How To Get SSS ID Number Online Quickly

How to get sss ID number online quickly
How to get an sss ID number online quickly

How To Get SSS ID Number Online as well as how to apply SSS ID online? These are very widespread questions in the Philippines today and all over the world. To give you the most precise information on the topic we gathered all the necessary information for you. 

First of all, it is important to clear up what is actually the SSS ID number online and how to register there. Look through the information below and get the answers you need. 

Do You Know What is SSS ID Number Online

It is generally known as social security systems which are essential for employees and workers who can obtain cash support by way of a definite percentage grounded on the general compensation level. The following systems have a very great advantage because they ensure a visible level of confidence in the long run due to broad governmental help. 

The Philippine Social System is a very clear and helpful program which can give the rial protection to the citizens in the form of giving cash compensations associated with health problems, retiring, incapacity for work, or even death. That is good to be aware of how to get SSS ID as the adherence is compulsory for all workers who reside in the Philippines and not obligatory for foreign employers, marriage partners, and parted members. 

This article includes general information about SSS, namely about SSS ID. Reveal basic points to be aware of all essential nuances. You will find out the fundamental rules and principles of the system, details concerning registration online, information sharing processes, various services presented for workers, and their employers including all the major advantages. 

How To Get SSS ID Number Online: SSS Basics

Well, let’s discover in a full scope what is SSS? It is a special program that has been designed for Filipino residents. According to the law, it is created to encourage the welfare of employees and provide social protection in certain cases. SSS protects the people who are the members making their financial load less heavy. As we know the financial burden can be provoked by diverse reasons, as well as senior citizenship, illnesses, and decease. 

Concerning SSS benefits, they are very different considering that the corresponding compensation encompasses the next:

  • Maternity
  • Sickness
  • Incapability
  • Retiring
  • Decease
  • Funeral
  • Employees’ Compensation Program
  • Quick cash loans

With a clear understanding of the SSS basics, we can smoothly come to the system named SSS ID. A lot of people do not know how to register for SSS today. What are the methods: online or offline. Further information will surely be helpful. 

Discover the way how to register in SSS

how to register in SSS
How To Get SSS ID Number Online Quickly 6

Basically, you can find out two methods of getting your personal SSS ID. Initially, it is possible to visit any actual office and present there the list of all the required docs including personal application. 

One more available approach is to register your SSS account through the Internet. It is obvious that the second variant is easier, however, you need to submit the same documents personally. 

So as you see, there are two variants of getting your unique SSS ID as we stated. 

Traditionally all SSS ID numbers are one-of-a-kind and connected with its holder forever. In case of forgetting or losing your personal number, you should not try to find the method of how to apply for SSS new one number yet again. Please act the way offered further:

  1. Take your phone and make a call. You can do it at any time starting from Monday till Friday (24 hours), if it happens that the line is busy, please do not hesitate and dial the following number 920-6446 two 55.
  2. It is also possible to check the number through the Internet. Use the official SSS website, but before it, you should have your personal account there. 
  3. They also have a special Help Center, its workers are usually ready to answer your questions and direct you the proper way. Just email them, the connection information is available on the site. Do not forget to indicate there your email, date of birth, attaching the necessary IDs.
  4. If you find it difficult to solve the matter online, the only traditional method is to go to a local office. Choose the closest branch to visit as quickly as possible. 

Let’s discover how to register in SSS without the Internet

Land-Based Registration 

Although SSS experts have worked hard and spent considerable resources to start such a desirable online registration system, a great number of Filipinos want to communicate personally that is why they prefer to visit land-based offices and bring their docs in the following way.  

For the reason above, we have decided to prepare the information on how to register offline to get your SSS ID as a result. In case you know all these steps of registration, please read the next part to be aware of the ways concerning how to get SSS number online. 

  1. Provide the submission of an E-1 Form 

Firstly, it is necessary to complete a special E-1 form commonly known as a Personal Record Form. Look through the available SSS resources and you will find the form you need and all the requirements included for it. After that take the one with all the requested lines filled out and submit it to the local SSS office, do not forget to also take the certified copies and photographic prints of a basic doc. 

In order to help you to get the whole list of papers properly, look through here to be ready to prepare the docs. Moreover, you can answer the following question: how to know my SSS number? 

Keep in mind that everyone from the list below must prepare extra docs for submission in order to acknowledge their status:

  • Married people, 
  • Those who lost his or her spouse,
  • Legally separated, 
  • Void marriage couples,
  • Those with children,
  • Divorced Muslims.

When all the requested docs are provided and you have charged the first month of adherence, you have access to apply for an SSS ID card.

  1. Provide the submission of an E-6 Form 

It is not difficult at all as the whole process is actually the same as the previous one, the only difference is that you need another form. Find it online as well without problems. See to it that to provide the form to the nearest office including one basic document or 2 secondary docs. 

To get SSS ID card promptly, do not postpone and go to the local SSS office in the shortest possible time. To be the first and obtain it, and verify SSS number fast, you need to come to the office at 6 o’clock in the morning.  In this way it will be possible to have the verification done by 10:00. One more nuance, please, take hard copies (original versions are also eligible) of the necessary papers. The copies you prepare must be verified by clerks. 

  1. Take your ID Clearance to know when to go

In the contemporary world it is impossible to do anything without an ID clearance in the administrative office. Well, this small paper is a doc that acknowledges that you are awaiting to receive your SSS ID card anytime soon.  

Hope you understand that even if all your docs are submitted including the required form,  you can not get the SSS card ID without that small ID Clearance. Consequently, the person needs to wait approximately a day, and come to the office again to register your ID data. Concerning the ID Clearance, it will play the role of a number in a queue. 

Remember, visiting the office should be as early as possible, as they work according to the traditional principle of who comes first – the one gets the service, and one more thing, that some visitors have very often accurate time indicated. At the land office (the branch) a clerk will receive the visitor’s ID data (signature, PIN, fingerprints, facial identification info). The whole process itself is very fast, but no one rejected the queues, and they are often very long. So, prepare for it and be ready to wait. 

  1. Receive Your SSS ID Card Easy

Well, congratulations, as this is the last step which is the easiest. The SSS ID you need will be ready in a month after the action with ID capture. Well done!

Do You Know How to Register SSS online?

Traditional approach of face-to-face interaction is good, and now let’s return to a more contemporary solution. Read further to reveal one more stepwise guideline which includes registration online and the corresponding matters, namely how to activate my SSS online account and get what I need.  

Please, keep in mind that this process is a bit diverse for both employees and employers, in such a matter select the relevant pages at the website. For all that we gathered the most important things concerning each step. Besides, keep in head that employers do not have any access to the records of their workers. 

1. Registration Tab is Your First Step: Get SSS ID Number Online

At the beginning, visit straight off the SSS website where you will find the related for you button with a proper title triggering you to start your registration. Immediately click that button, and go further to the right window with the following information to add:

  • Deposit account
  • Mobile telephone number
  • UMID
  • Employer ID
  • Details of payment

Simply choose the best variant for you. The selected ID will be applied for finishing your registration process while following these movements. You can use the direct link for registration to continue. Employers can also find here the related options to complete the action. Use a special Member Registration if you are an employee. The same is for employers, they try Employer Registration or Household registration when it comes to the owning of your own Household. 

Do people very often ask how to activate SSS online registration simply?

When all the necessary ID papers have been submitted, continue the following way.

2. Prepare an Online Form for Submission

Commonly people do not know how to activate SSS online registration and want to get a quick answer. It is very important to start and complete this step properly. Be ready to fill out a considerable form with diverse lines. Do not be in a hurry, analyse all requirements and finish the form attentively. Both employers and workers have different lines to fill in, but they are clear for understanding. 

Check several times the information you provide concerning your address and reference number. At the end, tick the box with T and C and complete the form. When your form is submitted, you will find a message with confirmation. This means you’ve done everything properly. 

3. Activation of your Account is the next step

Aside from that, you will receive a confirmation email from their special system – (remember that sometimes it comes to your mail during the whole day). The e-letter you will get will include your personal ID created for every user individually, and the link which will direct you to the SSS profile. Keep in mind that it is necessary to activate your account during 5 days after getting this letter. Follow that link in the email and you will find yourself automatically to the official site to adjust your password and sound out all the details of your new profile. 

Do not forget to activate our account during 5 days after getting the system letter!!!!!!!

When you want to know how to unlock your SSS account, do the last steps. The process of activation should be immediate; additionally, there are some secondary steps you need to know about:

  • Captcha. This additional system protection is very popular today online everywhere, that is why be very accurate and insert the right symbols (verification code) to finish quickly.
  • The system of processing. Do not be in a hurry, as SSS experts and the whole working machine requires additional time to look through the information in your form and only after that they will provide you with the email to confirm. 
  • Mailing service. Very often it happens that people can not find the letter they are waiting for, because it goes to the spam folder. Well, check it if this is your case. 

4. Your final step is to get your SSS ID card

Whether you like it or not, some personal interaction is needed. Please, print out your Record Form, including the statement for confirmation you’ve received via email and your Number Slip. After that, go to the closest land-based office to get your ID card. To know more information about how to contact clerks, read our next section dedicated to the topic of how to know SSS numbers. When the online registration is finished, you will, definitely, cope very quickly with all the offline processes. 

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Two SSS Services for Employees and Workers

As we have discovered, there are two types of members – those who give work and workers themselves. The SSS online website offers two subtly various ranges of services. It’s a great idea to look through them and understand their mission.

In case you are a member, it means that you are able to:

  • Come over the information connected with membership and cooperation
  • Discover advantages
  • Check loan records
  • Make an application
  • Fix a meeting with a certain branch
  • Ask about eligibility
  • Reveal evaluated benefits
  • Look through and make your own statements
  • Get to know how to update SSS information through the Internet. 

In case you are a registered employer, you are able to:

  • Obtain records, 
  • Provide transaction reports
  • Send applications
  • Have access to your transaction history
  • Look through, create and rewrite contribution lists
  • Fix meetings with branches 
  • Add some new information to contact you

What are the real SSS Benefits?

This is the final section in this long article which is dedicated to the possible and real benefits for SSS members. These advantages start from sickness compensation and continue to cash loans online, well let’s look at them more closely:

Health disorder – the amount in cash (something about 90% of the person’s ADSC which is arranged in accordance with insurance) charged on a regular basis for each date (min. 4 and upper limit – 120 per twelvemonth) that an SSS member is not able to spend in the office because of illness or bodily harm.
Maternity period – the amount in cash (about 100% of ADSC multiplied by 60 or 78 dates) charged to a woman SSS member who is not able to be present at a workplace because of the gestation period or abortion (upper limit is four times during life).
The inability – the amount in cash ( something about P1,000-P2,400 including additional P1,000 and extra P500) charged once per month or as a whole sum to a permanently incapacitated member. 
Retiring – the amount in cash (P1,200-P2,400 including additional P1,000 and extra P250 for children of minority age) charged once in a month or as a whole sum to a retired member. 
A case of death – the amount in cash (about (P1,000-P2,400 including additional P1,000 and more P250 for children of minor age) charged once in a month or as a whole sum to family members of a dead person. 
Burial – the amount in cash (from P20,000 to P40,000) charged as refurbishment for burial expenditures. 
Exceptional Children Program – advantages which have been indicated plus additional services, for example, those in medicine. All SSS members belong to this program and can ask for compensation aside from SSS benefits. 
Personal loans online – the amount in cash charged in the form of salary for 1 or 2 months to those members who are employed. Such type of lending is known as easy SSS loans with an interest rate of 10%. 

That does it! Well, now it is very simple, and hope you are aware of how to log in to SSS, receive your personal number, work with this online platform, and obtain the benefits you deserve. Keep in mind that social security can bring you some benefits. 

Contact number SSS hotline for members

How To Get SSS ID Number hotline

My personal SSS account and how to work with it

To have your Social Security System ID (SSS ID) is essential nowadays and it is actually a requirement for any transaction. We usually need to indicate an individual SSS number, especially when it comes to applying for work or for private means. Only imagine the fact that it is really challenging today for many customers to provide their unique SSS ID number online which serves as personal identification. 

The most widespread situations are when people simply lost their SSS ID card, do not remember, and can not keep their ID number in their head when it is necessary. And it is natural and predictable because some years ago it was not required at all and did not act as a kind of identification.

Should it be applying for work or for personal means, you will definitely need to indicate your SSS ID number

Everything is changing every year and we have to correspond to many new adjustments. To make this process easy and smooth, we decided to select 4 easy methods to find SSS ID numbers online without delays. 

  • Take your phone and call SSS hotline
  • Use “My SSS” to check the number online
  • Email the special SSS customer support
  • Go to the nearest SSS office.
  1. Use the Number to Call SSS hotline

It is not a secret that the SSS hotline is active the whole day, so you can call them whenever you need from Monday till Friday. As too many people do the same, the lines are often busy, but you can try several times and finally be connected. Do not forget that they will surely ask you the verification question, as it is required according to their system of verification. 

Telephone Number920-6446-55

  1. Use “My SSS” to check your SSS ID number online

Primarily, it makes no problem to create your personal online account by indicating your name and electronic address. Assure yourself that you can log in to your email account when using it for registration. To register for the first time, it is required to have only one from the list below:

How To Get SSS ID Number list of docs
How To Get SSS ID Number Online Quickly 7

In case you have approximately one detail available of the above, simply follow the link to start registration – 

When you already have your account on the Internet but you are locked out, it is possible to reset your password. 

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  1. Email the special SSS customer support

Write an email to or indicating your desire to get to know your SSS number. Remember to write there your name and date of birth. Be ready to add your basic ID you have at the moment, as for example, your Passport, the Certificate of Birth or Driving License. 

  1. Go to the nearest SSS office

If you have enough time, you can try this old method and visit the SSS branch. If it is really impossible to do the whole process online and you require the number for some important things; well, dedicate some time, about an hour, and go to the SSS office. It will take 30 minutes to take your ID number there if it is not a hot time for them with a very long queue. 

All the ways are possible and you can choose the most convenient for yourself to find your SSS ID number online fast. We hope the following suggestions will work for you and you will not rack your brains and feel concerned about how to get my SSS number right now. 

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