LoanChamp – fast and easy loans in the Philippines with the help of Android mobile application. So you can easily apply the loan up to Php 20000 in 1 hour. Loan maximum terms is 30 days.

Loanchamp Philippines

LoanChamp belongs to YFinance Inc. and operates since the end of 2017. Most of the Philippine citizens are underbanked and they don’t have enough access to financial services. This access is very limited, so Filipinos have no true financial freedom. LoanChamp is going to change it, giving Filipinos more and better opportunities, so people could enhance their level of life.


Loanchamp – mobile platform that allow Filipinos to get secured personal loans for short-term period. You can get the money 24/7 when you need. For this you need just to download the mobile app.

How to Apply the Loan Online

Loan Champ apply the loan online in the Philippines
  1. Download the LoanChamp Android app from Google Play
  2. Register account with mobile number you want to use
  3. Apply for the loan in 10 minutes
  4. Get your cash in over 3k channels nationwide after approval
LoanChamp download android mobile application

LoanChamp promotes responsible lending, cause the lower risk service has, the lower interest rate borrowers will have. Also, it is very important borrowers like the service, cause only then Loan Champ will meet the needs of customers.

Flexi Payday Loan

  • LoanChamp helps borrowers to solve cash flow problem
  • Quick loan approval and cash-out: 10 minutes for application, up to 30 minutes for approval, after cash will immediately get to the bank account
  • No collateral and guarantor needed
  • Improve your credit score
  • All process is organized on your smart phone, so borrower can monitor all the process

Get the fast payday loan in Metro Manila and Philippines with minimal requirements and fast approval – it is all about LoanChamp.

You approval depends on your behavior and profile, so if you want to get Php 15000, sometimes you can get not more than Php 10000. Loanable amount mot always equal desired amount.

Take the amount you are able to repay in the exact terms. For example, choose smaller sum in the beginning, so you could build your credit record repaying the loan. Better credit standing = better terms for borrower.

LoanChamp Disbursement:

  • When your loan is approved you can choose disbursement method and channel you need; different methods require different information
  • With bank transfer borrower can get loan in several minutes, other disbursement channels have different processing time
  • The disbursement amount can be different from the confirmed amount cause of service fee


  • Min. amount: Php 3000
  • Max. amount: Php 20000Rate: from 0,35% – 0,5% / day for the 1st loan (more loans and repayments in time, lower fees and interest rates for borrowers)
  • Processing fee for new clients: 5,0% of the loaned amount
  • Loan disbursement fee: Php 0 – Php 65
  • Payment handling fee: Php 0 – Php 25
  • Late fee and penalties: only when your loan repayment was missed, more details here in your loan agreement
  • Terms: up to 30 days and don’t forget about possible earlier repayment


LoanChamp eligible documents
  • Valid government ID
  • Employment proof (cause service is only for employed users or self-employed)
  • Age: 20+
  • Active social media account: twitter/facebook or Instagram
  • One month payslip or instead can be Certificate of Employment
  • For self-employed individuals must be ITR or business permit
  • Photos should be clear and understandable

Complete application form will increase chances for loan approval.

Loan Champ Philippines mobile application


  • You can apply the loan 24/7 and it is very quick, cause LoanChamp value your needs and time
  • It is very easy and supports most of the e-wallets, bank accounts, remittance centers
  • Very flexible in repayment: from 5 to 30 days
  • You can pay earlier without fees and it will make less interest
  • All data is secured and this is in high priority for the company

So, just try, install LoanChamp and get your first loan today!

Loan Repayment

  • In the LoanChamp mobile application / “Repay” you can see the amount you need to give back and date when you have to do it; it is really important, so borrower could avoid additional fees and penalties
  • Borrowers can make repayments from the next banks: PNB Cash Payment, Union Bank, BDO, Metrobank, Chinabank, RCBC, Landbank, Eastwest, Maybank, BancNet, etc
  • Also, borrowers can repay with non-banks: ECPAY, 7Eleven, Robinsons Department Store, etc
  • E-wallets payment can be next: and Gcash
  • You can repay earlier or do it with parts (minimal payment is Php 1000)
  • If you don’t repay the loan in time, service will launch a one-time penalty fee; if a loan will no be repaid in 30 days after due day, the company will send the notification to the credit agency, external credit bureau, so the borrower’s credit score will be decreased


Loanchamp contacts
  • Email: info[@]
  • Phone: +632.821.9618
  • Address: Philippines, St. Makati, Unit 1106, 88 Corporate Center, 141 Valero Street, cor. Sedeno
  • Loan Champ is open: from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm (not working on national holidays)

LoanChamp Reviews

If you already had opportunity to take the loan in the service, please write in comments your feedback, so other people could better understand LoanChamp, ok?

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