CashX Mobile App Sri Lanka

Loan Amount

Up To Rs. 50000

Interest Rate

15,8% - 18,1% per month

4.6 / 5

This article is about CashX mobile app in Sri Lanka which people can use to get fast salary loan online. Service is enough new on the market, but develop very fast, and as the result we see new product – launched mobile apps for iOS & Android, and this is great, cause lender understands that the role of technologies is huge, and the life should be simpler for people with CashX mobile apps.

CashX – it is online lender in Sri Lanka, with the help of which people can get up to Rs. 50000 for 30 days period without any strict requireents, just 1 major document and 10 – 15 minutes of your time. Also, be sure you are 20+ years old :)

CashX Mobile App Sri Lanka

Sometimes people need money immediate, and when they have no possibility to use credit card, then online lenders like CashX can help one to solve quickly financial issue, but only for 30 days, after you need to repay money back in order to avoid penalties and don’t lose your credit score.

Also, pay attention the interest rate, it is high in payday and installment loan services, and you MUST understand, when you use such services, you invest in their development, instead of investing 10% – 20% in yourself or your Family!!!

CashX Mobile App Download Now

CashX Sri Lanka App download
  1. Go to the official CashX website:
  2. There you can find additional info about loan company and find out all up to dated information about the terms and requirements borrowers need to apply salary loan in Sri Lanka (also this info you can find on our page “CashX Sri Lanka”)
  3. Also, there you can choose to apply loan with the website or click to install apps you need: CashX Android / iOS;

Why CashX Mobile App

CashX loan service have been started to operate in Sri Lanka in November 2019 and since that time it only grows and develop more, more and more.

This service has next advantages:

  • It is Legal! Yes, this is huge advantage, cause there are a lot of scam companies, so when you decide to apply online loan in Sri Lanka, be sure, that the service you have chosen has it’s registration at the Department of Company Register of Sri Lanka;
  • Customer apply loan online, just filling the application on the website or by downloading the CashX Android or iOS mobile application;
  • Loan service has automatic scoring system which allow CashX work 24/7 without holidays;
  • Competitive terms with other lenders in the Sri lanka;
  • CashX is focused on responsible customers: don’t apply online loan if you don’t need in real, or you haven’t idea how to repay one, or you are not sure if will be able to repay one in time, etc;
  • Mobile application is much more convenient, cause you can check all information about your loan in several clicks with your CashX Android / iOS app; also, loan app is in your pocket and almost always with you, and if you have need, you can get easily your finance assistance;
  • Loan apps save for you time, you don’t need to go somewhere, you can use services online with your mobile application 24/7 any day; such services are paperless and all processes are really simpler;
  • Such apps are enough secure, so borrowers shouldn’t worry about it, they are strict here, cause if they won’t, such loan companies can lose there license; also, mobile applications have good safety;
  • Personal loan in 1 – 24 hour, in other words, during the day you can get your money for the urgent needs;
  • With CashX mobile app you can check your credit score for free, also borrower will get suggestions how to improve the credit score: better score – better interest rate for borrower;
  • Of cause, it is fast, reliable and enough convenient in order to get fast loan online in SriLanka.
CashX Sri Lanka loan app

CashX App Testimonials

Loan applications are very fresh, so in real there are almost no reviews about it currently, but if had opportunity / change to use one, apply loan, etc, please write / share your experience with us in the comments lower. It will be very useful for many people in Sri Lanka who needs loan and want to be sure if CashX Sri Lanka is good service for it.

FAQ About Apps

⭐ Who can apply loan with CashX mobile application?

Only Sri Lanka citizens with the age 20 – 60 years old;
They should be employed or self-employed;
Steady income is obvious, without it, chances to get loan are low;
Borrow must be ready to share one personal information;
Bank account also must be active and the borrower’s;
From documents you’ll need NIC / Passport / Driving License, so CashX could identify you;

⭐ In what cases CashX loan can help you?

If you need money urgently, but can’t use credit card, then payday loan in Sri Lanka can be the option, but you must be sure how you will and when repay the loan; also, borrower MUST be aware about terms and what will be if one will not pay money in time.

Linda Carters/ author of the article

Financial Journalist on Advance Loans Philippines with 8 years experience in a Fintech niche.

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