Kusog Pera

Interest Rate

0,05% per day

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 12.000

3.7 / 5

Kusog Pera Philippines - apply for an online loan with the mobile Android and iOS apps. If you need money asap, in some urgent situation, in this case, you can get your online loan with KusagPera. Be sure, you really need an online loan, cause you will need to repay it before the due date.

  • Loan amount from PHP 5000 - PHP 20000
  • Loan term from 120 - 365 days
  • APR 18%
  • Service fee no
  • Documents 1 major ID: SSS/UMID/Driver License/Passport, etc
  • Employment self-employed or have a job
  • Citizenship Philippines
  • Age 18+ years
  • SEC Registration NO.CS201916669
  • Certificate of Authority NO.3118
  • SEC Address Philippines, the 29th Floor, Joy Nostalg Centre, ,17 ADB Avenue, Pasig City, 1600
  • It is app, you can use it 24/7, no need to go somewhere
  • High approval rate
  • No need collateral
  • The website is without https
  • Not enough information about the company

Kusog Pera Philippines Apps allow Filipino to apply for quick loans with minimum requirements. Kusog Pera provides microloans up to PHP 12.000. So, if you need additional money and you have a salary gap, service can help you timely.

Kusog Pera Philippines
Kusog Pera Philippines

Loan calculation:

  1. If the loan amount is PHP 6.000 and the loan period is 180 days, the total interest will be 6000*0,05*180 = PHP 540;
  2. Monthly interest: PHP 6.000*0,05*30 = PHP 90;
  3. Monthly repayment (principle+interest): PHP 6.000 /6 months + PHP 90 = PHP 1090
  4. Total repayment (principle+interest): PHP 6.000 + PHP 540 PHP 6.540

Very important, before proceeding the online loan transaction, do read the Terms & Conditions of the KusogPera loan service!

My Honest Review on KUSOG PERA Online Loan App | Interest rate & Processing fee

Kusog Pera Philippines Loan Online

Kusog Pera it is an online lending app which helps Filipinos by providing loan service. It is easy and quick in use.

So, how does it works:

  1. Download KusogPera Android or iOS app;
  2. Go through the registration with OTP verification;
  3. Choose loan amount and term;
  4. Add your personal data;
  5. Read all terms and requirements;
  6. Agree and apply loan application;
  7. If everything ok, get money on your card or e-wallet;
  8. Don´t forget to repay loan in time.
Kusog Pera Loan
Kusog Pera Loan


If you have any questions, you can apply to the KusogPera Team:

Companysuperior Team
Phone09338290350 | 09277794094
Working time9 am – 6 pm (from Monday to Saturday)

The official website is without HTTPS and it looks out of date, so be aware of it. Also, the address of one is really strange.

Reviews about Kusog Pera

Kusog Pera
Kusog Pera Reviews in the App Store

If you had an opportunity to use KusogPera loan app, please provide your feedback lower in the comments, so other people could find our more about the app.

FAQ About Loan Apps

If you have additional questions, please write them with the comments lower.

⭐ Is Kusog Pera Legal?

We see that the service has SEC registration, so it is legal service. If you want to check it, follow the link higher;

⭐ How To Repay Loan?

No information about it on the website and on the app page. This is strange, but suppose you´ll be able to find the information in the contract. You will be able to check more by downloading the app.

Kusog Pera Philippines

kusog pera

Name: Kusog Pera

Description: Kusog Pera

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