the years.

Online-only Maya usually offers a great online banking experience – which is obvious since that’s the primary way to do business. The platform provides simple online bill payment tools, easy access to statements, and many online tools that already exist for most tasks.

This will be a real eye-catcher for most customers who usually pay a fee, offering well-thought-out online and smartphone banking options.

Maya Philippines

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