CashMart Philippines

CashMart – is the most reliable, SEC approved lending company in the Philippines. Cash Mart has very high trust among Filipinos cause of one professionalism and terms. Philipinos can get fast loans in 1 day. The # of service’s clients is increasing from day to day. Company shares one’s experience of sharing loans with all customers who deserve it.

CashMart Loan

CashMart Filipinos were established in 1969 and now the company has the team over 200+ members. It helps people to receive money on their needs. With CashMart people can borrow money for personal needs, business development, etc. Borrowers have the option to get money on different needs. Just choose the necessary amount and fill in the application online and when you get money, don’t forget about fixed obligatory payments which were determined before.

How CashMart Works

Before you start the application, you need to learn all terms and understand which loan product you need, only after we recommend apply with the next steps:

CashMart how it works
  1. Go to the CashMart website
  2. Choose the amount and term of the loan and “Apply”
  3. Fill in the application form (keep your phone near, cause managers can call you to find out additional information)
  4. Read carefully and agree with the terms of Cash Mart loan (documents should be verified by service’s specialists)
  5. Sign the contract and get your money in 1 day (in average borrower can find about about CashMart decision in 30-60 minutes)

CashMart Terms & Requirements

  • Min. loan amount: Php 5000
  • Max. loan amount: Php 50000
  • Terms: from 7 – 30 days
  • Rates: from 0,80% – 3,50% per day

Lower, you can find out about loan products which are available and what are requirements for them.


  • Age: 21 – 50 years old
  • Time to review: up to 24 hours
  • Documents: Valid ID, employment documents
  • The customer should be employed
  • A user also need to provide the proof of billing for the last month
  • Latest 1-month Pay-slip/Bank statement/Statement of the Account


  • Secured data – Cash Mart guarantees that borrowers’ data is in save and it will not be some how disclosed to the third parties, except law cases

CashMart Services

Cashmart Loans up to 10000 PHP

Personal Loan

CashMart personal loan: user can borrow from Php 5000-50000 at 0,80% – 3,50% of interest rate per day.

CashMart personal loan

Salary Loan

CashMart salary loan: user can borrow from Php 5000-30000 at 0,80% – 3,50% of interest rate per day.

CashMart salary loan (payday loan)

Car Loan

CashMart car loan: user can borrow from Php 5000-30000 at 1,10% – 2,50% of interest rate per day.

OFW loan

CashMart OFW loan: user can borrow from Php 5000-30000 at 1,10% – 2,50% of interest rate per day.

CashMart OFW Loan

OFW Loan Requirements:

21+ years Filipino citizen who able to submit: Government issued ID, latest proof of billing, contract (validated by POEA), colored passport ID, colored working VISA, proof of relationship, employment contract, 6-month Remittance Slip.

If (Seafarer)Allottee, than Seaman’s next documents: Book, Passport, Employment Certificate and Contract, Registration Certificate.

About CashMart

Cause of long successful history Cash Mart has a lot of awards for providing loans with one of the best terms to customers. Terms for all clients are equal, but it has individual crediting packages. So, Filipinos have access to the fast loans and for this, you don’t need to wait too long. Also, not much paperwork borrower need to deal with applying for the loan online with CashMart.

cash mart philippines

CashMart is also #1 in the Singapore and Philippine markets, cause of one of the best terms company provides to the customers. Service has international experience which helps build better products for borrowers. Cash Mart is operating more than 4 decades, cause company understand all borrowers’ needs.

Filipinos have reliable finance partner who helps them to avoid financial gaps. Quick loans with transparent terms from Cash Mart Philippines helps people to solve their needs in time. That’s why it is one of the best moneylenders on the market.

Cash Mart Philippines is the online lending service situated in Manila Region and NCR. It is one of the best lending services in Manila. Quality service, striving for excellence, focus on improving people lives solving their day-to-day cash needs, it is all about CashMart Philippines.


  • Email: info[@]
  • Phone: (02) 829 0000
  • The Philippines, Metro Manila (53 Bayani Rd, Taguig City, 1630)
  • Work time: 11:00 am – 20:00 pm (Mon-Fri)

If you forget something or have additional questions, you can always write or call to the CashMart Support Team.

CashMart Reviews

Philipinos evaluated CashMart as one deserves over 9,5 points out of 10 possible. This is a really very high score, so if you had already opportunity to use Cash Mart services, please comment lower about it. Just share your experience with others. What was ok and what CashMart needs to improve?

User Review 4.67 (3 votes)


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