eZ Cash Sri Lanka and How It Works

Interest Rate

2,5% - 8,0% per month

Loan Amount

5000 - 20000 LKR

4.4 / 5

eZ Cash was approved by the central Bank of Sri Lanka, so it is official and well known finance licensed product. It helps any Sri Lankans who haven't access to convenient banking services with the own virtual wallet which can be connected with the app to your phone. Service has over 3 million of customers.

  • Loan amount up to 25000 LKR
  • Loan period 3 - 6 months
  • Interest rate up to 8% per month
  • Late payments 6% on monthly due
  • Charges for the loan process 5% from the loan amount
  • Amount of active loans only 1
  • Documents your NIC
  • Withdraw cap is LKR 5000 per withdrawal
  • All process is online
  • Paperless
  • You can pay bills
  • You can't prolongue the loan period
  • For someone interest rate can be high

What do you know about eZ Cash Sri Lanka? This review is about digital lending service which helps sri lankan get loan directly from smartphones 24/7 anywhere.

eZ Cash Loan in Sri Lanka

  1. Log in to the EZ Cash application;
  2. Choose pay Merchants;
  3. Scan the QR code;
  4. Enter the amount you need;
  5. Confirm and done.

These loans work on an invitational basis. The user receives an SMS, further one if want to know more need to download the FinPal mobile application and follow the instructions concerning the loan. Users can get loans on an eZ Cash account or bank account. Usually, after applying approval will be in 5 minutes or quicker.

If you need to track the status of your loan, you can do it with the FinPal application. also, if you need, you can repay the loan earlier

Besides, definition of a month is 30 days period, for example, if borrower will take a loan on the 5th of March, and the loan period will be 2 months, the due date will be 29th of April.

EZ Cash Apps

Ez Cash sri lanka mobile application

Android | iOS eZ Cash mobile applications, but if to be true, they look like a little bit out of date. Also reviews are not so good in the comments of Google Play and App Store, but it works, so if you need one, you can download it right now.

eZCash has next services:

  • Send money
  • Pay merchant
  • Purchase product
  • Bill payment
  • Institute payment
  • Frequently used numbers
  • Utility payment
  • Internet payment
  • Balance check


  • You can do it with the one on your eZ Cash wallet with the “add card option”, just check your FinPal app;
  • Interest rates charge to the closing date;
  • No charges for installment payments;
  • If you want to check your payment history or due date in order to understand when you need to repay, you need to go to the FinPal app.

More information on eZCash website

EZCash LK Contacts

If you will need to contact the support team, follow, please the next contact information:


eZ Cash Reviews

EZ Cash Reviews
This is a review from eZCash Apple Store

If you had experience using the eZ Cash service, please write your feedback in the comments lower. Your feedback will be interesting to other people in Sri Lanka.

Ez Cash Sri Lanka

Name: Ez Cash in Sri Lanka

Description: Ez Cash - it is the digital lending service up to 20000 LKR in the Sri Lanka. You can apply one with FinPal app. If you need money for something important you can get loan, but be aware about interest rate, it can be up to 8% per month.

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