Loanme Sri Lanka

Interest Rate

0,01% interest rate for the 1st loan

Loan Amount

Up To Rs. 40000


This review will be about LoanMe Sri Lanka - lending company which provides loan Sri Lanka people online. Requrements, terms, contacts, reviews and other useful information is presented in our article by | If you want to know more, let's continue, if you don't want to read, you can just apply loan now.

  • Loan amount Rs. 40000
  • Loan period up to 120 days
  • Company registration PV00224207
  • Everything online
  • You can get a loan with Loanme in 24 hours or even quicker
  • High-interest rate

Loanme in Sri Lanka

Loanme Sri Lanka – get your instant online loan in less than 1 day. You can receive up to 40.000 Rs. You know, there are many reasons why people take loans, but very important you, exactly you understand why you should apply for and take a loan too. Will it be the right decision? If you borrow money, you are committed to paying them back, and it is not as easy as you can think before applying. If you fail to repay the loan in time, it will lead to really serious financial problems: fins, the higher interest rates – means your debt will be larger, your loan can be sold to the 3d-party collection companies which will call you 24/7, and push you to repay the money back. So here you will find out more about LoanMe loans and what you need to know before applying for one in Sri Lanka.

Loanme Sri lanka

The most important to know before applying for an online loan is to understand your current financial condition. Check your monthly payouts, and budget, and after it understands if you can allow the payday or installment loan. Review your credit score, just to understand if it is really possible for you to get the loan. Of cause, unsecured loan services often don’t look for your credit history but be aware here, it is so, cause they have high-interest rates, fees, etc. For you your credit score should matter – it is the lifeblood of your well-being, so check it at least once per year to be sure everything ok.

Loanme Sri Lanka – How To Apply For A Loan

How to get a loan online safely? This is an important question for any future borrower. People use short-term loans in order to solve their financial problems, which were created by the gap of days to new salary. Urgent and unexpected situations often require additional money. That’s why it is important to choose the right option. Check the terms, requirements, how you can & can’t repay the money, and everything in order you avoid late fees, fines, bad credit scores, etc.

  1. Enter the official Loanme website – you can apply for a loan online at – you can get short-term funds. It is an unsecured loan, so be sure you really need it. Cause anyone can apply quickly: 5 – 19 minutes and the loan can be approved, but a lot of people can’t repay it further, cause financial education in Sri Lanka, and the World is so poor;
  2. Fill in the application form – several fields you need to fill in to apply now. 0% interest rates. Minimal requirements, etc. It is all about people using such services more;
  3. Wait for the approval – the lending company needs some time to check all the information and decide if one is ready to give a loan to the exact borrower; if you didn’t get any information in 30 minutes, please contact support: 760877555, notification will be with SMS;
  4. Receive your money – you receive money online on your credit card or bank account. It is convenient and works fine. You don’t need to go somewhere and be in queues, and this is really great;
  5. Repay Loan in Time – very important step: don’t forget to repay your loan in time or the borrower will get penalties and additional financial problems. To repay your loan (Loanme) you need to follow several steps: 1) Log in to your banking account; 2) Choose “transfer” > 3d party account transfer; 3) Enter the amount you need to repay the debt; 4) Don’t forget to enter your loan agreement number. Check your repayment plan, analyze your budget, and understand if you can allow such a loan.

LoanMe Sri Lanka offers next terms

Terms:3, 6, 12 months
Loan amounts:5000 – 40000 Rs
Interest rateAPR 15%

The most important is to pay attention to the lender’s current interest rates and fees. Fees can be different, so you obviously need to re-ask about one and check properly about all fees in the contract.

Loanme Sri Lanka
Loanme Sri Lanka Loan Online


  • The borrower should be employed;
  • Obvious: Bank Account, Selfie, NIC photo;

Important: check all terms online reading the contract; it is obvious, please be responsible!

For example: if you apply for 25000 Rs and a repayment period is 6 months, the borrower will pay 6750 / month; total cost = 2583 Rs

How to Apply For a Loan With LoanMe

Alternative Loan Services

Except for Loanme Sri Lanka, you can get an online loan with other lenders. Just compare terms and try some of them if you really have urgent needs and don’t see any solutions instead: CashX, Lotus Loan, Robocash Sri Lanka, OnCredit, FastRupee, Fino LK, etc.

Contacts & Loanme Support Team

If you have some bugs, errors, questions, etc, you can call or write to the LoanMe Support Team and ask for their help. They will help you to solve the issues you have and give an explanation of all options they have.

Address:Sri Lanka, Colombo, Valiant Towers #46/7, Nawam Mawatha
Working hours:Monday – Friday from 9 am – 6 pm
Registration #:PV00224207

Loanme Sri Lanka Reviews

If you already had experience using LoanMe Sri Lanka service, please share your feedback in the comments lower, so people know enough about this lending company.

FAQ About LoanMe Sri Lanka

Is LoanMe Sri Lanka Legit?

Yes, the service is legit, cause one has company registration #PV00224207, which is granted by the Registrar of Companies at Colombo;

How You Can Avoid Online Loans?

You need to have or develop good financial habits like:
1) Regularly evaluate your expenses – very important to understand your real spending;
2) Invest in your future – if you want to prepare for your retirement – do it now!
3) Grow your net worth;
4) Start to use an envelope budgeting system – an organized way of paying bills & saving your money;
5) Learn! Learn! Learn! – improve your financial education and become stronger;
6) Set exact goals – without goals will be crazy difficult.

In What Cases Shouldn’t Apply for The Online Loan?

If you will have or already have overspending then it could lead to crazy financial difficulties. Please, don’t apply for a loan if you have the:
1) Expenses exceeded your income;
2) You do have not enough savings;
3) Don’t take loans for impulse purchases.

How Quickly You Can Apply for Loan With LoanMe?

5-10 minutes will be enough to apply for a loan online in Sri Lanka with Loanme – Try Now

LoanMe in Sri Lanka

loanme website sri lanka

Name: LoanMe Loan Online LK

Description: LoanMe Sri Lanka - it is the digital platform which is aimed to help Sri Lankans to solve their financial needs by providing installment online loans.

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Summary About LoanMe Sri Lanka

If you want to get an online loan from LoanMe Sri Lanka – you can easily do it any time; if you hesitate, please think several times before applying, possibly this thought will help you in the future! Good Luck.

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