How to Support Ukraine from the Philippines?

If you wish to help the Ukrainian people, we have a list of verified Philippines organizations accepting donations. Non-financial help is also critical, so if you don’t have an option to help financially, we have a list of alternative methods of how to support Ukraine from the Philippines. 

Support Ukraine from the Philippines
Support Ukraine from the Philippines

Humanitarian Support Ukraine

Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine has led to a humanitarian crisis. As a result, the Ukrainian people need humanitarian help. Today, it’s possible to aid Ukrainian people even if you live abroad. 

A list of approved international and Philippine organizations accepts donations and uses them to help people in need. Moreover, there are other non-financial valuable ways to help Ukraine. 

Verified Organizations in the Philippines 

As mentioned, some monetary organizations are based in the Philippines, but international institutions also help Ukraine. We have prepared this list since, unfortunately, scammers keep hunting for people’s money even in such harsh times.

We have prepared a list of verified non-profit organizations that accept donations. The list consists only of charities that meet the Better Business Bureau’s 20 standards. 

We’ve checked whether these organizations are accessible from the Philippines and whether the websites have a secure internet connection. We’ve also checked the international reputation of these nonprofit charities.

The list includes:

  • Unicef Philippines. The organization aims to protect kids from harm’s way. They find children in need and organize help. Unicef Philippines works with local officials to ensure immediate aid to kids in all conflict-affected areas. The link to the official campaign in Ukraine:
  • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Philippines. The institution assists those in war-torn regions. ICRC enables engineers and medical professionals to organize proper living conditions for Ukrainian residents. The link to the website:
  • Ukrainian Red Cross. The organization helps Ukrainian citizens caught in the middle of a brutal war:
  • People in Need. This charity offers humanitarian help that includes food packages, shelter, access to clean drinking water, hygiene items, etc.: The link to the official website:
  • GlobalGiving. It’s a global non-profit institution that finances different humanitarian projects, one of which focuses on the Ukrainian crisis. The link to the website:
  • Save the Children. It’s a charity that aims to help Ukrainian kids in crisis. The project seeks to reach children in war regions who need humanitarian help. The link to the project:
  • International Relief Committee. The organization provides essential support Ukraine to those refugees who had to escape their homes. here’s a link:
  • Direct Relief. It’s an organization that focuses on sending medical aid to hospitals, ambulance stations, and other medical facilities. The link to the project:

You can check these links and find payment details. Most bank accounts accept EUR and USD. There is also a way to support Ukrainians who require humanitarian help by using cryptocurrency. 

Donations in Cryptocurrencies

Out of all the Ukrainian charities we’ve found, only one supports cryptocurrency donations. It’s a charity called Come Back Alive. It was launched to help soldiers in the war in Donbas that started in 2014 after Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Come Back Alive accepts donations in Bitcoin and altcoins. Here is the list of addresses:

  • Donate with Bitcoin. Wallet address: bc1qkd5az2ml7dk5j5h672yhxmhmxe9tuf97j39fm6
  • Donate with Ethereum (ETH, USDT, USDC). Wallet address: 0xa1b1bbB8070Df2450810b8eB2425D543cfCeF79b or 0x93Bda139023d582C19D70F55561f232D3CA6a54c
  • Donate with TRC20 (Tether). Wallet address: TX9aNri16bSxVYi6oMnKDj5RMKAMBXWzon   
  • Donate with Solana (SOL). Wallet address: 8icxpGYCoR8SRKqLYsSarcAjBjBPuXAuHkeJjJx5ju7a      

Please, make sure you verify the crypto wallet address before sending money. Ensure you’ve copied and pasted the correct address, as all crypto transactions are irreversible.

The list of all addresses is here:

Non-Financial Help

If you don’t have a chance to contribute financially, there are many other valuable ways to help Ukraine. For instance, you can spend your spare time helping organize fundraisers through local nonprofit organizations. You can share links to these local nonprofit organizations to engage more people.

Consider joining a peaceful protest in support of Ukraine in the Philippines. Such protests help immensely to spread awareness about Russia’s war against Ukraine. Another way to help is to encourage employers to offer mental health services to those staff members of Ukrainian descent or who have friends or loved ones in Ukraine.

Here are some tips when sharing information about Russia’s war against Ukraine:

  • Make sure you share actual facts and news. Russia’s propaganda works in many countries by spreading false facts and disinformation. Verify any news before sharing;
  • Use only trusted news sources to stay informed;
  • Keep in mind that some news sources may be hacked to spread disinformation.

Please, do not get overwhelmed by the news. There is a real flood of news and facts in difficult times like these. It is easy to get lost in the chaos. Consider reading only a few reliable sources.

For instance, The Kyiv Independent is Ukraine’s most prominent English-language media outlet. The journalists of Kyiv Independent are on the frontlines to show the most recent events in Ukraine.  

Other news sources available in English include:

  • The New Voice of Ukraine.
  • Ukraine World.
  • Kyiv Post.

Consider the following verified accounts on social media:

  • Stand With Ukraine (Instagram: @withukraine).
  • Svidomi (Instagram: @svidomi_eng. Twitter: @Svidomi_en.).
  • Ukrainians in Solidarity (Instagram: @ukrainiansinsolidarity).

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