20 Tips For a Better Work-life Balance In the Philippines

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Work-life balance in the Philippines – what is it? Finding a balance between career and family has always been difficult, especially now, in this modern world, when many professionals are obsessed with work and personal achievements — and this is not bad as long as everything is in order with mental health and family relationships and so on. Many are looking for effective ways to improve their work-life balance.

Like many things, there is no one right way or magic formula. Our work and family circumstances are very different. For example, how many children do we have, their ages, are they already in school, the nature, and requirements of our work and that of our partner, the flexibility of working hours. In terms of work-life balance in the Philippines, it is also worth considering our personalities, strengths, and prospects.

Work-Life Balance In the Philippines
Work-Life Balance In the Philippines

What is Work-life Balance?

Numerous people wonder what it means to have a work-life balance. The balance between work and private life is called work-life balance. If a specialist manages to work productively and devote enough time to his family and hobbies, he can achieve a balance. Suppose the efficiency at work is growing, and there is a catastrophic lack of time for rest. In that case, it is worth considering how to balance workloads and set aside time for yourself. Several people are commonly referred to as workaholics. For them, life is all about work. Employers and HR specialists love them because such employees always fulfill the plan, are ready to work overtime, and go on business trips.

The Importance of Work-life Balance

So what is the meaning of work-life balance? Work-life balance is essential for a productive personal and professional life.

A few things you should consider:

  • A strong sense of control and responsibility for their lives encourages employees to improve their relationships with management.
  • Employees who don’t have work-life balance issues are more likely to feel motivated and less stressed at work.
  • Employees who have an excellent work-life balance increase company productivity and reduce conflict between colleagues and management through increased motivation and lower stress levels.
  • Companies that encourage improving work-life balance are more attractive as potential employers.

Companies that encourage work-life balance understand what is the importance of work-life balance and often have heightened employee retention rates and low employee turnover rates.

The Situation in the Philippines

Some are worried about the question of which country is best for work-life balance. Monster Philippines — a recruiting portal, conducted a study that answered which country has work-life balance. The results are as follows:

  • 41% of Filipinos are satisfied with their personal/professional balance,
  • 59% of those surveyed said that flexible working hours are the central aspect of work/life balance,
  • 44% said their supervisors are supportive and understand that there is a life outside of work. The work-life balance study in the Philippines found that Filipinos have one of the best experiences in Southeast Asia with work-life balance. Nearly two-thirds of working professionals in the Philippines say they are generally satisfied with their current work-life balance.

Basic Tips

Of course, the ideal balance between work and personal life means something different, and there is no universal solution to this matter. But these 20 tips on how to start living a more fulfilling and prosperous life can be applied in almost any situation.

Choose the Right Model

Being mindful of the various potential sources of conflict between home and work, such as time, work demands, stress, etc., will help you be more conscious in choosing a problem-solving model. Also, increased attention to the listed sources will help you develop effective strategies for protecting against work-life conflict.

Don’t Underestimate Mental Health

It applies to both your working group and you. More and more companies realize the importance of mental health days, which means employees can choose to take time off to recharge. Physical illness does not have to be the only reason for rest. Be candid with your team when discussing the importance of mental well-being, don’t feel embarrassed or embarrassed that you don’t feel your best all the time⁠—no one does. While this attitude doesn’t solve the problem, it can undoubtedly help with psychological relaxation. By openly and honestly discussing mental health issues and not hiding your true feelings, you can help your work team reduce stress levels and, very likely, the impact of these problems on the lives of your employees.

Use Your Skills To Be More Efficient

How we think about our needs significantly influences how we handle them and how sufficient we are. Think about how family life and the talents you use at home can make you more sufficient at the job and how your career skills can be used at home.

Make Time Just For Yourself

One variant to do this is to pick up a hobby that you can do independently (or with a small group of people). It will allow your mind and brain to relax. The most common hobby that most people choose is sports. And this is just a great option because it will also allow you to be in good physical and mental shape.

Take On No More Than Eight Roles

Throughout life, we play various social roles: a subordinate, a leader, a spouse, a parent, energetic tennis players, etc. It has been estimated that if a person plays less than eight social roles, his life is under control. Exceeding this number leads to imbalance.

Delegate, Simplify and Say Goodbye

Do only what is essential. Delegate the rest, simplify or even say goodbye to tasks and plans. Workaholism is often a blind belief that only hard work can achieve success and wealth. But often, such a postulate turns into addiction, labor for the sake of labor, inability to delegate, and disorganization.

Set Boundaries and Follow a Schedule

It is vital to track how much time you spend at work (per week or month, not per day). Remember that this also includes the time you spent worrying about or thinking about your work-life balance in the Philippines. All this is one of the signs of work stress. Spend your way from work to tuning in to your personal life. Work should be left at work and not brought into the house.

Stick to the Perfect Productivity Formula

Practice total immersion. If the task’s difficulty greatly exceeds your skills, this is an area of ​​stress. If you can do much more than you need to do, this is the realm of boredom. By balancing between anxiety and boredom, you can fully immerse yourself in work without being distracted by irritants. Beware of false breaks and useless internet surfing. Breaks are best planned and strictly adhered to.

Talk About Excessive Demands to Management, Do Not Be Shy

The manager is responsible for the proper organization of work — for how the schedule is formed and how the workload is distributed. Excessive and frequent processing, as a result, will lead to the fact that a person runs out of steam, which means that he does not have enough strength for constructive decisions or new ideas. It is one of the primary reasons why the practice of squeezing everything out of a person is not acceptable.

Work-Life Balance Philippines
Work-Life Balance Philippines

Make Time For Loved Ones

If you are working hard on your career, this does not mean that you cannot live to the fullest the rest of the time. Make time with loved ones a priority. Enter it into your work calendar the same way you would enter a meeting. Don’t forget that relaxation can allow you to recharge your batteries and get back to work more robust, healthier, and more prepared than those around you. Try to wind up as much as you can: this will improve your mental state and help improve your overall performance!


Most of the reasoning about balance boils down to the fact that balance is unlikely to be achieved as a balanced and equivalent success in all areas of life. Regularly, one or another area will draw time and attention to itself. You will constantly have to choose what is more important: family or work, work or hobby, hobby or reputation, reputation or satisfaction, etc. But to make a choice easier, many are helped by the so-called prioritization: determining which goals and objectives require priority attention and how other areas can coexist without harming the main thing.


Any cooperation with other people is the primary source of happiness, where we feel supported or supported by others. It likewise helps to make groups or communities of interest or mutual help.

First and foremost, you have to find out who may be searching for a balance between work and personal life. Is mutual assistance possible between your family and other members of the community? For example, spreading the cost of entertaining children, being able to babysit your child, or when their child can stay overnight and vice versa.

Use Your Strengths

It is equally important to understand who you are and what your strong sides are is fundamental in creating a work-life balance for teachers in the Philippines or any other profession. It will let you do the job better and manage household chores. Don’t try to be someone you are not because that will cause psychological and physical frustration. Accept that you lack certain qualities and ask for help from loved ones, mentors, or friends.

Think About Your Surroundings

Whether you are up to the home office or for actual the workplace, you need to know what is work-life balance in the workplace and be aware of what you surround yourself with. It is doubtful that you will have much influence on the design of your office, but try to keep your work area clean and tidy⁠. The adage «A clean desk, a clean mind» makes perfect sense. Similarly, when you return home, make sure you are in a place that allows you to relax and reduce your stress levels.

Manage Expectations

Planning your week will help you set the time you can devote to your personal life. What is work-life balance examples: if you plan to go all out every week, you may be prone to failure, disappointment, and burnout. Set more realistic expectations for yourself to evenly distribute your energy between work and personal life.

Manage Time and Energy

A working day is not just the number of hours you spend at your desk. Try approaching your work differently, perhaps by creating a to-do list or using a time-management technique like the Pomodoro. If you are a manager or leader, give your team the freedom to try different ways of working. Our productivity naturally peaks and falls throughout the day⁠ — don’t expect your co-workers to deliver high levels of productivity consistently.

Know the Meaning of Balance

You will be astonished to know that a quality work-life balance is what people want the most. A recent study found that employees are willing to receive lower wages in a company that treats them more humanely. Pushing personal circumstances into the background is a pretty big concession. However, this is a clear indication that people no longer see work as the essential thing in their lives, only as a means to secure a certain standard of living.

Divide Into Topics

When you categorize your days, weeks, and months into topics, you automatically take on the job of thinking about what to do during a given period from the equation. It gives you extra time as you can get straight to the tasks you need to complete in your business. For example, Monday could be a self-PR day, Tuesday could be a network day, Wednesday could be a client project day, etc.

Get Rid of Perfectionism

It is paramount to understand the difference between a well-done task and the pursuit of a perfect result. Perfectionism can be very dangerous. Due to unreasonably high demands on ourselves, we work more slowly and are under constant stress. Therefore, it is better to focus on doing your job well, even if not perfectly.

Remove The Excess From Your To-Do List

Sometimes, it’s impossible to find a work-life balance in the Philippines without checking things off your to-do list. Analyze your daily activities. And then think about how to free yourself from those items that are not very important for achieving your goals and do not bring you any joy. For example, if cleaning your apartment takes a whole day off and sucks all the energy out of you, you might want to start using the services of a cleaning company.

Wrapping Up About Work-Life Balance Philippines

It is impossible to cover everything at once to achieve the desired work-life balance. Try to start by highlighting those easy items for you to do. As soon as the measures you have taken bear fruit, and you move away from constant monitoring of their implementation, start adding a new item to your life. Do not try to change the approach to work or everyday worries radically. Even minor changes in this direction can qualitatively change your attitude to work and personal life.

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