Amihan Fast Online Peso Loan

Interest Rate

0,27% daily

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 10.000


You can download and install Amihan app in several minutes.

PHP 6000 for 3 months (interest 0.27% daily)
PHP 6000 / 3 = PHP 2000 + PHP 162 interest monthly. Total monthly PHP 2162.

Calculations also depends on loan repayment history, loan amount, period, etc.

  • Loan amount PHP 10000 - PHP 20000
  • Loan terms 91 - 360 days
  • Annual Interest rate 2,00%
  • Service fee 0.15% - 0.80%
  • Transaction fee no
  • Age 18 - 56 years
  • Citizenship only Filipinos
  • 2 valid ID cards must
  • Documents 1 valid ID
  • job and a stable source of income must
  • SEC Registration CS201904471
  • Certification of Authority 2916
  • All process is online
  • No collateral required
  • No bank account required
  • Support e-wallet or offline stores to withdraw money
  • Interest rate
  • App didn't update for a long time
  • Amihan is only for Android users

Amihan Fast Online Peso Loan (9F Lending Philippines Incorporated) – it is online financial app which provides online loans to Filipinos. With one you can apply easily in 10 minutes. Amihan Philippines is in the list of registered companies in SEC.

Amihan Fast Online Peso Loan

Amihan Philippines

Amihan is the lending app with the help of which you can apply and get loan. All terms are transparent, so you can calculate your future repayment before applying the online loan. App is user friendly and you can use one anytime you need.

To apply loan with Amihan Android App you need:

1. Download the Amihan App

For this you need just go to the Google Play and download the app;

2. Choose the Loan Amount You Need

With the help of mobile application you can easily get ll needed information about terms, requirements, repayment process, fees, etc;

3. Add Your Personal Information

If you need money, you should your contact and personal information, so service could score these information and, if everything ok, give you loan;

4. Agree Terms

Obviously read all information about loan terms, and better several times, so you were sure you understand everything correctly; if terms are ok for you, apply further, if not, better to cancel your application! Also, if you are not sure when and how you will be able to repay loan, please don’t apply the loan with the app;

5. Get Money on Your E-wallet

You downloaded and registered in the application, provided personal information, agreed with the terms, service scored everything and send you money to your account; further you can use your money as you want, but don’t forget about the repayment and interest rate;

6. Repayment

Better to repay in time or quicker, cause only than you will avoid additional problems; if you will not repay in time, service will add late fee, your interest rate will be higher, company can send report to the credit history companies, so your credit score can become poor, and the last, your loan can be sold to the 3d party collateral companies, which will try to get their money back; so, if you decided to apply quick online loan in the Philippines, please be sure you understand all terms, risks and you know, and sure how to repay this loan in time or quicker!

Amihan lending app Philippines

Alternative Loan Companies

Loan up to PHP 25.000
Loan up to PHP 12.000
Loan up to PHP 20.000
Loan up to PHP 25.000
Loan up to PHP 15.000


Company name9F Lending Philippines Inc.
Websitenot active
Phone09122022129 | 09367224105
Working hours08 am – 5 pm (Mon – Sun), except holidays

Amihan Reviews

If you had opportunity to use lending service Amihan, please write in the comments lower your feedback, it will be helpful to the people.

Also, pay attention:

Amihan Google Play History
Here you can see that Amihan service hadn’t updates since May 29, 2020 and this is enough strange, cause company has registration in SEC and should be more active with one product.

Also, pay attention to official Facebook page – – the last update was in June 2020, and this not ok. Suppose, company is still active online, but not in real.

Amihan reviews Philippines

This is total score of Amihan app in the Google Play market. Not so high, but for middle score is ok.


⭐ Is Amihan Legal?

Yes, Amihan – it is the lending brand of 9F LENDING PHILIPPINES INCORPORATED and one has SEC registration: CS201904471 and Certificate of Authority: 2916;

⚡ How Amihan Data Is Really Protected?

All data is encrypted and go through secure channel; company doesn’t provide your data to 3d parties, only excluding the cases provided by Philippines laws;

💳 How To Get Loan Online With Amihan?

To get installment loan you need just download the app and follow instructions, several steps: from card preparation, completing credit profile, after which user will get information about credit limit, only then you will be able to choose amount of loan, apply one; after you need just wait a little, cause processing can take up to 10 minutes and receive money during 1 hour, if everything ok;

💰 How To Repay Amihan Loan?

Customer an do it with the help of account in e-wallet, with a bank transfer or through the payment systems, for example QuickPeso, etc.

Amihan Fast Online Peso Loan

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