Pera Agad Philippines

Interest Rate

5% per month

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 20.000

3.7 / 5

Pera Agad Philippines by CashCredit - several years ago it was a popular loan service among Filipinos, but now it is not available. So, if you need money asap, please choose another lender for it. If you click on the button "apply now", you will be able to see other lenders. Check it now.


Currently, Pera Agad Philippines doesn´t work. Website is not available. If you want to apply for a loan online, you can use the next services: Digido, OLP, BillEase, Finbro, Vamo, etc.

Please read all terms and agreement before applying any loan online!
Pera Agad Philippines - No website!!!
Pera Agad Philippines – No website!!!

Pera Agad Philippines – there are situations when additional funds are urgently needed. Whether it’s a trip to a store, a travel agency, or a jewelry store, a desire to start a business of your life, or not enough to make ends meet, a quick loan online can solve the current situation.

  • Having only access to the Internet, you can issue an instant loan. You can be anywhere in the world, and the necessary amount will appear on your bank card account.
  • A credit score is irrelevant; references or visits to banking institutions are not required. There is no need to explain to the lending organization’s employees the purpose of the loan. You receive cash on your card, no sweat.
  • It is much faster to apply for a credit card online than to call friends in search of the required amount. Just a couple of minutes, and the amount needed is in the account.

A company that offers loans of any amount is called Pera Agad. It can even be a little loan. If you repay your loan fully and on schedule, you will receive 10% cash back. You shouldn’t be concerned about the security of users’ personal information because the system’s current security features securely safeguard all of it. A minimal amount of data is required to apply for a loan. By filling out the feedback form or phoning the number, you may contact the company’s support team if you have any queries or issues.

Pera Agad Philippines by CashCredit
Pera Agad Philippines by CashCredit

How to Apply for a Loan With Pera Agad Philippines

  1. Customers must read the terms of use and privacy policy before applying for a loan and submitting their information. After that, you must agree to the company’s policies and permit them to gather information about your credit history and other matters;
  2. Using a loan calculator, each client may establish their required money and create a loan application. On the other hand, if the client has a coupon code, he can submit it immediately to receive a discounted interest rate.
  3. As a result, you must complete the registration form with your information. After that, the customer must add a Philippine bank card. The verification must then be conducted according to the specified steps. Giving misleading information results in a loan denial.

PeraAgad Terms and Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a Pera Agad Philippines loan, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Filipino nationals who are older than 21 may apply.
  • In the Philippines, property owners are required to register their primary house.

Within 24 hours, a loan issuance decision will be made. However, there are several programs available for both borrowers and lenders. Following accreditation, the user may begin making loans. Everything is open and without risk. The minimum funding amount is 2,000 pesos, while the maximum funding amount is 20,000 pesos.

How To Repay Pera Agad Loan

There are some ideas on how to pay off your Pera Agad loan:

  • Step 1: Get a current account statement from the lender;
  • Step 2: Transfer the total amount of your loan onto the lender account with the help of an ATM or any comfortable way;
  • Step 3: Take note of the date and time to track when it has been successfully processed.

A quick loan is a relatively new but already top-rated service in the lending market. It is not only a fast way to quickly get a loan on a bank card but also a reliable one. You set the loan repayment terms and the amount you need. Therefore, you, not a lending company’s employee, set the lending terms.

  • The Pera Agad loan is issued online, with minimal time spent. Funds are received immediately on the indicated money card. All you need to apply for a loan online is to fill out an application.
  • On the website of the Pera Agad company, in the online calculator, you can specify the amount of the loan and the term of repayment. After that, the screen will show the amount required to return within the specified period. No additional payments or interest.

Pera Agad Contacts

Loan company Pera Agad is a business that provides loans to both individuals and organizations. Typically, the borrower is given a sum of money, understanding that they will make periodic payments over time until the loan is paid off. One of the best ways to consult a specialist from a loan company is by going to their website and submitting your details. The specialist will review your request and may call or email you back with more questions.

There are many specialists from Pera Agad who offer this service for anyone who is looking for help with their loan application. If you need advice or assistance with any other financial product or service, call +632 888 2423.

Reviews & Additional Information About The Service

Cash Credit Philippines - Abigail Santiago

A fintech startup, Pera Agad provides financial institutions with tools for evaluating the solvency of businesses and people and giving quick loans for small amounts. This platform collaborates with banks, telecommunications firms, and utility providers to gather the data required for credit scoring. PeraAgad employs a credit rating methodology based on statistical techniques to evaluate credit risks. The system examines the frequency of operations, logs the locations where these activities took place, and collects other information on SIM card usage.

FAQ About Pera Agad in the Philippines

To better understand how this landing platform functions, one must know some of the answers to the questions.

✓ Is Pera Agad Philippines Legal?

Pera Agad Philippines is supposed to be a legal company that offers loans to Filipinos who need one, but currently, the service is not available and can´t be fined in the list of legal lenders in the Philippines.

They offered loans at an interest rate of 5% and provide both short-term and long-term loans. You can apply for a loan with them by filling up the form on their website or clicking the “Apply Now” button on this page. You will need to include your contact information and details about your income, amount, and duration of the loan you request. Their rates vary depending on the amount and time of the loan, but their interest rate is 5%.

✓ What Are The Benefits Of The Pera Agad?

Below are the main advantages of quickly getting a loan on a card:
> Significant saving of time and nerves – there is no need to leave the house or workplace; the entire process is carried out online, via the Internet;
> A minimum package of documents is required from the borrower;
> Approval of a loan application takes only a 10-15 minutes;
> The borrower independently chooses the amount and term of credit;
> Clients are not required to provide proof of income or permanent employment;
> Collateral is not required to get a loan;
> Online loans are issued even to customers with a”bad credit history.
> The borrower can apply for a loan online and receive money on a card or cash. At the same time, the loan is issued for a short period.

Resume About Pera Agad PH Service

Pera Agad is a popular fintech startup providing low-value express loans to financial institutions and solvency analysis solutions for businesses and individuals. The company offers very favorable credit terms. All processes take place online. Filing an application, extending the loan term, repaying the loan, etc., occurs directly on the Internet.

To get a loan, you need to fill out an application in which the passport data of the mayor’s bank card are indicated. The application will be under review for a few minutes. After that, as soon as possible, the necessary amount of money will be credited to the card specified in the application. And the funds are ready for use.

There is no need to visit banking institutions, sit in queues, read contracts in search of hidden interest, provide references and wait for a loan request to be fulfilled within several days. Everything is transparent and fast.

CashCredit Philippines

pera agad

Name: Pera Agad PH

Description: Pera Agad Philippines is a brand of CashCredit that can provide loans for Filipinos. Pay attention, that service is not active for today, so if you need money online you will need to apply for it with some other lender in the Philippines. If you want to read about it more, please, you can find all information on the

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