How to Get an Online Part Time Job in the Philippines

There are more and more working people on the Internet every day, but not everyone decides to change their lives so radically and change their main job to earn money online. There are many advantages to working on the Internet, but there are also disadvantages, which should be known to everyone who thinks about such earnings.

How to find an online part time job in the Philippines without experience? It is the most popular question for many Filipinos. By no experience, newcomers usually mean no work background and a lack of hard skills — complex professional skills. Remote work is full of offers for unskilled personnel. Numerous people wonder what jobs are available in the Philippines. It remains only to figure out which part-time online jobs in the Philippines for students are right for you.

How to Get an Online Part Time Job in the Philippines
How to Get an Online Part Time Job in the Philippines

Why Is The Number of Remote Vacancies Increasing?

Most work-from-home options in the Philippines today only require internet access. It is the main advantage of remote work — you can earn money wherever you are. The presence in the office is not at all necessary. Use the opportunity to quickly make money by sending emails, buying bitcoin and trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, creating and maintaining your blog, chatting, participating in video conferences, or conducting a podcast while working from home or anywhere in the world.

Thanks to high-speed Internet and video communication, many types of vacancies do not require personal presence. Full-time or part-time work, which requires a physical presence in the office, is now becoming less relevant.

The modern world is a world of convenience, and now more and more people are staying at home. After all, all that is required for comfort is an Internet connection. You can order food and services from the comfort of your home, watch live streams and enjoy other modern conveniences that many could not even dream of a few decades ago.

What is an Online Part Time Job in The Philippines

The part-time jobs online Philippines 2024 for students is a part-time work (less than 8 hours) and a side job. The concept has been actively used for more than ten years, but it has received particular demand during the pandemic. Part-timers today are called employees who work on a flexible schedule and go out at the employer’s invitation under peak load for several hours.

Assess Your Knowledge

You probably already know something if you are over 18 years old and not on the first day on the Internet. Beginners who are looking for online typing part-time jobs in the Philippines usually know how to do one of the following:

  • Use a laptop.
  • Surf the Internet.
  • Communicate in chats.
  • Like and comment on social media posts.
  • Photoshop simple pictures.
  • Translate a text.

 Make a similar list of your knowledge and choose the area you like.

Choose a Field You´d Like More

Most of the vacancies of online jobs at home Philippines in the digital environment are in the Philippines. Still, a beginner always has a choice of vacancies related to phone calls – for example, cold calls to the customer base.

Also, other options include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing);
  • Education (online courses and online schools);
  • Media and bloggers;
  • Games;
  • Foreign languages;
  • Design;
  • Sales.

After you choose a field for yourself, you can start creating a resume and look for work in the Philippines.

Online part time jobs in the Philippines
Online part time jobs in the Philippines

Online Lessons

If you enjoy teaching, you can offer online classes in the Philippines, math, cooking, or other subjects you are good at. You can give any lessons online using programs such as Skype and Zoom.

You don’t need a university degree to become an online teacher. However, some platforms require a diploma or certificate, especially if you plan to teach high school or university subjects. Teaching experience would also be helpful. Firstly, it will be easier for you to find an approach to students, and secondly, it will help you establish yourself as a specialist.

Customer Service Specialist

An account manager is another popular option to work remotely and still make good money. Their job is to answer customer questions and handle complaints and orders.

People who want to work in this field can find work in service management companies. This business model is in high demand as companies can save money by hiring talented contractors. You can also look for part-time online jobs from home on sites with Filipino job vacancies.

An account manager should have the following skills — communication, interpersonal interaction, and problem-solving skills. They must also be organized, detail-oriented, multitasking, and resilient to stress and fast-paced environments.

Programmer or Website Developer

One of the highest-paying careers in the Philippines is programming, which also allows for remote work from home. Making computer software is the main focus of the work.

Web developers, software developers, data scientists, and other roles are just a few of the numerous part-time, work-from-home employment options available in the rather large field of programming.

You can thus choose to become a jack of all crafts or a specific specialization if you want to become a coder. Start up modestly and concentrate on a single specialty. Afterward, you can broaden your knowledge as you gain experience.

Website Designer

Web design is next on the list. The work of those in this Internet industry involves creating aesthetically pleasing (UI) and user-friendly (UX) website designs. Web designers must thus be able to transform a client’s creative ideas into a fully functional product and possess both technical and artistic talents.

You should be able to utilize numerous design tools as a web designer, including Dreamweaver, Figma, Photoshop, FlowMapp, and others. Additionally, you need to learn programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as well as other website building platforms like WordPress or Joomla if you want to become a highly compensated professional.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers, as the name implies, are those who produce visual content for use in advertising or as a form of expression. And there are countless options for remote employment from home in this market. After all, all of the content produced by members of this Internet profession is digital.

To become a graphic designer, you must have creative skills and artistic ability and understand the technical side of design. It is also important to be sociable and multitask.

If you think you are perfect for this online part-time job in the Philippines, then you should master tools like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and more. Buy yourself a good drawing tablet and learn the essential composition and color theory elements.


Copywriting is a significant part-time job Philippines working from home for those who love to write. Copywriting is typically used in the marketing of products or services.

The purpose of content writing is to inform readers about a particular area. Copywriters can work in different industries: information technology, entertainment, business, etc.

Dropshipper / Marketing Partner

By now, many of you will probably be firm believers in the power of e-commerce. Large platforms have become widespread; thanks to technological shifts, even small businesses have joined them. Dropshipping is an e-commerce mode that allows you to sell products online without owning a product.

Create a website that acts as a sales front and then purchase your products from dropshipping vendors like AliExpress, SaleHoo, Doba, or many others. You can create a website quickly and without technical knowledge, if you use a website builder like Shopify.

Online Part-Time Jobs Philippines
Online Part-Time Jobs Philippines

Benefits of Working From Home On the Internet

Online part time jobs at home Philippines offer many different sources of income from which you can choose. An additional source of income never hurts. However, it is helpful for every novice worker on the Internet to know that this type of activity has advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the main positives. A definite plus is the work schedule that you set yourself. Working via the Internet at home eliminates the need to rush to the workplace by 8-9 am without delay, running out of the house in any weather, or jostle in transport during peak hours. Independent work on the Internet allows you to set a free schedule that meets your needs. After all, someone likes to work in the morning and in the evening, devoting 2-3 hours a day to work.

For many, remote work at home via the Internet in comfortable conditions is a pleasant addition to the opportunity to work on a fee schedule. For example, you can make yourself comfortable at home and, more importantly, adjust your comfort level as you wish.

What To Do If You Need Money ASAP?

Sometimes, you will need money urgently, in this case, you may decide to apply for a quick online loan or credit card. This is normal, but be sure you have the possibility to repay the money back. If not, don´t apply for any loans, especially unsecured ones. Better find your job and earn money. Stay without debts.

Final Thoughts About Online Part-Time Job in the Philippines

Internet professions in the Philippines have never been more in demand than now. Thanks to modern technology, everyone can work remotely while earning good money. If you prefer a flexible schedule yet have self-discipline and can work productively from home, especially in quarantine, then remote professions are for you.

There are many job search options:

  • Respond without taking into account the format of work;
  • Use your contacts;
  • Take a job on freelance exchanges.

The first is suitable only for experienced people with well-pumped charisma: indicate your city in your resume, and respond to any vacancy you like. Be sure to mention excellent time management skills and strong self-motivation so that everyone immediately understands that you do not have to be urged. It would not be superfluous to ask HR how work is organized for remote employees: is it possible to leave during the day, and how often do you need to report on work? Understand this right away — and you will save a lot of effort.

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