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What do you know about Dragonpay? Nowadays, virtual operations, specifically transactions, are becoming particularly pervasive. Many Filipinos can hardly imagine their life without online shopping. Despite the growing prevalence of doing everything online, standard payment methods such as bank cards are not permitted everywhere for digital purchases.

To bridge this gap, most financial companies have developed expense processing options for bank cards, one of which is Dragonpay. It is an internet banking network that supports both customers and companies. And the most significant part is that it doesn’t demand a credit card for use. Numerous people wonder how to use Dragon pay credits or how to pay using the Dragonpay app — it is pretty simple if you know some intricacies. With the help of this Dragonpay Philippines Review, you will better understand this platform.

What is Dragonpay, and What Are Its Primary Features?

Dragonpay is a specialized electronic payment service. It allows shoppers and buyers to pay for goods electronically without using a bank card. You may pay straight from your electronic payment system using this service. The following are some of the platform’s primary advantages for both private users and corporate organizations:

  • E-commerce enterprises may use Dragonpay Philippines as a payment platform. As a consequence, Dragon pay allows you to pay in currency.
  • Importantly, this system provides an accurate company monitor for paying for goods and services.
  • Customers don’t need credit cards or even a PayPal account to purchase online goods from partnered sellers or get Dragon pay prepaid credits.
  • You may use this app to make transactions at 7-11, and through your bank’s authorized internet banking services.

Platform credits, according to Dragon pay, are a new way to make online payments using the app. This method is simple to use and is based on the principle of prepaid loans. The user must fund their Dragonpay mobile wallet using one of the many accessible payment methods. The rapid response (QR) code displayed on the screen may be accessed using your mobile app.

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Dragon Pay Characteristics

This platform has a large number of unique features for different buyers. It is possible to single out such critical areas of activity in this medium.

Online Payment Platform

Dragonpay is a distinctive program for those merchants who want to get paid online without using traditional pay systems. The user must have an online credit card processor in the conventional method. To have it, a person must work with the banking system or, for example, PayPal. Moreover, all company customers must have either a credit card or a PayPal account.

Getting Payments Regularly

Merchants can charge clients a monthly bill using the program’s unique capabilities. Subscription-based transactions are a common choice, and any company that offers this service should use Dragonpay. Software as a service (SaaS), online ordering, and other similar services are illustrations.

Substantial Payouts

To begin with, it is vital to know how service works. Dragonpay is a one-of-a-kind payment mechanism. An individual or organization can use this service to send money to many people at once. As a wage processing system, it’s fantastic. You shouldn’t create an account for accounting systems if you’re delivering payments to entrepreneurs or employers. Dragon pay is the most excellent option for this.

Merchants and consumers are the two types of clients served by Dragonpay. Consumers do not need to set up an account; nevertheless, the vendor is required to do so. The headline that sets the company apart is that it has introduced a new app. Consumers and purchasers who use Dragon pay frequently open a bank account and then finance it from this location. Dragonpay is comparable to GCash or PayPal in that it allows you to pay businesses directly or transfer monies between systems.


The Subtleties of Using the Platform

Many Filipinos want to know how to use the Dragonpay app. Filipinos may utilize this program in a variety of ways as consumers:

  • Financing over the Internet. If the shop takes Dragonpay, the user must connect to their savings account and make a payment to the bank number listed in the mail. You must deposit the full fee and adhere to the remainder of the requirements.
  • If the user does not choose to utilize the internet central bank, they may visit a bank and withdraw a transfer in the same manner as if they were placing money into someone else’s account. Before you do anything, double-check that the individual has Dragonpay’s permission.

Each transaction has its own set of instructions on the company’s website. Furthermore, to complete deals, businesses will provide all directives, the account number to which the deposit must be made, the banking institutions, and the security code to the email address provided.

Dragonpay could be accepted as a form of payment at some businesses or other institutions. It is simple to implement, but keep in mind that the partner vendor must take this form of payment; alternatively, nothing will work. When a person chooses to utilize this payment system, they will get clear directions and be compelled to pay at the station.

How to Pay Via Internet Banking

For people wondering how to use Dragonpay in Shopee or how to use Dragonpay in 7 eleven, there is good news — it is pretty simple to do it. For all companies, the first procedure is the same. The methods may change following the registration and data entering sections, although Dragonpay will offer instructions depending on the specific account specified. The following is the procedure for the initial deposit:

  • While buying items from connected vendors, you must choose Dragonpay as a payment mechanism during the checkout process.
  • The individual will then be sent to the Dragonpay expense gateway. It’s critical to choose your favorite bank from the drop-down selection there.
  • A second flip window pops up with the name of the selected bank and the payment amount, prompting the user to input an email address to which purchase details for the bank sector may be sent.
  • Furthermore, if users prefer to finish the payment right away, they can click “See payment instructions online”.
  • You need to log into your online banking account and transfer money to the account number indicated in the payment instructions.

What are the Advantages of Dragonpay for Business?

  • Every seller must understand that this platform has many advantages for business people. The first and most crucial aspect is absolute security. As you begin to utilize this platform for your business, you will see that there are various options available to safeguard both merchants and consumers. Users that use Dragonpay do not have to divulge their payment data, which is the most important to online fraudsters. The most outstanding level of payment data security is provided by internet banking. There are no chargebacks, and businesses have access to cutting-edge business interruption avoidance technology;
  • The second, no less important point is the possibility of entering new markets. The vast majority of Filipinos do not use credit cards. As a result, the company should concentrate more on nontraditional payment options. If a person has a bank account, they can make accurate payments on the Internet and use the internet banking interface. The vast majority of Filipinos do not use credit cards. As a result, the company should concentrate more on nontraditional payment options. The last but not least item to consider is cost-effectiveness. Traders pay a portion of each transaction to a PSP or a bank, which is the most popular cashless transaction.

Furthermore, this price is in addition to the regular flat fee. The payment charge fluctuates from 3% to 10%, depending on the kind of organization, necessary services, and credit status. Nonetheless, these prices are high for very many operations.

Dragonpay and GCash: How to Use

To understand how to use Dragonpay in Gcash, use the following instructions, which are presented on the site:

  • The user must first click on the link. There, the user will be asked to access their site or identify their store, which customers have already viewed.
  • Then, on the Shopify website, the user must activate Dragonpay. The individual will configure the checkout link. A notice will show since this is a new checkout button.
  • The customer must then link their Shopify account to Dragonpay GCash. Choose the alternate form of payment by going to Settings and Payment Providers.
  • The checkbox GCash via Dragonpay would then show. It’s worth noting that Dragonpay will emerge as well.
  • The next step is to choose GCash from Dragonpay and configure everything using your Dragonpay account.
  • The customer may create an account using the MerchantID and passcode given. Set Test Mode to the appropriate tab. Bear in mind that a test screenshot is necessary. The Dragonpay seller account will get guidance through email.

So, if you wonder can I use Gcash for Dragonpay, keep in mind that you can do it — you should only know how to do it accurately. Almost the same paying system applies to Young Living — if you want to know how to use dragonpay in young living, you can always pay attention to their website. There, you can find all the information.

Dragonpay Philippines Review
Dragonpay Philippines Review

Easy Shopping With Lazada

Lazada Philippines also accepts Dragonpay as a means of payment. If you want to know how to use Dragonpay in Lazada, pay attention to the information provided by Lazada to its buyers once they choose the Dragonpay form of payment. The procedure is the same as the alternatives; in this situation, all required is that you execute the site’s directions.

Lazada is the country’s most prominent global retailer, offering everything from consumer electronics to domestic appliances, textbooks, and clothes. As a result, our website is well aware of the demands of its Filipino clients. If you don’t have a credit card, you may now utilize Dragonpay internet transactions, ATMs, and cashless payments all around the country. Shopping at the fastest speeds with DragonPay is simple, thanks to fast deals, free delivery, and coupons that offer a wide choice of more appealing items.

PayMaya’s Ease of Usage

It is necessary to follow a few procedures to use this platform to make Paymay payments. They are pretty simple for individuals who want to know how to use Dragonpay Paymaya:

  • To begin, each user needs PayMaya as a payment option.
  • Afterward, select Send instructions through email/mobile phone from the drop-down menu.
  • The user must then confirm the email provided from Dragonpay. It is laborious to check the inboxes if the user has not received an email.
  • The Paymaya application must be opened as soon as the confirmation code appears on the instructions page.
  • The next step is to locate your accounts and the proper Biller ID.
  • The user must next provide his registration number and the payment amount.
  • The payment will be ready once all of these processes have been completed.

Wrapping Up

Online shopping is not new to many Filipinos. In 2022, the trend toward online shopping will only grow, given the development of this area. To facilitate this process, unique banking systems were created, for example, Dragonpay. It is one of the Philippines’ most popular internet banking services. This marketplace is exclusively for Filipino vendors. It’s also a terrific option for businesses that want to reach out to those who don’t use PayPal.

Feel free to contact Dragonpay’s experts for further details. Specialized links are available on their main website, where managers can answer any concerns and help individuals with difficulties, whether they are merchants or not. Last but not least, remember that Dragonpay payout is not the same as PayPal. Dragonpay makes it simple to complete a transaction. It necessitates several processes and actions. PayPal is the best option for seeking a simple credit card processing method.

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