Robocash Prize Fund – Get PHP 100,000 or More Just for Creativity!

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Up To PHP 25.000
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Loan up to PHP 25.000

Robocash Prize Fund can become yours just thanks to your out-of-box mind and nice idea. Robocash has become one of the most popular financial aid services today among Filipinos. The reasons are diverse starting from the most convenient terms of money lending and finishing with an obvious financial gap people have currently in the conditions of pandemia and lack of regular income. All these factors together create certain surroundings where we are searching for a better life and new solutions. 

Robocash Prize Fund
Robocash Prize Fund - Get PHP 100,000 or More Just for Creativity! 5

Leave behind your worries and concerns and switch on your hidden creativity to receive the prize from Robocash. You surely have several social media accounts as we have one more little life there to relax and share with something interesting and useful there for others. This time, you have a fantastic opportunity to give others a taste of your creativity and get a decent sum of money for it – PHP 100,000! Want to try? Read the terms further.

Robocash prize fund loan 0%
Robocash Prize Fund - Get PHP 100,000 or More Just for Creativity! 6

What Should You Do to Get Robocash Prize Fund of PHP 100,000 for Free

Take your smartphone or any other gadget that can shoot a video and make a captivating and nice video about Robocash to get Robocash Prize Fund you want. After that prepare it for sharing on social media, choose any you like or all of them – Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok till the end of this month (April 30, 2021). 

Very important to tag the official account of the Robocash Company in your great post and you will automatically become a candidate for the following prizes:

  • PHP 30.000 – will come to the wallet of the video author whose masterpiece projects immense creativity and a very nice story about the Robocash service. 
  • PHP 20.000 – will come to the card of the video creator with the maximal number of likes.
  • PHP 10.000 – will receive 5  people in one go, whose creative pieces are indeed great according to the opinion of Robocash and can not be ignored at all. 

Moreover, all of these winners will receive additional “extra cash” adv contracts produced by Robocash by the end of this year. The smell of soft money is in the air right now, is not it?

Robocash Prize Fund: Learn the Terms to be Forearmed as It Should Be!

Before taking part in this special offer from Robocash, please, read attentively these simple points to know:

  • It is necessary to be a Filipino resident if you want to participate in the following creative contest.
  • Only the participants who are 21+ years old can have a hand in it.
  • Your video needs to be presented precisely about the Robocash service as an online cash provider.
  • Please, be ready to present your video on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok feed by April 30 at the latest. Check your account before sharing to know that it is active and open for others. 
  • Important!!!!! Tag in your post or story Robocash’s original accounts according to the social media service (look below):

✔@robocashph for Instagram;

✔ for TikTok;

✔@roboph for Facebook.

Please, make your video active until the results will be announced to the public – May 5, 2021!

Think out of the box and show others your creative side!

Linda Carters/ author of the article

Financial Journalist on Advance Loans Philippines with 8 years experience in a Fintech niche.

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