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Important: currently, MoneyMatch Philippines website is not available and one´s redirect too – Rykom Financing Corporation. Also, pay attention, that Rykom website is without http, so suppose one it is not safe.

Day by day, online financing services are becoming more and more popular. Of course, such innovations also affected the field of lending. Now more people are interested in the issue of obtaining a loan online. Moreover, such a service is provided by the vast majority of financial institutions in the Philippines.

One of the specialized P2P lending platforms is Moneymatch Philippines. It is a solution for both private citizens and small and medium-sized companies. On the website, borrowers may make their requests, which are assessed before being made available for investment. Borrowers whose loans have been authorized can withdraw money from any PBCom branch. Investors may browse the loan applications for auction, decide which loans to back, and place a bid. Moreover, lenders can provide several loans.

MoneyMatch Philippines P2P Service
MoneyMatch Philippines P2P Service

MoneyMatch Philippines & How It Works

This business serves as a platform for peer-to-peer financing. The platform offers technical assistance, manages electronic documents on the website, and keeps track of when payments are made. It verifies borrowers and creates the necessary paperwork for the transaction. In the event of delays, it maintains control over the borrowers and assists them in getting back on track.

You must fulfill the following criteria to apply for a loan here:

  • The person should have an identity document;
  • It is likewise vital to include an email address and phone number;
  • Regardless of their social standing or level of income, any adult is eligible to apply for a loan;
  • The person should have any bank card in the Philippines bank;
  • It is vital to go through the verification of the home address.

You do not necessarily need a personal PC. You need to have a portable mobile device at hand. It makes no sense to spend extra time to get to the bank and stand in line because there is a real opportunity to fill out an application for various types of loans online with the help of MoneyMatch. After filling out the application on the site, you wait for a call from the manager and follow the instructions.

How to Get Loan With MoneyMatch Philippines

In a few easy steps, you may submit a loan application:

  1. The customer must first access the website online;
  2. The next step is to register and submit an application;
  3. The customer must then attach the required paperwork, along with their bank card or account information;
  4. The customer must fill out an application in the window and wait for a response.

The method for receiving money is typical for financial organizations. MoneyMatch is prepared to provide consumers with a secured or personal loan. Each customer may pick flexible terms separately under the first option.

Terms & Requirements of Money Match

There are such conditions of loans for the salary of employees:

  • The minimum loan amount is 10,000 PHP;
  • The maximum loan amount is 200,000 PHP;
  • Payment terms are from 1 to 36 months;
  • Approval time is from 24 to 48 hours.

There are conditions for a mortgage loan:

  • The minimum loan amount is 500,000 PHP;
  • Maximum loan amount is PHP 3,000,000;
  • Payment terms are up to 60 months;
  • Approval time is from 3 to 5 days.

A potential customer of the company must fully satisfy the following standards to apply for a loan utilizing an electronic platform: a three-month job, a permanent residency permit, a passport issued by a citizen of the nation, possession of a personal bank card or account, and access to a smartphone or computer with a camera to shoot a picture while holding your passport are all requirements.

How To Return Money

Through your MoneyMatch Philipppines personal account, you can repay the received amounts by paying with a bank card or account. You can pay following the arrangement at a bank or using a self-service terminal. Still, the money won’t be available for many days in both instances. Making payments online is advantageous since it is quick and straightforward, and money is quickly credited to the company’s account.

MoneyMatch Philippines Contacts

CompanyMoneyMatch Philippines

The company can be contacted by phone and email. Phone: (02) 914 3511 and email: The financial institution’s office is located on the 24th floor, OMM Zitra, bldg. San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. However, it is worth considering that this is the main office of the company because the company does not have physical branches.

MoneyMatch Review

It isn’t easy to find reviews about this company on the Internet, which may indicate that it is not particularly popular with Filipinos. Consider whether it is worth double-paying to such an institution before applying for a loan here.

FAQ About MoneyMatch Philippines

The online platform gives out such fast loans for large amounts and, at the same time, does not require anything from you. A person with a bad credit history can be approved for a loan. They lend money by transferring money to your bank card. If you are going to take out an online credit card for the first time, pay attention to those companies that offer favorable credit terms for the first loan. Answering some questions will help you understand how legal the company is, its advantages, and whether it should be trusted.

👉 Is MoneyMatch Philippines legal?

It is crucial to get authorization to operate lawfully in the nation. In particular, this applies to financial institutions. The SEC is accountable for this (Securities and Exchange Commission). MoneyMatch Philippines, a FinTech Global Resources, Inc. subsidiary, is not included among the businesses that have received licenses. As a result, it is rarely worthwhile to trust unreliable institutions.

What Are The Main Advantages of MoneyMatch PH?

Among the main advantages of the platform:
> Peer-to-peer transactions, where the creator specifies the conditions comfortable for him;
> Fast turnaround time for a loan application;
> Wide choice of payment methods.
> When using such tools actively, you can note convenience, speed, and comfort. > > Furthermore, there is no need to go to the branch or waste time waiting in line. > Another huge benefit is that many young people between 18 and 21 can borrow from a traditional lender because banks refuse to deal with such consumers, even if they have a job and a credit history. In MoneyMatch, things are different.
> The main advantage is the ease of use. To apply to the financing institution, you do not have to visit the institution’s office personally. Accordingly, you can cover many more credit institutions in a short time, analyze the proposed conditions, and choose what suits you.

Why Should You Choose The MoneyMatch PH Service?

You can contact this company for those who want to get money quickly. However, it is not on the official lists of registered companies, so it is difficult to say that the company is worth double.

What Do you Know About FinTech Global Resources, Inc?

The financial portal MoneyMatch Philippines, which conducts business online, aims to guarantee the accessibility and security of the area where lenders and borrowers communicate. Lenders may invest efficiently and profitably in the P2P market. At the same time, borrowers can get the money they need for small- and medium-sized company development, equipment purchases, training, and other necessities.
The online service is only a means of organizing mutual lending. Here fraud is practically excluded, and risks are minimized. Anyone can become both an investor (lender) and a borrower. These series offer more flexible terms than classic lending organizations, but they have drawbacks.

MoneyMatch P2P In the Philippines

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Name: MoneyMatch PH

Description: MoneyMatch Philippines - one of the most popular P2P services in the Philippines.

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