5 Small Business Loans to Receive Quickly in the Philippines

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Business loans are becoming indispensable in such a complicated time of uncertainty. Every business demands additional money for further development, improvement, and stability. Many of us dream about launching a good business with regular income. If to dig deeper and analyze a certain area, you will see that it’s not so complicated to do – simply discover the needs of people and organize the process. 

Especially during these hard times, you may feel a certain lack of income security and need quick cash to meet different urgent expenses. If your business strongly requires new equipment or products for better sales, it’s time to think about catching easy options for money lending. Almost every fledgling business owner needs an extra minor amount for the deal.

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Personal business loan: The Best Variants for Quick Approval 

These shortlisted business loan options will help you to learn the key information about the sums of money you can receive online and available rates.

Personal Business Loan Benefits You Can Get

It’s up to you when to start your own business and how far to go further. If you hesitate all the time and put off your withes and ideas, you will not get the desired self-realization, great income, respect, and possibilities. Continue to work for someone in the office and close off your ambitions and plans. Just think about what you will have with the money you get? You will start your business and become its legal owner. 

Moreover, taking into consideration the very good terms of these loan services in the Philippines, low-interest rates, different options for payout including fast growth of the economy, you should definitely jump at this opportunity. Try to get a personal business loan in the shortest time possible and enjoy the business process. It is difficult to predict something concerning the economy anytime soon, as the situation with COVID-19, for example, contradicts all available forecasts and common sense interpretations.

If you decide to find the variant for getting a personal business loan right now, you ensure stable growth and financial durability for your business future. 

Virtual Calculator for Business Loan Estimation

Clicking any of the above-mentioned lending services you will find out detailed information about the service, its official docs, rates, and money lending options, terms, and so on as well as an online business loan calculator. To use it properly and estimate the final figures you are going to receive and payback after the finishing of the repayment date. 

business loan calculator online
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Several steps to calculate the business loan online:

1.Determine the sum of money you need (every lending service offers its own figures and maximum options);

2. Choose the number of days you want to use your loan for; 

3. And finally, you will see your loan amount, fee, and total repayment. 

As you can see from above, using the online loan calculator you can see the real figures and understand your further steps. 

Personal Business Loan: Where is It Better to Take It

Lending in the Philippines is an extremely widespread service among residents today. One of the reasons is not only lack of money, but also the occurrence of additional expenses, demands, and urgent conditions. When you have clear goals and do understand you can cope with financial troubles, the following lending services and organizations can work for you. 

You can find several places in the Philippines where they issue loans for different purposes. As public monopolization does not occupy the country, the market of the country is not abundant in supply. There are few private creditors as well as the projects offered by the government. Read further to learn about the organizations that are popular among Filipinos including the programs which are connected with the issue of loans. 

Bank of the Philippines Island (BPI)

Business loan BPI
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When the client wants to apply at BPI for a loan in order to open a franchise business, he or she will receive a personal loan with relatively good conditions. In another case, the Bank can offer you one more option for urgent purposes. But you should know that applying there, you have to confirm the minimum income of your family – PHP 50 000.

The Bank of the Philippines Island is the only bank there that offers personal loans to deal with the franchise. There is a slight difference between regular credit and those issued for franchise purposes.

Unsecured loans from BPI

Want to get a definite sum of money for payments for a specified period? It is possible with BPI as well that offers straight loans for short time (you can payout it within a year) or choose the longer period if you need for more than 1 year.

  • Loan for a short period of time;
  • Fixed-term loan (2-10 years).

Binder Dijker Otte (BDO) loan options for small business

business loan with BDO

The BDO institution offers a long-term personal loan for the citizens of the Philippines. you can choose the sum starting from 1 million up to 20 million with the payment conditions from one year till ten years. The longer period you choose, the more you will pay as an interest rate. Here is the minimum rate which is 8% for 1 year and it rises up to 11% if you can not cope with paying back within 4 years. All the property options either in the country or any commercial spots can be perceived as security for a loan.

Working Capital Loan

This is the type of loan that can be applied for the urgent needs of your business on the same day.

Fixed-term loan

You can choose a fixed-term loan with a medium period for using it and payout. It commonly takes 1-3 years to deal with it, or longer – 3-5 years to cover all loan expenses.

Small and Medium Enterprises or SME

This special financing program offered by the World Bank can become a great opportunity for your small business in a period of hard changes. Receive the financing you are lack to let your business grow.

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