Jeff LK

Interest Rate

depends the loan service you choose

Loan Amount

Up To Rs. 50.000

4 / 5

Jeff LK in Sri Lanka will help you to get money online. It will help you to compare loan lenders in just 5 minutes. Service is free, so no charges, be sure.

  • Loan amount (depends on the lender) up to Rs. 50000
  • Loan period depends on the lender
  • Interest rate depends on the lender
  • Citizenship only for Sri Lanka people
  • Age 20 - 55 years
  • License no, cause broker doesn´t need it
  • It is free online broker in Sri Lanka
  • You can quickly get information about the local lenders
  • Jeff LK doesn´t provide loans, only provide information according to the own vision
  • No responsibility for recommendations

Jeff LK broker online in Sri Lanka. If you need quick money online, this service can give you some new ideas about lenders. It will take 5 minutes to get information about best lenders in the Sri Lanka that can provide unsecured loans.

Jeff LK - Loan broker in Sri Lanka
Jeff LK – Loan broker in Sri Lanka

Jeff LK Loan Broker & How It Works

  1. Go the loan broker website;
  2. Go through the registration process;
  3. Choose the lender you are interested in and go out to one website / app;
  4. Choose the sum of money and loan period you need;
  5. Register and add your personal information;
  6. Agree with all terms (of cause, if everything is ok from your side; also, please read all terms);
  7. Get your money (if everything ok and loan was approved from the lender);
  8. Solve all your financial needs;
  9. Repay the loan in time before the due date, so you were able to avoid penalties.

Jeff Contacts in LK

If you have additional questions to the Jeff Team, you can contact them via contacts on the website or social networks:


Reviews About Service

If you had used Jeff LK broker service before, please share your experience in the comments lower. It will be interesting for other people. How it works? What lender did you choose? Is everything ok?

FAQ About Jeff Sri Lanka Loan Broker

⭐ Is Jeff LK Legal Company?

Jeff LK in Sri Lanka doesn´t need any additional license. It is just a broker that provides you with additional information about loans, so you have more opportunities to apply for a quick loan online.

Please, also remember that service doesn´t provide loans. Lenders are the company that can give you money. Jeff LK is only free broker that operates in Sri Lanka.

⭐ What Other Options Do You Have To Get Online Money in Sri Lanka?

You can apply for a online loan directly to other lenders like CashX, Lotus Loan, LoanMe, etc

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