CashJeep Philippines

Interest Rate

3,00% - 5,00% per month

Loan Amount

Up to PHP 50.000

0.5 / 5

CashJeep app can help you to get loan online enough quickly during 1 day, but at the moment service operation was banned by NPC Philippines. If you still need quick loan, please choose other loan service.

  • Loan amount from PHP 2.000 to PHP 50.000
  • 1st loan up to PHP 5.000
  • Loan period 2 - 4 months
  • Loan period for the new clients up to 14 days
  • Interest rate up to 5% per month
  • APR 120% - 240%
  • Transaction fee PHP 0 - 150
  • Service fee 10% - 20%
  • Citizenship Filipino
  • Age 18 - 60 years
  • Documents 1 major ID
  • SEC Registration CS201916310
  • Tax Identification 010415810
  • Certificate of Authority 3105
  • All process is online
  • Company isn't legalat the moment
  • High interest rate
  • Penalties
  • Additional fees
  • Terms are not transparent

Apply Loan

CashJeep Philippines allows you to get money for urgent needs online. CashJeep is the lending app that offers quick loans online.You can use one for any issues you really need. Money you can get in RD Pawnshop or M Lhuillier or you can get money with GCash,, bank account. It is Fintech company – all service is online.

Cashjeep philippines

On August 25, 2021 Cash Jeep was banned by NPC, so currently it is not available, but you can use other loan services which are also very popular in the Philippines. For example Digido, Moneycat, Tala, Cashxpress, Cashalo, OLP, etc.

is cashjeep legit

CashJeep Philippines – How To Apply Loan

With Cash Jeep Philippines borrower can get fast loan online with only 1 valid ID. Company strives to deliver reliable and secure service for it’s customers. Company was started in October, 2019.

  1. Go to the website: – further go to the Google Play and download the mobile application;
  2. Register and provide all necessary personal information; (before applying, please read all the information)
  3. Choose the loan amoun you need and how you want to withdraw money;
  4. You will get the call, so your application could be verified by Cash Jeep service;
  5. Read and confirm the terms;
  6. Get your money;
  7. Repay loan in time.

Apply Loan

CashJeep Loan Review

Cash Jeep loan terms are no the best for sure, so you want to apply larget loan with better terms, try to use, for example Digido – it is from unsecured loans or Tonik credit card, from bank

Loan amount for the 1st clientsup to PHP 5000
Loan amount for the current clientsup to PHP 50000

As you see the sum of the 1st loan isn’t high, so it can be unconvenient for many borrowers who want to get loan with higher amount, for exampl PHP 10.000. In this case we offer you to compare Cash Jeep loan service with other lenders in the Philippines. Check more details here.

CashJeep Loan App

Cashjeep loan app

Cash Jeep loan requirements are not difficult:

Agefrom 18 years and higher
Documents1 major ID: Passport, Drive License, etc

Also, don’t forget, that to apply Cash Jeep loan you need to download their mobile application. There you can apply loan enough quickly: 10 – 15 minutes you will need for the application. Money you will be able to get during 1 or even sometimes 2 days.


If you have some questions, you can write or call CashJeep support team:

CompanyCash8 Lending Corporation Inc.
Phones09479990337 | 09479992721 | 09479990522
Working time9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
cash jeep philippines

CashJeep Review

Well, if you had opportunity to use CashJeep service before, please write in the comments about this experience, so other Filipino better understand information about this loan company.

For sure, there are different experiences about Cash Jeep Philippines. For someone is ok, but or most not, cause were a lot of claims to NPC and this was the reason why app got into the list of banned one.

  • Support team often doesn’t reply;
  • Very bad customer service;
  • Too high interest rate, penalties, etc;
  • Some issues which ake dificult to repay loan;
  • High fees;
  • It is easyy to apply, but not easy to repay.

FAQ About Cash Jeep Loan Service

If you have any questions, you can read lower or add your own in the comments lower.

⭐ Is CashJeep Legal In The Philippines?

Currently, service is not legal, Cash Jeep was banned by NPC;
You can check all legal services here:

So, if answering about the question is Cash Jeep legit or not, the answer will be for sure not. CashJeep SEC registration is canceled at the moment.

⭐ How Can You Repay Loan?

You can do it with RD Pawnshop or M Lhuillier;
Do it easily with 7-Eleven (Cliqq app);
GCash is good option for repayment too.

⭐ What Is CashJeep Interest Rate ?

CashJeep interest rate is up to 5% per month + additional transaction PHP 150 + service 10% – 20% fees. APR is up to 240%.

Cash8 Lending Corporation


Name: CashJeep Philippines

Description: CashJeep Philippines - online lending services which can support Filipino when one need urgent money. Loan can be up to PHP 50.000 to your bank account or e-wallet.

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Summary About Cash Jeep Philippines

If to check all reviews online about Cash Jeep Philippines. Take into account that app was banned by NPC. We understand that we can’t recommend anyone to use this app, cause of next reasons:
1) High interest rates;
2) High services fees;
3) It is not legal;
4) Company agents can harass you
5) App has access to your personal information, which is also not normal

What we recommend in this case:
1) use loan alternatives: Digido, Cashxpress, Moneycat, Cashalo, Tala, etc
2) use bank products, for exaple Tonik credit card,etc.

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