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GCash Philippines helps Filipinos to solve any financial issue just in several clicks and in convenient way. Many services with best terms in one place. If you haven't used GCash app before, test it asap for sure, cause one can really help and improve your financial life.

  • You can cash-in at over 30000 outlets in the Philippines
  • Over 30.000 ATMs

GCash Philippines is the great finance service. It is easy to start using GCash and choose options you need: online banking, remittance, pay bills, etc.Suppose, it is the mostreliable service in the Philippines. You can cash-out your balance when you need with Gcash. Over 30000 ATMs and G Cash partners outlets are all over the country, so using one is really safe and easy.

G Cash service is free to use for all Filipinos!

GCash Philippines

GCash Philippines How To Start

If you want to start G Cash, you need just register and it is easy, just try.

GCash registration

How To Use GCash

If you don’t know how to use GCash service, watch this video:

When you become verified user, you”ll be able to unlock all fefatures of G Cash service in the Philippines. Everything is in the GCash app. To go through verification you’ll need valid mobile number, your ID and selfie.

There are 2 types of accounts, Basic:

  • 5 features are available;
  • Your wallet size will be PHP 50.000;
  • PHP 10.000 – this is monthly incoming cap;
  • PHP 10.000 – outgoing cap per month;
GCash account

if you are fully verified:

  • All services are available;
  • Wallet size = PHP 100.000;
  • Monthly incoming and outgoing cap is PHP 100.000 each.

GCash LifeStyle Services

Buy Load

GCash Buy Load Philippines
GCash Buy Load Guide – picture is from: https://www.gcash.com/services/buy-load

With GCash app you can purchase airtime load or load combos. It is available for all networks.Different promos and rebates for you and your friends.

Just do next:

  1. Open the GCash mobile application and click on “Buy Load“;
  2. Enter your or recipient mobile number;
  3. Select the promo (can be different) or just load amount;
  4. Continue and verify your payment, also be sure you have enough funds on your GCash e-wallet;
  5. The load will be credited to the recipient just in several clicks – enjoy!

Send Money

With G Cash you can easily in several clicks transfer your money to friends and relatives in a secure way and for free. What can be better)

Pay Bills

GCash Pay Bills
G Cash Pay Bills – picture is from https://www.gcash.com/services/pay-bills

Very important option, G Cash allows to pay bills to more than 400+ billers and it is really increadiable service here. You don’t need to go somewhere and stay in queues. You can do it online and pay for your utilities, tuition fees, etc. Service is very convenient. All information will be in one place and you have opportunity to tune reminders in order not to miss your payment dates. The most important and great, that there are no fees for using this service.

Again, there are crazy amount of different billers and all you can find here: https://www.gcash.com/partners/billers. The main categories are: electric utiities, water utilities, Internet, telecoms, credit cards, loans, insurance, governent, real estate, transportation, schools, healthcare, different payment solutions, etc.

Shop Online

GCash shop online

No need bank credit card, go shopping with the application and enjoy the G Cash opportunities.

Pay With QR

GCash has over 70000+ store partners all over the Philippines. You can buy everything you want just do it with QR code;



It collects green energy, just switch to green activities and reduce your carbon footprint; take part in restoring nature with G Cash.

It works really great:

  1. Switch to the green ativities in the app;
  2. Collect green energy points;
  3. Pick you tree when you will have enough points;
  4. Be a hero and save the nature.

In order to maximize your Green Energy with G Cash, you need follow next tips:

  • Earn more points with cashless transactions;
  • Before going to sleep check that you have done all steps and they were counted;
  • Link your health account to GForest;
  • Collect energy: in the morning and after launch;
  • Add friends and you can collect their energy.

Send With a Clip

You can send money and attach media: video, photoes, voice records, etc, so it was personalized;

Ang Pao

You can send money to multiple people at once, and in some cases it is very convenient;

Request Money

If you need some payments from other people, you can send requests, so they could help you;


Any bill can be splitted with your friends and relatives, send payments easily;

Book Movies

Well, you can buy tickets with G Cash for your favourite movies, just try;

Game Credits

No extra charges, you can buy game credits easily with GCash apps.

GCash Financial Services

Bank Transfer

Secured and convenient fund transfers with over 40+ banks in the Philippines anywhere and anytime you need;

GCash Padala

You can send money even to those users who are our of G Cash system;

Gcash Padala Philippines
GCash fee from payment1,00%
Is the process very fastyes
Documents1 major ID

How it works:

  1. Open GCash app and choose “Send Money”;
  2. Choose G Cash Padala;
  3. Enter inormation about recipient and click “next”;
  4. Check, please if all information is correct and click “pay”;
  5. Sender will receive a confirmation text with referance number;
  6. Receiver get SMS with information;
  7. Go to the GCash Padala outlet or partner;
  8. Fill out the form with reference number and 1 major ID.


GCredit by GCash

With G Cash you can get own credit line. Service cooperates with CIMB Bank:

Loan amount**up to PHP 10.000
Interest rate*1,00%
Store partnersover 17000
  • *interest rate is based on the amount of credit days, borrower gets lower charges if repays quicker;
  • **more you use credit line, higher amount you can apply;

Very important you as a user have enough high GScore, cause it is your overall trust score. More services you use, better GScore you have. If you will have good rating, then you will be able to unlock GCredit features. Also, the higher your rating, the higher your credit line. If you repay loan in time, it will also increase your rating. (check all information).

Pay bills from over 400+ billers quickly and efficient, even with 0 balane.

Besides, everything is secured and guaranteed in G Cash account.


If you want to be protected and be financially covered use GInsure service. Apply efficient insurance with G Cash Philippines.

GCash Insurance
AffordableYou can start from PHP 300 / Year
RelevantStrong covers for different situations in life
ConvenientWith the G Cash app you can apply insurane in 5 minutes

How to apply GInsure:

  1. Open the app and go to GInsure part;
  2. Choose a product by clicking “go to the marketplace”;
  3. Apply the insurance plan you want;
  4. Look through all details and confirm the plan;
  5. Confirm the payment and that’s all.

Very important moment – your account must be verified, if it isn’t so, jsut upgrade one.

Singlife Cash for Dengue Costs (for individuals and families) – covers for testing and medical expenses for dengue.

Covered up toPayment
BronzePHP 140.500PHP 300 / year
SilverPHP 281.000 PHP 550 / year
GoldPHP 421.500 PHP 770 / year

Singlife Cash for Income Loss (only accidents)

To support your family and get cash to replace the income in case of serious accidents

replace income for
Bronze50% during 3 years;
Silver75% during 3 years;
Gold100% during 3 years;

More information: https://www.gcash.com/insure


Gcash loan
GCash Loan – the source is https://www.gcash.com/services/gloan

GLoan can give you an access to the loan up to PHP 25.000 in the Philippines. Without any collateral. Available to pre-qualified users.

Based on GScoreno additional requirements
Low easy paymentsPHP 2.730 / month
Loan amountfrom PHP 5.000 – PHP 25.000
Payment termsfrom 9 to 12 months

How to apply loan with G Cash Philippines app:

  1. Open the mobile application;
  2. Choose “show more”;
  3. Then “GLoan”;
  4. Choose the loan amount you need and tenor;
  5. Fill in the personal and contact information;
  6. Review the application, check terms and confirm the loan by clicking “continue”;
  7. Receive your loan on your GCash wallet.

Invest Money

You can invest in funds with the help of GCash invest money service. You can start from PHP 50 and invest in one of the offered providers.

  • Manage your investments with the app;
  • It can be affordable for any Filipino;
  • Service has best trusted partners.

If compare where you should invest Banks VC GInvest we can show you next information:

Requirementsbank account and 2 IDsonly Account verification
Min. investmentPHP 10.000PHP 50
Commission and feesfrom 0,5% – 5,0%
Cash-in/out optionswith the countervia GCash wallet
GCash Investment funds
GCash investment funds – source: https://www.gcash.com/services/investments

Save Money

Save money wisely with the GSave service. Just open your account deposit and withdraw money inside. To start savings you need:

  • Major ID;
  • Your account in the system;
  • 2,6% interest rate from any amount;
  • Gatehr coins from different promos, which you can convert in savings;
  • no minimum deposits.

It is better than bank for terms, quicker and more convenient.

GCash Contacts


GCash social networks:

  • GCash Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/gcashofficial/
  • GCash Twitter – https://twitter.com/gcashofficial
  • GCash YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClleMPMp5YEfgBuIlJQpt3g

GCash Reviews

If you are using GCash service, please write several comments lower about it. Just share your experience with other people. Is it ok or not? What services do you use most of all? Maybe, you don’t use one and use another one services or pay everything offline?

FAQ About GCash

⭐ What is GCash?


⭐ How To Keep G Cash Account Secured?

You can do it with MPIN – Mobile Personal Identification Number – 4-digit number with help of which you can authenticate all processes on service; just avoid simple codes, for example your birthday date, etc; from time to time change this code; provide transactions only to the trusted merchants; don’t share your code anyone;

Secure your GCash account!

⭐ How To Verify Your Account in GCash?

If you want to unlock all features, please verify it with GCash. Verification gives you opportunity to use more services and one makes your account more secured. Also, verified account has higher transaction limits, so you were able to do more with the app.
With basic registration you have next services: pay bills, buy load, amex virtual pay, pay with QR, offline cash-in.
If you have ful registration and verified account: previous services in basic version plus G Cash Mastercard, send and request money, cash out, invest money, GCredit, card transactions, online cash-in, international remittance, etc.

So, what steps you need to do to verify your account:
1. Login to your account and click “verify now”;
2. Choose “Fully verified” and add your valid ID;
3. Take a photo of your documents and your selfie;
4. Fill in personal information and check, if everything is correct.

How to Get Verified

GCash In The Philippines

GCash website

Name: GCash Financial Service

Description: GCash - is the financial service which helps Filipinos to improve their lifes. IT works 24/7. Currently company has over 20+ mln users. It really works great and have so many cool services, so you were able to solve any of your issues: loans, insurance, deposits, savings, investments, etc.

[ More ]

Summary About GCash

As you see, GCash is very powerful service which every Filipino should use. Great terms, very UX-friendly and convenient app. Reliable and quick support, etc. If you need to solve everyday different financial issues, G Cash can help you in it greatly.

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