PesoQ Loan App

Interest Rate

4,00% - 6,00% per month

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 20.000

4 / 5

PesoQ Philippines can help you to take urgently money online with the help of one mobile application for Android or iOS users.

  • Loan amount from PHP 5.000 - PHP 20.000
  • Loan term 96 - 365 days (including renewal time)
  • Interest rate 0,05% per day
  • APR 18%
  • Transaction fee PHP 0
  • Other fees no
  • Citizenship Only Filipinos
  • Age 18+ years
  • Documents Major ID
  • Company registration # CS201816691
  • Certificate of Authority 2739
  • Everything is online, no need to go somewhere
  • PesoQ App is for Android and iOS users
  • It is easy to use such service for quick lending
  • Enough quick approval from 1 - 24 hours
  • All data is protected, company will not transfer your personal data to the 3d-party companies
  • Convenient ways to repay loan
  • High interest rate
  • Penalties and fines if loan wasn't paid on time
  • Strange website

PesoQ Loan App (U-PESO LENDING INVESTORS CORP.) in the Philippines is enough popular finance application among Android and iOS users. PesoQ is one of the earliest online lending services. Apply peso loan online and get money quickly for your urgent needs. Service provides unsecured loans for the Filipinos.


Apply online loan only when you really need it and you understand all terms. Also, you need to be sure that you’ll be able to repay loan in time. All final terms you can read in loan agreement in the app. Besides, if you haven’t income, better not apply the loan at all.


PesoQ Apply Loan Online

To apply loan with PesoQ app you need to do next:

  1. Go to the Google Play or App Store and download PesoQ app;
  2. Open one and go through the registration process;
  3. Choose the loan amount and period;
  4. Add your personal information and apply the loan;
  5. Wait for the decision and, if everything ok, further check the terms, and agree with it;
  6. Get your money;
  7. Repay loan in time as soon as possible.
PesoQ Philippines


Android application
iOS application
Huawei application
Phone+639271160484 | +639079839333
Working time8:30 am – 5:30 pm (Monday – Saturday)
PesoQ app
  • Address in the Philippines: 2nd Floor, Aseana Power Station, Macapagal Ave., cor Bradco Ave., Tambo, CITY OF Paranaque, NCR, 4th DISTRICT.

Be aware about website and PesoQ facebook page, they are out of dated.

PesoQ Reviews

If you had already opportunity to use PesoQ app, please provide your feedback in the comments lower. People will be interesting to know about your experience.

PesoQ reviews

FAQ About PesoQ Lending Service

⭐ Is PesoQ Legit?

Well, PesoQ is legit, cause one is registered by SEC Philippines.

⭐ How To Count Loan?

Loan sum: PHP 6000;
Loan period: 180 days;
Interest rate: 0,05% per day;
Total interest: 6000*0,05*180 = PHP 540;
Monthly interest: 6000*0,05*30 = PHP 90;
Monthly payment bill: PHP 6000/ 6 months + PHP 90 = PHP 1090;
Total repayment bill: PHP 6000 + PHP 540 = PHP 6540.

⭐ What Are The Alternative Loan Services in the Philippines?

Well, if your application was rejected with Peso Q loan service, you can try another loan service like: Cashxpress, Digido, Moneycat, Unacash, Juanhand, OLP, Cashalo, Tala, etc.

⭐ What Are The Ways To Repay PesoQ Loan?

1) Online banking;
2) Minimarkets like 7/11, M.Lhuillier, etc;
3) E-wallets: GCash,, Cliqq, etc;
All details you can find the the PesoQ mobile application.



Name: PesoQ Philippines

Description: PesoQ is owned by U-PESO LENDING INVESTORS CORP. Apply loan fast and get money during 1 day online. Peso Q app helps to solve urgent financial issues, if you have one - then one can help you, but don't forget to repay installment loan.

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Summary About PesoQ Lending Service

PesoQ Philippines is enough interesting loan mobile application. As we see over 1 million of people download one. If terms are ok for you, you can apply it or sure, but if not, better to choose other loan service in the Philippines.

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