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This review is about Genie Sri Lanka apps and how it can help Sri Lankan people to solve their financial issues 24/7 from anywhere. It is all in one app which makes your finance life more convenient and great.

Genie Sri Lanka

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Genie Sri Lanka Services

All Genie services are reliable and secure. With Genie you can make contactless payments, using LANKAQR, etc. You have possibility to use saving accounts. App helps you to reach your goals quicker. You can invest money with the Genie in several clicks. Also, you can sell your investments when you need it. Sri Lankan people can pay over 90+ billers quickly and conveniently: utility, leasing, mobile, insurance, etc bills – everything in one Genie Sri Lanka mobile application.

  • Savings;
  • Device Loans;
  • Mutual Funds;
  • Goal Based Savings;
  • Quick Loan;
  • Card & Payment Options;

With the help of Genie apps, you can use installments and buy goods you need. You can link your eZ Cash wallet to Genie app and have access to the money 24/7. Also, app is very convenient, for example if you lose your ATM card, you can freeze it with the app in several clicks. So, everything is secure.

Savings Account

Genie Savings account
  • Online Account Opening;

You can pay for your shopping for registered vendors; also scan and pay from your account directly, use LANKAQR merchants; you can make utility and mobile payments very easy and quickly, so you were happy.

  • Quick Fund Transfers;

You can receive fund transfers, send money from your account to any bank, save money, etc.

  • ATM Cash Withdrawals from LankaPay enabled ATMs;

Withdraw money from any LankaPay ATM.

  • Manage ATM Card Through Genie.

With the app you can request a new card or cancel the one you have or lose.

Goal Based Savings

You can save with Genie as much as you need and do it according your goals each month. You can select the periods you need. Start today – reach your financial goals.

  • Save at your own pace
  • Attractive returns
  • Invest and build your future
  • Complimentary savings account for your daily transactions

You should control your wealth management, start from something, but start, it will help you to go forward. Be focused on your goals. Just enjoy benefits of Genie, try Savings account.

Mutual Funds

Everyone must invest in the future.Mutual Funds from Genie Sri Lanka will help you to start this journey. Start now and you will see all benefits of the service.

  • Short-term investment options;
  • Enter and exit any time you want;
  • No penalties for early exit;
  • Get access to the portfolio of investments in Sri Lanka.

Different categories, everything is managed professionally, you have really cool investment opportunities with Genie app in Sri lanka. Discover Mutual Funds with Genie.If you are afraid, short-term investments are ideal for you. Also, you can take into cash your investments anytime you want.

Device Loans by Genie Sri Lanka

Micro loans are possible in several clicks. You can buy a great mobile phone, tablet, etc on monthly installment.

  1. Download Genie app;
  2. Complete loan application;
  3. Collect your device from the nearest Dialog Center
  4. Repay loan in time.

The key features of Device Loans

  • No need in credit card;
  • No guarantor needed;
  • Payments plans are flexible;
  • Simple and easy e-application.

Quick Loans with Genie Sri Lanka

Do you need urgent cash in Sri Lanka? You really have no any option to solve finance issue by yourself? You know when and how you will repay loan in time? If you can reply to all these questions with positive answer you can apply quick loan with Genie app.

  • Anytime and everywhere in Sri lanka;
  • All process is online;
  • Everything is easy and quick.

Loan service is reguated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. You don’t need bank account. All you need is your NIC and proof of Billing.

Cards & Payments Options

  • Go cashless;
  • Pay bills easy;
  • Manage all payments with Genie Sri Lanka.


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Genie Reviews

If you had already use Genie Sri Lanka app, please write your feedback in the comments lower. It will be useful for other people in Sri Lanka. You can write positive or negative reviews, the main point it was true information.


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