Housing Loan Philippines

Providing citizens of the Philippines with affordable housing has been one of the most pressing socio-economic problems for many years. The housing loan Philippines is one of the most affordable and effective ways to purchase real estate. The state considers housing policy development as one of the priority areas. In connection with this, many programs to subsidize the population have appeared in recent years. A housing bank loan in the Philippines is a long-term loan. The most common option is to buy an apartment or house on credit.

Housing Loan Philippines
Housing Loan Philippines

What is a Housing Loan Philippines

Every day, home loans are leading among financial products aimed at purchasing real estate. It is becoming popular and widely used, thanks to the fact that when applying for a housing loan, the purchased housing does not turn into collateral for the bank housing loan Philippines. Borrowers quickly and easily issue a targeted loan with the task of buying the selected property.

What are the main advantages of a housing loan Philippines and what distinguishes it from other loans, such as mortgages:

  • A reasonably clear plan for a short period.
  • No obligation to pay for insurance packages.
  • Possibility not to provide the bank with purchased housing as collateral.

In contrast to all these advantages, a housing loan Philippines has one significant drawback: each month, the borrower will have to pay relatively high amounts since the housing loan is designed for only a few years of repayment.

How Do Housing Loans In The Philippines Work?

When a person obtains a house loan, he enters into a contract with the lender and commits to repaying the loan within the predetermined time frame.

For housing loans, there are two options: public through PAG-IBIG and private through banks. The BPI housing loan, Metrobank, and Security Bank are three of the largest banks that offer mortgage loans.

When a person obtains a mortgage loan, he enters into a contract with the lender and commits to paying back the loan within the predetermined time frame. Banks and PAG IBIG housing loan Philippines are the two sources of public and private house loans, respectively. BPI, Metrobank, and Security Bank are three major financial institutions that offer mortgage loans. Because the interest is calculated based on what the customer owes on the loan each month, paying a little more each month, the interest will be lower in subsequent months.

How & Why Do You Need to Use A Housing Loan Calculator?

There is a unique housing loan calculator Philippines. Calculating monthly payments and comparing rates amongst banks is made simple by this. Such a tool is simple; all that is required is the person’s desired loan amount and the time he is prepared to make payments. The client will receive the best depreciation and mortgage housing loan interest rates Philippines 2022 available for the specific situation when he completes all computations.

How to Choose Housing Loan in the Philippines

Several tips will help you choose the best bank for housing loans in the Philippines.

Housing Loan
Housing Loan Philippines

1. Know Why Do You Need a Housing Loan Philippines

  1. Before starting any actions related to obtaining a loan, it is essential to determine whether your financial capabilities allow you to apply to the bank for a loan and successfully repay it and understand why you need a loan.
  2. Therefore, you need to study your monthly expenses and income to realistically assess the potency, especially since you still have to do this at the bank when filling out documents for obtaining a loan.
  3. After analyzing the family budget, it is possible that the idea of ​​​​acquiring a home should be postponed.

A detailed study of financial capabilities allows the borrower to predict the loan amount the bank can provide and reduce the risk of refusal due to low solvency.

2. Determine The Budget You Need

After all budget items have been calculated, it is logical that family income can be calculated, i.e., the difference between monthly income and expenses. As a result, you have calculated the amount that your family can painlessly allocate to repay a future housing loan Philippines. However, mortgage arithmetic is not over yet. Based on the amount your family will be ready to give to the bank painlessly, we advise you to calculate the loan amount that you can count on, having such a balance in the family budget (the difference between income and expenses).

After you have calculated with the help of the housing loan Philippines calculator the size of the future loan, you need to determine the optimal loan conditions for your family. Although some banks claim that they issue loans with a zero down payment, it is pretty problematic to obtain such loans (double collateral, the presence of guarantors, etc.), so it is better to initially rely on a down payment to purchase housing on credit.

3. Compare All Options You Have

Well, now that you have a clear idea of ​​what optimal lending conditions you need, you can proceed to the stage of choosing a bank that can provide them. But before you pick up the phone and dial the bank number, read on for some tips on making your research as efficient as possible on the housing loan Philippines forum.

First, you should know that when you get a mortgage loan, just like any other loan, you will have to pay a one-time fee to the bank. Secondly, when choosing loan terms, it is essential to be aware of the monthly payments you will have to pay in repaying the loan.

4. Don’t Forget to Talk With The Experts

Depending on the client’s credentials and supporting documentation, different loans have different terms and rates. It’s crucial to remember to speak with banking professionals who can guide you toward the best course of action.

Housing Loan PH
Housing Loan Philippines

Best Bank for Housing Loan Philippines – Features & Requirements

Today, there are many excellent options in the banking services market. Choosing the loan conditions that suit the client’s specific needs is essential. Numerous people wonder which bank has the lowest interest rate for housing loans Philippines in 2023 – it is vital to find out all options available on the market to figure it out.

1. RCBC Housing Loan Philippines

The ideal location to apply for an RCBC housing loan – https://www.rcbc.com is this financial institution. It provides the smallest minimum loan amount. For people who wish to borrow a little portion of the value of their property and pay it off as fast as possible, this is a terrific alternative.

Among this option’s key characteristics are:

  • The minimum loan amount is PHP 300,000; depending on the duration, interest rates range from 6.38 percent to 10.5 percent;
  • The maximum loan period is 20 years;
  • This loan can be used to purchase a home, a parcel of land, or to modify an existing home. Fixation options range from one to twenty years.

It is also simple to utilize as a loan with many uses or to refinance a mortgage. It’s critical to fulfill the prerequisites to be eligible for this loan. The customer must, first and foremost, be either a Filipino or a dual citizen. Additionally, you must be above 21 and younger than 65 when the loan is due, along with an active email address and a valid phone number among registration housing loan Philippines requirements. The amount of prior job experience is a crucial factor. It has to last a whole year. Additionally important is having a total monthly income of at least PHP 40,000.

2. UnionBank Housing Loan Philippines

This financial organization merits notice because it grows swiftly and provides residents with top-notch possibilities. The fact that union bank housing loan Philippines is recognized nationally attests to this. This business just won the top prize at the Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Awards 2021 for Asian Institution of the Year. It might be a fantastic alternative for those seeking a quality loan with appealing terms.

Housing Loan Philippines UnionBank

The availability of several licensed developers makes it simpler to obtain financing with the help of union bank housing loan Philippines. Clients must apply for a housing loan with UnionBank if they purchase a home from its approved developers, such as Avida, Ayala, Camella, Filinvest, Megaworld, or SMDC.

3. Security Bank Housing Loan 

Home Loan won the 2019 Asian Banking and Finance Wholesale and Retail Banking Awards title Home Loan Product of the Year. It is a significant accomplishment for the bank, demonstrating its reliability. It’s critical to study the terms of this loan before deciding to accept it:

  • The lowest loan amount is one million Philippine pesos, while the maximum loan amount is ten million pesos or 80% of the property’s assessed value;
  • 6.25 percent fixed interest rates for one to three years;
  • Loan period of up to 20 years;
  • The client will obtain approval in 10 banking days, depending on the provided papers.

It is a fantastic alternative for purchasing a house, land, or a flat condominium. It can also be applied to refinance, remodel, or go for a housing construction loan Philippines.

4. AUB Housing Loan  Philippines

The chance to have a top-notch client experience at this bank is exceptional. It is because this financial institution offers services that are unique to each client. As a result, any Filipino may rely on getting good guidance about their credit problems.

It is also important to note the company’s flexible terms. It provides a mortgage interest rate ceiling that might shield the client from future increases in interest rates.

Among the primary traits are:

  • The minimum loan amount is one million pesos ($1,000,000);
  • The maximum loan amount is up to 80% of the property’s assessed value; 
  • The interest rate is fixed at 6% for a year.

The client can swiftly and efficiently return the loan with automatic debit.

5. BPI Housing Loan 

Customers may obtain the best housing loan for Philippines BPI from The Family Savings Bank with a modest amount of cash and a minimal down payment. Customers may take advantage of low monthly payments starting in the first year with Payplan’s exclusive Step Up payment option, with monthly payments increasing each subsequent year. This new function only recently debuted.

With the assistance of this company, getting financing for buying, developing, or remodeling a home is simple. Every client will be treated like a king and have access to the most excellent services thanks to the 800 BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank branches spread throughout the nation and their round-the-clock customer care.

6. China Bank Housing Loan Philippines

This financial organization offers various repayment options and different mortgage loan uses. The possibilities this bank provides are especially appealing to first-time borrowers. Thanks to this, you may choose to have a fixed interest rate for one, five, or ten years.

Features include:

  • The interest rate is 5.75 percent, and the minimum loan amount is 500,000 Philippine pesos;
  • The maximum loan terms are 25 years for houses and land;
  • Ten years for apartments.

The customer can anticipate that his application will be approved quickly. This option may also be utilized to refinance, develop homes, acquire other properties, and pay costs.

Another significant benefit for first-time purchasers will be affordable insurance prices. This bank will be your best housing loan the Philippines because it offers automatic debits and has no hidden costs.

7. HSBC Housing Loan 

Turning to HSBC housing loan Philippines is worthwhile if you are a homeowner needing more finances to purchase a home in an expensive neighborhood.

A loan of up to 50 million Philippine pesos may be obtained here:

  • A loan must be for at least 700,000 Philippine pesos;
  • 4.99 percent to 6.29 percent in interest rates;
  • The maximum loan-to-value ratio of 60% to 80% of the appraised value or sale price of the security or property, whichever is lower;
  • Twelve months to 10 years for a loan.

You can purchase a townhouse, condominium, or home plus land.

8. Maybank Housing Loan 

Maybank – it is a well-known solution that will be your best bank for housing loan Philippines in 2024. It enables you to find suitable financing choices based on the borrower’s objectives. For instance, there are loans for home purchases, home construction, home equity, and mortgage refinancing. A family can acquire a new location by submitting a loan application, whether it’s a home, condo, townhouse, or plot of land.

Principal characteristics:

  • A loan must be for at least 500,000 Philippine pesos;
  • Interest rates are as follows: 6.00% for an annual fix, 6.25% for a three-year fix, and 7.50% for a five-year fix;
  • 20-year maximum loan length.

Also, remember that all objects in this choice are up for examination.

9. PNB Housing Loan 

It’s vital to check into PNB housing loan Philippines for those who want a loan for various reasons, such as purchasing a new house before housing renovation loan Philippines. With it, you may obtain advantageous terms and rates for a mortgage, enabling the family to buy their ideal home at a cost they can afford.

Among the principal benefits:

  • A minimum loan of 500,000 Philippine pesos is required to buy a property in Metro Manila and elsewhere;
  • PHP 750,000 would buy you a home plus a lot, a townhouse, or a condominium in Metro Manila;
  • Outside of Metro Manila, PHP 500,000.

10. EastWest Housing Loan Philippines

This organization, a division of Filinvest Development Corporation, provides the mortgage loan. The bank financing housing loan in the Philippines provides accommodating payment terms, simple application processes, and rates and conditions that are competitive:

  • A loan must be for at least 500,000 Philippine pesos;
  • The maximum loan amount is PHP 10 million, up to 80% of the property’s assessed value.

11. Metrobank Housing Loan

This option has the benefit of flexibility for customers with unique needs and preferences. This loan is well-considered because of its flexible payment periods, low-interest rates, and inexpensive down payment possibilities.

If Metrobank approves the new home the customer wishes to buy, they can also provide a loan of up to 90% of the transaction price. Applying for a home equity loan is another option. A financing firm may also assist you in obtaining a home-secured loan if the family is preparing to buy their second house, which reduces risk while still offering advantages.

12. Chinatrust Housing Loan

Simple house loans with low fixed interest rates are available from this financial agent.

A person may borrow any of the following sums with such a loan:

  • Least loan of PHP 500,000;
  • 25,000,000 Philippine pesos maximum;
  • 80 percent of most of the property’s assessed worth/

To determine your monthly payments based on the desired property valuation and loan amount, utilize the loan calculator.

Welcome Bank Housing Loan Philippines

Condominium loans from Welcome Bank are available to many people. This software streamlines the registration and apartment-buying procedure, and the customer may use it for any house purchase, for instance:

  • Takeaway (Currently pledged in other banks, will be transferred to the WB);
  • Investor loan (CCT Pledge in the name of the Borrower);
  • Purchasing a home.

Due to the financial freedom it provides, this loan package from Welcome bank merits notice. The burden of apartment ownership is reduced by services that let you modify the depreciation based on your financial flow.

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan & What Do You Need To Know About It

The housing loan Philippines PAG IBIG is a fantastic chance for folks who wish to receive cash quickly and entirely legally, so they may buy a property. With the loan proceeds, there is a possibility to buy a residential plot or nearby plots for no more than $1,000 in transfer fees. You can use this financing to build your own home or make improvements to an existing one.

At the same time, it’s crucial to follow the rules:

  • Each borrower is required to be a Philippine national;
  • The customer must have regular savings;
  • The client’s age at the time of loan application cannot exceed 65 years old, and at the time of the housing loan Philippines 2022 repayment, it cannot exceed 70 years old.

Additionally, the customer must be legally able to purchase and mortgage real estate.

FAQ About Housing Loans PH

With the help of answers to some questions, you can shed light on important questions that concern new customers.

⭐ What to Consider When Choosing the Best Housing Loan Philippines?

To purchase an apartment on credit, you must assess your ability to service a large loan.

To do this, it is essential to identify the following parameters: 
> How many years do you have left before retirement;
> Average monthly family expenses;
> The total income of working family members;
> Savings that can be used as a down payment;
> Approximate cost of housing.

Knowing these parameters, you can calculate approximate loan payments. They mustn’t exceed 40% of the amount of income. Select multiple programs in multiple banks. Then contact them to discuss loan terms. It is because, during the consultation process, additional features and payments may appear, about which there is no information on banks’ websites. You can submit a preliminary application for a loan to find out how much the bank can offer you.

⭐ How To Find the Best Housing Loan in the Philippines?

Of course, you need to start your search with a traditional mortgage. This option will be the most gentle in terms of conditions.

It assumes that you borrow money from the bank to buy an apartment:
> in Philippine pesos;
> with annuity payments;
> with a fixed rate.

And during the entire repayment period, no changes and surprises will be waiting for you, which is already essential. And equal payments allow you to plan your budget more carefully, which becomes not very easy after signing a loan agreement. But perhaps the most important thing is that this loan option allows you to get a reasonably favorable rate. There are as many as two sometimes insurmountable obstacles.

Depending on the chosen bank, you will certainly need a down payment of 15-20 percent of the purchase price. And your credit history must be in acceptable condition.

⭐ Except for Banks, What Services Can Provide Housing Loans in the Philippines?

In addition to banks, loans are issued by microfinance organizations. You can contact them to get a quick loan. The client often receives application approval very quickly – within one day. Also, no less attractive in this option is that the conditions and requirements of such loans are much more flexible than in banks. However, it is worth remembering that there is always a risk of falling for scammers, so it is essential to double-check the counter-organizations in the registries and on the housing loan Philippines Reddit several times.

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