UnaPay Philippines

Interest Rate

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 30.000


UnaPay is the online shopping partner that can support you in the moment when you have no enough money to buy something. You need just submit application, get approval and withdraw your credit limit to the Lazada e-wallet. Further you can use it or shopping any time. Currently, only website represents service, but soon UnaPay will have also own apps. Also, at the moment Lazada is only 1 partner, but service working over it to have soon more partners.

  • Amount up to PHP 30000
  • Loan period 1,2,3,4,5,6 months
  • Interest rate 5,00% per month
  • Delay payment charges For each unpaid installment loan in time service will charge 10% per month or near 0,33% per day untill all loans will be repaid; late payment fee - PHP 800
  • Documents 1 valid ID, proofs of income and billing
  • Age 18+
  • SEC Registration CS202003056
  • Certificate of Authority 1272
  • Very fast process
  • Enough long loan period
  • Approval only takes 5 minutes, so no need to wait much
  • No hidden charges
  • No processing fee
  • No registration fee
  • No prepayment penalty fee
  • No maintenance Fee
  • UnaPay has promoes which service update on their official Facebook page
  • High interest rate

UnaPay Philippines (by Digido Finance Corp.) – Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) – is the installment loan service which can help Filipinos in their financial needs. You can buy items in Lazada using UnaPay service and one’s loan credits. Installments are up to 6 months and this is very convenient.

You can buy with UnaPay anytime you want. Service provides installments online in Lazada and other offline shoppers.

UnaPay Philippines

Also, you can use installments by UnaPay (up to 12 with due every 2 weeks):

Your installment purchasePHP 12000
You split it with UnaPay6 slices
Bi-monthly terms3 months
Payment per monthPHP 2300
You repay in totalPHP 13800


Buy Now Pay Later with UnaPay.

Unapay registration

Registration in UnaPay

Well, register in Una Pay, for this you need to choose loan amount, loan term and request money in the service; after one asks you to register online, so just continue and follow the tips;

Fill in the Application Form

For this you need complete several steps, so add your personal information in details, please; also, before applying check if everything correct; it will take 5-10 minutes, not more; as for accepted IDs, you can give information from any of one: Driver’s License, SSS, UMID, Passport, TIN ID; be sure you provide right credentials of your Lazada e-wallet, check it at least twice. Lazada wallet funds don’t expire and you can use it until you have money on it, then you need to put money on your account. The process of funding money from UnaPay to Lazada e-wallet can take up to 24 hours.

UnaPay Virtual Card Is Created

The approval process can take 5 minutes, and further you can enjoy it now and buy directly with UnaPay Philippines :) If you send application after 10 pm, it will be approved on the next day. Also, once everything is approved, Una Pay will send you money to your selected Lazada e-wallet with the exact amount, so you could start shopping. About successful process company will notify you with E-mail. Besides, if you will get reject, service also notify you about it.

Repayment Stage

unapay repayment

Many people forget that loans important to repay in time and this rule also works with UnaPay installments. One offers to it’s customers convenient repayment options. Check your payment schedule, don’t ignore reminders, be responsible with it, in order your trust and credit limits were higher, and you avoided penalty fees, decreasing credit score, etc. Also, you can re-loan with UnaPay anytime, just keep repayment schedule.

If you want to repay installment loan offline, use next our partners: 7 Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, LBC, Bayad Center, SM Stores.

If you want to relay loan online, please use next services: RCBC, Metrobank, Unionbank, BDO

(your loan amount for repayment will be pointed in your repayment schedule); pay on time or even earlier, np with it. If you can’t repay on time, UnaPay will charge PHP 800 and plus 5% interest / day for not settled dues. Service will notify you before each payment, so you will be aware about it for sure.

If customer doesn’t repay installment loan:

1) One will get additional charges;
2) Your case will be reported to the credit bureau, and your credit score becomes poor;
3) Third-party debt collection companies can start to call you.

UnaPay Requirements

To apply for an installment loan with Una Pay Philippines, you need to follow the next requirements concerning the must documents: 1 valid major id, proof of billing, and proof of income.

Major ids are:

  • Driver’s License
  • SSS
  • UMID
  • Passport
  • TIN ID

Documents for proof of income you can use:

PayslipsEmployment Certificate
Remittance slipsPaypal transaction history
Upwork Employment CertificateScreenshots of bank transaction history

Which proof of billing documents you can use: mobile phone bill, water bill, the electric bill, cable TV bill, credit card bill, or Internet bill? (bills should be not older than 3 months); if you don’t have proof of billing under your name, it is also ok, just important it was under your home address.

Alternative Lenders

Up to PHP 50.000
Loan up to PHP 25.000
Up To PHP 50.000

UP Contacts


Address: Unit A Murphy Center, 205 Bonny Serrano Road, Socorro, Murphy, Quezon City

UnaPay Reviews

If you had the opportunity to use the UnaPay installment loan service, please write your feedback in the comments lower. It will be very important for other people who can be interested in the service of one company, ok?

FAQ About UnaPay Philippines

⭐ Who Can Apply For an Installment Loan?

In order you could use UnaPay you need to be at least 18+ years citizen of the Philippines; obviously, you must have a valid email and mobile number; also, you don’t need a bank account, or credit card to start using Una Pay service;

⭐ What is the Credit Limit in Una Pay?

It depends on the user’s application, but it can be from PHP 2000 to PHP 30000, but with time it can be higher, when you will have a history of cooperation with UnaPay Service, your trust will be higher and the credit limit becomes higher too;

⭐ What To Do If Lazada Order Was Canceled?

In this case, Lazada will refund you money back, and you will be able to see this information in your Lazada e-wallet (rebates);

⭐ How Can You Check the Details of Your Lazada E-wallet?

1. Be sure your Lazada e-wallet is active;
2. Provide your phone, email which was used on your Lazada account
More information here

⭐ Is UnaPay Legit?

Sure, check Digido Finance Corp., to know more, check here


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