Cashnet Colombo

Cashnet Colombo – it is payday loan service in Sri Lanka. You can apply with one for a loan online in 5 minutes and get money to your bank account/card in 1 hour. Cashnet SriLanka provides short-term loans and it can be expensive, so be careful before applying one.

An instalment loan (paid back in multiple repayments) or payday loan from Cashnet can be the right solution if the situation is a real emergency. You need to pay an unexpected bill or repair the car, etc.

Cashnet Colombo - payday loans in Sri Lanka

Cashnet Colombo

You can apply for the loan online with Cashnet Sri Lanka until next payday. Just before you need to understand how much money do you need. The 1st loan can be only up to Rs. 15000. You can do it easily with the 4 next steps, but remember, only you can decide to apply or not the loan:

1. Easy online applicationJust go to the Cashnet Colombo website:; the process will take up to 5-10 minutes, not more.
2. Quick approvalUsually, it takes not more than 30 – 60 minutes after the application
3. Fast FundingIf it was approved, you will get money to the bank account/card in several minutes; if it was rejected, you can try later in 1 hour or try another service like CashX or Cashwagon Sri Lanka
4. Don’t forget to repay the loanYou can repay the loan with the bank card or payment centers which are the partners to Cashnet Colombo
Cashnet payday loans Sri Lanka

A short-term loan can help you bridge the gap you got but always read carefully all terms in all details. You should be responsible for the actions you do! You can use your loan for any purposes, but it must be only used when it is really necessary and you have no other options.

Cashnet Terms

You can borrow up to 25000 LKR for 10, 20, 30 days.

Sum / Repayment period10 days20 days30 days
LKR 5,000 LKR 5,500LKR 6,000LKR 6,500
LKR 10,000LKR 11,000LKR 11,500LKR 12,000
LKR 15,000LKR 16,500LKR 17,000LKR 17,500
LKR 20,000LKR 22,000LKR 22,500LKR 23,000
LKR 25,000LKR 27,500LKR 28,000LKR 28,500

All final terms will be present in your contract online, but approximately payouts you will repay after applying for a loan with Cashnet.

Cashnet SriLanka application


  • You need to have a savings account
  • Stable source of income not less than Rs. 35000
  • You should be permanent citizen or Sri Lankan, citizen
  • Age: 18+ years
  • If you have a bad credit score you can prove your financial situation and loan will be accepted to you
  • NIC number

Applying for the loan you need to have the next information:

Contact information:Name, surname, email, phone, home address
Personal information:Birthdate, SSN, Government ID
Work information:The company, employe’s name, phone number, address, contact information, etc.
Income information:Cashnet service will be interested to understand how you will repay the loan and if it is real for the exact borrower
Bank details information:You need to receive money and for this, you need to add and verify your bank account

How To Repay The Loan?

A borrower can repay the loan for the Cashnet Colombo with the direct bank account, just don’t forget to mention your loan number.

If you have a situation, that you can’t repay the loan it is very unusual, cause everything should work well. Write at once to the support and find our what is happening, cause it can turn into the debt and collection agency will start to call you. Sometimes one takes extreme measures, so better to repay the loan in time.


Cashnet Colombo is the platform which helps borrowers to find lenders, facilitates the loan process. Service doesn’t act as a lender. This information is in the footer at the official website.

  • Email: info[@]
  • Hotline: 0114216916
  • Registration #: PV87901

Cashnet Colombo Reviews

If you had already the opportunity to use Cashnet Colombo services, please write your feedback in the comments. It will be interesting for other people in Sri Lanka.

Some recommendations:

  • Apply for the loan when only you can afford it
  • Don’t provide the incorrect information
  • Don’t skip the contract, read it several times, until you were not sure you understand all terms correctly
  • If you need to refinance loan, it is possible to option with Cashnet Colombo, but better don’t do it in order not to get in a more difficult financial situation

Only Sri Lankan citizens with the age 18+ years old (better even 21+ years old)

Well, you can try to apply again in 1 hour or later or try another service like:

  1. CashX Sri Lanka
  2. Cashwagon Sri Lanka

Write to Cashnet support team, they will help you to arrange your new payment schedule according to your opportunities and company's possibilities. You should do it not later than 2 business days before the repayment date.

Cashnet Colombo
Cashnet Colombo website

Name: Cashnet Sri Lanka

Description: Cashnet Colombo - fast payday loan in Sri Lanka up to Rs. 25000 for 30 days. Cashnet payday loans can help you quickly solve your financial situation, but don't forget to repay in time.

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Do you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of Cashnet Sri Lanka:


  • Simple and convenient website
  • All terms are transparent
  • No hassle at all with Cashnet Colombo
  • Professional service
  • All data is secured
  • No paperwork
  • No collateral required


  • high-interest rate
  • APR usually is higher than 300%
  • short term period, up to 30 days
  • small loan amount
  • if you will no repay loan in time, your debt will be given to the collection agency
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