How to Pay Tax Online Philippines

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How to pay tax online Philippines. Anyone who has tried to pay their taxes online knows how difficult it can be. Especially when it needs to be done in the face of genuine COVID-19 danger. There is, however, a way out. Paying your BIR tax online is far superior to queuing up at agencies and waiting in line to pay. You may now pay your taxes online using your bank account, credit or debit card, or mobile wallet.

It is essential to understand that there are tax deadlines in the Philippines that you must adhere to. As a result, you should always keep up with the latest advances. Every consumer may use BIR online payments to execute a quick and easy transaction. Numerous people want to know how I can pay my property taxes online in the Philippines. Paying online is easy — you must know how to do it right.

How to pay tax online Philippines
How to pay tax online Philippines

Philippines Taxes and Their Many Forms

National and local taxes are the two different categories of taxes. Federal taxes are defined as required contributions under the National Tax Code. On the other hand, local governments are responsible for collecting local taxes in conformity.

One of the most important taxes is:

  • A property tax is imposed when a property’s owner passes away, and the property is subsequently transferred to the name of the lawful beneficiaries. Inheritance rights cannot be transmitted to heirs without payment of inheritance tax.
  • Contracts, agreements, certifications, acceptances, sales, assignments, and other legal papers that attest to the existence of a transaction between two parties are subject to documentary tax.
  • Business owners that sell or rent nonregistered products, services, real estate, or services are subject to interest tax.
  • Numerous people wonder if selling online is taxable in the Philippines. When a firm or individual sells high-value things like jewels, stocks, real estate, or other items considered capital assets. They are subject to capital gains tax.
  • Individuals are subject to income tax depending on their means of support, including their profession, business, trade, or property. It is vital to know what is taxable income in the Philippines. Depending on a person’s income level, different tax rates apply.

There is a withholding tax as well. Withholding tax is the sum deducted from an employee’s paycheck and paid to the government as part of the employee’s income tax. 

Why Use the Internet to Pay Tax Online Philippines?

It is vital to understand how to pay taxes online Philippines. Online tax payment has several apparent advantages.

Among the most obvious benefits: 

  • It is secure. Paying online allows you to avoid crowds and long waits, lowering your chances of getting COVID-19. Furthermore, clients no longer need to worry about carrying a significant quantity of cash with them. You can deposit a substantial sum into your account immediately from your house.
  • It’s comfortable. Paying taxes online is quick and straightforward, and you no longer need to arrange a trip to the bank or payment center. BIR is intended to provide online tax services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, beginning in 2022. It simply implies that customers can pay their bills whenever and wherever they choose.
  • You can now comply with tax payments. Customers will pay on time and avoid late tax penalties since online BIR payment is easier and faster than a manual payment.
  • Users can concentrate on operations. Tax filing and payment is a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation. Nevertheless, if you use the Internet’s services, you can rapidly deal with any debts. Customers will find it easier to focus on building their business this way. Furthermore, owing to the BIR’s online payment choices, clients would find it easier to comply with tax requirements for online merchants in the Philippines. Therefore, people should know how much tax do I pay in the Philippines.
  • The transaction is safe. When you pay online, all transactions are encrypted, and your personal information is secure. Only a specific user has access to the online banking application or e-wallet. Third parties do not have access.
  • A commercial tax known as VAT is levied on vendors and sellers whenever items are sold, imported, sold as properties, or leased. Every time a person makes a purchase at a retail establishment, they indirectly pay VAT, which is regarded as an indirect tax.

The customer receives electronic receipts as formal payment confirmation. A receipt serves as legal proof of payment and is an excellent substitute for institutional receipts. The customer can use it to file an income tax return (ITR). What’s fantastic about these electronic receipts is that they can now be preserved and accessed readily in the case of a transaction dispute.

Online Payment Tips for New Taxpayers

Paying taxes for the first time is always scary because you need to transfer large amounts, and not everyone knows how to do it right. It may seem especially difficult for those who used to do everything manually. However, you can avoid unnecessary stress if you follow a few tips.

Step 1: Document Preparation

Before beginning any activities, the customer should ensure that he has all the essential paperwork. For instance, before login into the BIR online system, ensure you have the necessary paperwork, tax identification number, and other information. It’s advisable to have a tangible copy of your login credentials, such as a printout or a notepad, so you don’t forget them.

Step 2: Go Over the Payment Instructions and Details

The following step is to input all the required information on the organization’s website. It is critical to ensure that all of the data is correct and that there are no errors or typos. Check the spelling of the names of the sender and recipient, peso amount, and other details, for instance. It is tough to obtain a refund if the bank account number is not correct after submitting the payment.

Step 3: Print Out The Transactions From the Internet

Customers will receive digital copies of their transactions through email, including payment confirmations and electronic receipts, so it’s a good idea to keep paper copies on hand just in case your inbox is accidentally emptied.

How to Pay Tax Online Philippines 2022
How to Pay Tax Online Philippines 2024

Philippines Tax Payment Methods Online

Therefore, paying taxes involves several crucial steps:

Complete Income Tax Return

An ITR must be created and prepared (Income Tax Return). Installing the most recent version of eBIR Offline Forms on your PC will enable you to accomplish this. Customers may file their taxes and do calculations using the standalone eBIR Forms program. It’s essential to keep in mind that the present software is only offered for Windows.

Filling Out eBIR Forms

  • According to the kind of taxpayer, the individual was listed with the Internal Revenue Bureau. A yearly income tax return, known as the new Form BIR 1700, is required of taxpayers who only receive compensatory income.
  • Since the Train Act’s passage, the new BIR 1701A form has been available. If you are a professional, or you operate a business subject to multiple tax rates, if you are claiming the Additional Standard Deduction (OSD) as a method of deduction, or if your flat tax rate is 8%, you must complete this form.
  • The new BIR Form 1701 is an annual Individual Tax Return (ITR) for taxpayers, including those with incomes or professionals working in enterprises subject to different tax rates and using the itemized deduction technique.

Verify Your Complete Tax Payment

The program will automatically compute the overall tax costs when the users fill out the necessary information in their eBIR forms. It is a significant benefit of utilizing an internet platform. The program will provide a warning message if the user submits inaccurate or omitted information.

Save and Email the Final ITR Copy

After verifying the income tax return, a person may be confident that the information they entered was accurate. Your tax forms must then be saved and sent in their final form. It would be best if you decided which disk or file folder the consumer wants to use to keep the ITR’s final version on their computer.

Pay Taxes at Online Payment Locations Approved by BIR

The Internal Revenue Service accepts the following electronic online payment methods for tax payments:

  • Land Bank of the Philippines;
  • Development Bank of the Philippines;
  • Unionbank Web and mobile payment system;
  • GCash application bill payment;
  • PayMaya bill payment.

The following electronic payment methods are available for paying taxes and other fees to BIR.

Channels for Banking Online

It is an excellent alternative for taxpayers enrolled in the BIR Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS). An app or online account is crucial to simplifying the tax filing process. All tax collection and payment operations may be readily completed because of BIR’s relationship with several institutions, including BPI, China Bank, PNB, and UCPB.


Taxpayers may comprehend how to pay property tax online in the Philippines using their apps or online banking by having a savings or checking account at a Landbank ATM, by having an ATM/debit/prepaid card, by having an RCBC or Robinsons Bank deposit, or by having an ATM/debit/prepaid card. Using an online card or an ATM will let you achieve this.

This technology facilitates online payments for goods and services, but Filipinos may also use it to make payments. Both small and large payments are accepted. Customers may print or get an email confirmation of their online amounts using Landbank Online Banking.

DBP Pay Tax Online Philippines

Holders of Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards, DBP, Pay Tax Online Philippines BancNet ATM/Debit cardholders, may conveniently file fees and taxes.

It is a state-owned bank with a unique payment system that enables taxpayers to make electronic payments by entering their TIN, tax type, RDO, form number, and amount.

UnionBank Online Application

Taxpayers with a UnionBank account using a bank transfer can also be transferred to Pay Tax Online Philippines via the Internet. The application of this platform has won the recognition of many Filipinos. Many customers are happy with how efficiently they can pay taxes with it. Moreover, registering here is easy. The application interface is clear, so there will be no problems.

Application for GCash

Suppose taxpayers have enough money in their mobile wallets to cover their taxes. In that case, they can use the program from this platform if they have a Globe or TM mobile phone number registered with GCash.

Hundreds of Filipinos use our mobile wallet to pay for their purchases daily. Fast payments are made possible via a straightforward interface. It is simple to send and receive money with this e-wallet software. Consumers may also use GCash to pay their BIR online without additional fees.

App PayMaya

Taxpayers who have a PayMaya account with appropriate funds will be able to figure out how much tax should I pay in the Philippines and pay their taxes swiftly and efficiently using this financial institution’s particular app.

Customers may use this alternative wallet, which is also very well-liked, to pay for various goods and services. BIR is listed as one of the billers in the app’s Billing section. PayMaya assures individual taxpayers that they may pay their taxes anytime.

Wrapping Up How To Pay Tax Online In The Philippines

It has become customary to pay taxes online. It can be done in the online banking system of your bank. However, many entrepreneurs and individuals question how to pay tax online Philippines.

The tax return is needed to file information about the most critical tax for you — income. You pay it from the income that you earned during the year. It could be your salary (if you are an employee), your payment (if you are self-employed), and also, for example, interest accrued on your savings or rental income. The majority of the government’s revenue comes from taxes. Infrastructure improvements, public services, social initiatives, services, and a budget for various government agencies are all paid for using tax dollars. To support the country and its growth, citizens must pay fees.

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